Chapter 322 – Break


Chapter 322 – Break


Jewel cat Jewel.

The kittens of those two; Miel, Rel, Uel, and Gael.

Presently, there are six cats in the mansion.

The places where those six cats play around is so much that you might not think of them as cats.

In addition to the mansion and the garden, they even go to the fruit area in the north, the inn in the residential area at the south, the ranch area in the east, and the bath of the residential area in the west.

However, