Chapter 320 – Faction


Chapter 320 – Faction

In any world, once people gather, factions will be formed.

The same can be said in Big Tree Village.

「Fried eggs should be cooked on both sides. That’s the best.」

「Isn’t sunny side up better? It looks beautiful and the yolk is more delicious if it is only half cooked.」

「I think I prefer scrambled.」

「What about the dashi maki that village chief made?」

「That’s already in a different category.」

I’m at peace.

I’ll just wait until their quarrel is settled.

By the way, I’m with…..the boiled egg faction.

Sprinkling it with salt before eating is the best.

I didn’t like it before. Only after I started living in this village.

At first, there were neither eggs nor salt.

Now we have eggs and salt.

We should already be thankful with what we have so I stopped the quarrel before it develops into violence.

「For three days, eggs will be banned.」


The village is busy preparing for the festival.

I’m leaving it to the civil servant girls this time too so I have peace of mind.

But I’m not playing around too.

I’m involved with dish research that will be served at the festival.

There’s a large number of eggs in the bowl in front of me.

Even if it is banned, chickens won’t stop laying eggs so this is a normal result.

We can’t waste it.

For the time being……let’s cook boiled eggs.

First, put eggs in boiling water to cook them.

After it cools down, soak it in a soup stock made with alcohol, soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, water, and some herbs.

That’s it.

TN: It is really written as boiled eggs so I also don’t know why it became pickled(?) eggs

I’m looking forward to three days later.

How about cooking all eggs into boiled eggs?

Cooking today’s eggs is good but should I do that tomorrow and the next day too?


I consulted the oni maids.

「How about using it for bread?」

「You can use it for cakes too.」

「How about pudding?」


Then, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow’s portion will be used for baking bread, cakes, and pudding.

Yeah, that would be good.


The next day.

A faction was formed about how the eggs should be used.

「It should be bread. Let’s use it for baking confectionery bread.」

「Cake is the best-desu.」

「It should be pudding, right?」


The second and third day’s eggs also became boiled eggs.



I didn’t just cook before the festival.

I am also approached by Youko with important consultations.

「Regarding inviting guests from Village Five….」

I wanted to invite them grandly but I stopped because everyone told to so.

I never thought that I would be stopped by everyone.

Maa, maybe it’s a problem of inviting too many people.

Everyone from Village One, Village Two, Village Three, and Village Four will come.

I’m also aware that it will be a mistake to invite a number of people we can’t accommodate.

Did you think that I’ll invite all of Village Five?

I’m not that insane.

I only thought of inviting the two former four heavenly kings, the Village Five’s council members, Pirika and her fellow disciples along with their families, the priests from the church, and those who are working in Youko’s mansion.


Those are about 500 people?

Yeah, let’s not invite them.

As a result of my discussion with Youko, it was decided not to invite anyone from Village Five.

If we only invite some of them, Youko is worried if the others would think that there’s some sort of discrimination.

It seems like factions are being formed in Village Five too.

Is that all right?

「It’s because there’s a number of them. It will be hard to rule to some extent if factions are not made. It is also something I’ve recommended.」

Today, the population of Village Five is near 20,000.

If you want to rule a village like that, you need a person who’ll pull them together in the middle.

That person in the middle is the leader of a faction.

Factions are being formed with people like in places where they live and work.

「The current factions there are formed with belief.」


Does she mean that they are worshipping Celes?

「Absolute village chief faction, village chief watcher faction, village chief proactive faction, Big Tree Village faction, high elf faction, Donovan faction….they’re what stands out on that aspect.」

「What….are those?」

「Absolute faction….a faction that fears and worships village chief like a dragon. Watcher faction, a faction that’s watching over village chief quietly. The proactive faction, on the contrary, will actively come forward to help village chief.」


「Big Tree Village faction, which is also called top faction, is a faction that worships Big Tree Village’s officials including village chief. The high elves faction are mainly the elves led by tree king and bow king. Donovan faction is mostly dwarves.」

「Won’t they cause harm?」

「They won’t.  Though they hold secret meetings but there’s no problem.」

No, I feel like there’s a problem.……

I’m a little scared at Youko’s laugh when she said that if any of them interferes with governance, she’ll crush them.


Though no one was invited from Village Five, those who know that Big Tree Village will be holding a festival asked to participate voluntarily.

As a result, only the two former four heavenly kings will participate.

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