Chapter 321 – A Festival-like Festival


Chapter 321 – A Festival-like Festival

The festival season has arrived.

People from Village One, Village Two, Village Three, Village Four, Hot Spring area, South Dungeon, and North Dungeon have gathered.

As for the guests, they are Dors, Raimeiren, Doraim, demon king, Yuri, Beezel, Glatts, Randan, Hou, ancestor-san, and Fushu.

The two former four heavenly kings are also here.

The number of people has increased a lot which is strange since I don’t see anyone from Village Five.

Maybe it’s only an illusion.

The current number of people here are…..a lot.

「It’s over 800. It’s slightly  more than expected but….there’s no problem.」

That’s what one of the civil servant girls who’s beside me said.

It seems like more dream demons from Village Four have come than usual.

I thought that I could use the dream demons’ way of clothing to educate the children but they are dressed like ordinary village girls.

I heard that it is the result of Gou and Bell’s instruction. They told them that if they want to participate in the festival, they have to be dressed appropriately.

They asked Goroun Company to prepare second-hand clothes for them.

However, their sex appeal can’t be contained by ordinary clothes…..what do I mean?

Boobs and ass….

When I was looking at them, a person suddenly in front of me to block my view.

It’s Ann.

Her smile is scary.

I don’t intend to do something wrong but I’ll apologize for whatever I should apologize for.

「I’m sorry. Ehto, it’s about time.」

「….That’s right. Please go to the appointed place.」

I moved to the appointed place that was arranged beforehand.

Next to me are the civil servant girls in queues.


One of the civil servant girls steps up to a stage to tell our greetings.

After the opening remarks or various precautions, it is now my turn.

I’m not in my usual outfit but in a new outfit made by Zabuton.

When she told me that she prepared it for this day, there’s no longer a way for me to not wear it.

It is a pure white clothes embroidered with red and gold threads in various parts.

It also has a white mantle on its back with red lining.

I’m also wearing a gold crown.

They said that it’s to attract attention or something.

And maybe as a festival requirement, I also have a staff and a flag on my hand.

Of course, the flag is installed on the staff.

The flag is embroidered with a flashy big tree.

I had a feeling that I visually looked like a vocal of a band.

No, don’t I look like the leader of an ouendan?

Then, shouldn’t I be wearing a hat rather than a crown?

Could it be that I look out of place?

This outfit.

As if to give an answer to my questions, the residents who saw me calmed down.

Ah…..let’s end this quickly.

「Then, let’s this year’s festival begin! No one must get injured!」

My declaration was answered with great cheers.

Thank you.

You’re in good spirits.

I was a little surprised.


This year’s festival consists of three parts.

The content of each part is different from each other.


The first part is children’s division.

As for what it is, it’s an obstacle race.

There are balance beam, vaulting box, and slope climbing. There are also common obstacles like net crawling and obstacles that need brainpower like puzzles and riddles. There’s also an obstacle that needs audience participation which is impersonation.

Its concept is to let everyone enjoy it.

However, victory and defeat are also important so it was decided that the participants must use their brain and muscle power to a certain extent.


The centaur kids are generally strong.

I thought they would find it hard to crawl under the net but they unexpectedly advanced smoothly.

The theme of impersonation is decided by lottery. They can only rely on luck on that part.

Anyone can guess who they are impersonating but usually, it is the parents or people of the same race who are answering from the audience.

A whirlpool of laughter and confusion arise.

That hatchling there, is it really difficult to impersonate a chicken?

That harpy there, is lion that hard?

「Father, I hate you.」

It was a child who got angry because his father doesn’t get his impersonation.

I know how you feel but don’t say something like that.

Your father is crying.


I should go to the answering seat?

Run!!….I’m Alfred’s pair.

A-all right!

Let’s show them our father and son bond!



Alfred’s eyes are cold.

No, I got the correct answer but I made a mistake for about five times.

It is because next to us are the Tiselle and Tier pair. Tier only answered once…..

I’m sorry.

Also, what is the clay doll Earth doing there….Ah, he doesn’t know what Ursa is impersonating so he got depressed when he was replaced with Hakuren halfway.

No, no, I think you did your best.


The second part is for adults.

It is a relay race.

