Chapter 318 – Evolution


Chapter 318 – Evolution

There was an unfamiliar man in the mansion.


A little over 180cm tall.

Has a long-tied-hair on his back but he looks gallant so he won’t be mistaken for a woman.

He’s wearing butler’s clothes.

Given his butler clothes, I thought he was a devil but Loo is next to him.

Is he Loo’s vampire friend?

Or is he a new mercury?

「My name is Earth.」

He greets me gracefully.

「You are polite. Hiraku-desu.」



This feels strange.

What is it?

I look at Loo.

Loo laughed then said that the prank was successful.

「He’s a clay doll.」


As if responding to my doubt, he suddenly turned into mud….and crumbled there and then.

A clay doll with gloves is what’s left from that figure.



It seems like the clay doll consulted Loo because it is tough for it to take care of Ursa with its small body.

The clay doll thought of finding someone else to take care of Ursa but Loo has a different way of thinking.

If you find it tough to take care of her with your small body, they just have a large body.

Thus, Loo created a kind of clay that has magical power.

It is the high-quality field soil of Big Tree Village which was magicalized by putting magic power and seasoned with medicinal herbs.

It has been originally used to set up traps for both the dungeon and the mansion.

「However, that’s not enough. I used the trick that automatically revives trap for this too.」

And it was adopted as the body of the clay doll.

It gives the clay doll an ability to transform.

The clay doll transformed in various ways to prove it.

Huge hands, sculptures, glass bottles with liquid, and the man I described earlier.

「Is that Loo’s favorite transformation?」

「If you really want to ask my favorite, it will only be husband. This is a transformation the clay doll thought of itself.」

「I see.」

However, it is a stunning transformation.

It even reproduced clothes.

The color changed too and you won’t notice anything until you look closely.

It can change the texture of hair, skin, and clothes to look real.

The hair looks genuine and it looks like it even uses hair styling products.

The skin is also…..yeah, it looks like it’s moisturized. Though it looks soft, it feels like soil when touched.

The clothes also seem genuine but there are too few wrinkles and dirt.

「Only the gloves are real?」

「We don’t want him to contaminate whatever he’ll touch.」

Even if it looks like a real hand, it is still soil.

It probably thought of Ursa.

「Village chief, I would like to work in this form in the future. Please permit me.」

「Oh, I don’t mind. Then, should you be called Earth in that form?」

「Yes. Thank you.」

Earth headed to Ursa’s room triumphantly.


There was a commotion in Ursa’s room.

Yeah, she doesn’t know that that person is the clay doll.

It was noisy since Ursa went on a rampage and to convince Ursa, the clay doll had no choice but to return to its clay doll form.


There’s a slight change.

Ursa seems to be doing various things by herself now.

Earth happily reported it.

Also, his butler clothes and shoes are now real.

It seems to be a present from the spiderlings.

My bad, I’ll take care of it.

At the request of the spiderlings, I made the soles of his shoes.


There’s a minor change.

Seeing Earth beside Ursa, Alfred’s sense of rivalry burns.

What a heartwarming scene.

However, you don’t have to rush to grow up.


There’s a big change.

Loo made a large amount of magic clay and carried it to the hot spring.

Using that clay, she made flesh for the ghost knights.

Though she made them slimmer than I expected.

However, they have firm muscles in their arms….

Is this what they looked like when they were still alive?

Or is it a product of their imagination?

They are all beautiful.

Asking why she suddenly did this?

……it’s because some people are afraid of their former appearance.

I heard that when some people who are not familiar with the ghost knights came here, they were surprised.

But if they came here two or three times, I’m sure they’ll get used to them, right?

Some people might not want to come here the second time and there might be more people who’ll come here from Village Five so it is good that there’s a countermeasure now.

By the way, did you consult Loo?

So that’s how it is.

We caused you trouble, sorry.

Loo is really proud of this magic clay saying it’s fine for them to be in the hot spring area since it’s water-resistant.

By the way, just a piece of advice….I recommend you to return to your original form then transfer back in front of the lions.

Yeah, that’ll make you avoid unnecessary trouble.


There’s a minor complaint.

「It was Loo’s fault that the soil in the field was completely gone.」

It was the nyunyu-daphnes.

I’m sorry.

You too….

「Ahahaha, I’m sorry.」

That’s the result of her reckless research fever.

Maa, it’s a place where we haven’t raised anything there yet so you don’t have to bring it up….

「Even though I’ll surely let you, you should have asked.」

「Yeah, I’ll say it properly from now on.」


There’s a big complaint.

「Why is everyone only consults Loo-san….I can do something too.」

I listen to Tier’s complaint.


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