Chapter 319 – Man’s Romance


Chapter 319 – Man’s Romance

A man usually feel’s romance in not so useful things.

For example, camping car.

It’s nice but what are you going to do with it?

Where are you going to keep it?

Are you going to live there?

Ignoring those questions, I feel romance in a camping car.

Another example is a treehouse.

Will it be easy to live on a tree?

Will it be durable?

Isn’t it hard to climb up and down?

Ignoring those questions, I feel romance in a treehouse.

I can feel it.

For I’m a man.


So, I built it.

Yeah, a man sometimes goes out of control.

However, I have no regrets.

If you are thinking that I made a camping car, I already made one before so I’ll pass this time.

I built a treehouse.

There are many big trees in the forest around the village.

I chose a 10 meter high tree with a diameter of 5 meters.

The main reason why I chose this one is the shape of the top. It is flat and not sharp.

If you want to easily build a house, it will be easier if the top of the tree is like that.

What’s difficult is how to climb up.

Climbing without tools is already difficult.

I put a hook on the rope and try to use it to climb up.

…..yeah, impossible.

It is also hard to climb up a rope ladder.

Finally, I made a wooden ladder.

I’m scared of climbing a 10-meter wooden ladder so I built a 5-meter-high normal staircase.

I also thought of building a staircase by drilling holes on the tree and inserting sticks on them but I feel like I’ll lose my footing.

Therefore, I made a compound normal staircase and wooden ladder on the tree.


Building a house on a tree.

It will only be about 2-tatami mat big but I can suddenly build something like that on a tree.

I first constructed it under the tree.

After completing it, I disassembled it and will reassemble it on the top of the tree later.

It was hard to carry the disassembled house up but the spiderlings helped.

To make sure that it will not fall from the top of the tree, I made sure that it is fixed.

To prevent falling, I built a fence around the top of the tree.

I also made a bed for one, a small shelf, and a table.

Don’t I need lighting too?

However, this is a tree so I can’t use fire.

Let’s borrow something from Loo.

At the end, I brought dried meat, fruits, drinks, and tableware and stowed them on the shelf.

With this, my castle was completed.


I should calm down.

But I’m pretty calm.

Could it be that I like narrow houses?



Spiderlings, thank you for your cooperation.

Yeah, you can stay whenever you want.

Let’s make a small shelf on the wall for you.


I feel a fluffy feeling on my feet.

Looking down, I saw Kuro.


Did you climb the stairs?

He gives off the expression “don’t worry”.

Well, I don’t mind but, can you go down?

That’s a wooden ladder.

Ah, you’re in trouble.

Well, given Kuro’s physical capability, he can probably do something.


All right, let’s toast to commemorate the completion.

I put Kuro’s share on a plate.

Are the spiderlings okay with cup sharing?


What the, why are you here, wine slime?

Did I mistakenly carry you with the foodstuffs?

Even without showing your spoiled expression, I already know what you want.

Here’s your share.




It took three days before I finally calmed down.

Or should I say, I overlooked something in three days.

My castle was besieged by children.

Yes, I surrender.

Let’s evacuate.

Be careful so you won’t fall.

You can’t get hurt.

Maa, the spiderlings are watching over them….

But kids are amazing.

The climb up and descend smoothly using a rope.

Ah…Ursa, Guraru, and Nutt, I don’t think it’s a good idea to wear skirts.

I will make a stair. Use that to climb up.

And you kids shouldn’t come here alone.

This is already part of the forest.

I hope Hakuren is with me this time.

Oi, Ursa.

That’s alcohol!


It’s still too early for you.

What would you do if you got drunk and fell?

Give me that.



Alfred, what’s wrong?

You want to make a hut like this yourself?

The beastboys behind Alfred are also nodding.


In fact, there is a similar tree near here.


It was an unexpected interaction between father and son or rather, a man’s exchange.

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