There are no obstacles and the race will be on a normal course.

Teams are formed voluntarily. Most of them will participate in village to village battle or race to race matches.

Naturally, the race difference hurdle is really high but that won’t be a problem.

The reason is, a fast race will only compete with another fast race.

If you’ll win no matter what, what’s the point of competing?

The participating teams discussed and the race was decided.


In relay races, passing the baton is important but some participants won’t be able to do that because of their race.

They are the kuros and the harpies.

As an additional rule for them, it will be fine if they only touch instead of passing the baton.

However, they must high five forefoot to forefoot for the kuros while wings to wings with the harpies.


The races were exciting.

The race between the minotaur team and the titan team was slow but intense.

The race between the kuros team and the centaur team, with the participation of the horse team, was a close battle

The winner is the centaur team.

The kuros took too much time with their high five. They find it difficult to do.

The horse team was spiderlings riding horses. The spiderlings hold and pass the baton while the horses run.

However, there was a bit of disadvantage along the way which I think is a major reason for losing.

The horse team would have won if the fast female unicorn was able to participate. It wasn’t able to participate due to being pregnant.

Yeah, of course.

Even if she wants to participate, we won’t let her.


As long as you are motivated, you can participate as many times as you want. Participating in a row is prohibited but it is okay for a race to participate in a row so various teams were created.

There was a race that stood out. It is a five-team battle led by the demon king, Beezel, Glatts, Randan, and Hou.

In order to start the race, a team must have 8 members and of course, they should be able to run.

Hence, I decided to join the demon king’s team.

The boos from other teams are terrible.

You shouldn’t. I’m not even fast to begin with….

So it is not me that they booed but the fact that it will be easier for the team to gather members now.

I see.

An infernowolf joined the demon king’s team and it is….Uno.

He’s fully motivated.

The spiderlings and the centaurs of our team are fast too.

Ah, Girar.


Oh, you’re late.

You came from Guraru’s impersonation…..Ah, I wasn’t able to see it.

That’s cute for sure.

So, Girar should be….fast.


The demon king thinks he has already won while I’m thinking how not to drag the team down….

Ugh, pressure.


And the result, Beezel’s team won.

Demon king’s team was third.

I’m not the only handicap, the demon king too.

「I’m good at short distance moving, it will only take a moment but I’m not good at running at moderate distance.」

The other teams did their best to win too.

Well, it was fun so I have no complaints.


The third part is voluntary participation.

The competition is bon odori.

This is an ordinary bon festival dance with no one winning or losing.

It is my suggestion.

It was hard to explain.

「We’re going to dance in a circle? And then dance around it?」

「Is everyone going to do the same choreography?」

「The music is mainly center on drums and songs….understood.」

It was not easy to convey it with words. They finally managed to somehow get it when I demonstrated at the yagura.

The residents of Big Tree Village now have some understanding regarding bon odori.

For the time being, as a sample, it started with only the residents of Big Tree Village as participants.

Seeing all the participants dancing together is simply beautiful.

I originally planned to beat the drum on the yagura but for some reason, I’m standing on the yagura.

I wonder why?

Maa, I can’t oppose them when they say that it’ll be smoother.

Also, I was forced to dance.

Let’s do our best.

The music is slightly unique but I don’t have any complaints.

Though it is a little different from the bon odori I thought of, I’m still satisfied.


The sun went down.

Bon odori will be performed all night as long as there are participants.

Because of that, the after festival banquet has started.

Don’t dance till you drop.

Please take a rest if you need to.

The musicians and singers should take turns to rest too.

Yes, the children will be participating so leave space for them.

Surprisingly, it seems like people find it easier to participate after getting drunk.

Those who were initially reluctant are also starting to participate.

The choreography is not so difficult.

There are now three rings surrounding the yagura.

Yeah, the demon king dancing is not conspicuous.

As for Dors, Girar, and ghost knight, they have their own choreography.

….no problem.

I watch the kuros and the spiderlings create the fourth circle.

You guys are participating too?

The kuros’ dance is….unique.

Why are they jumping?

Well, I don’t mind.

What’s important is to feel good.

The spiderlings’ dance is also unique.


You’re lovely.


By the way, when will I be able to get off the yagura?

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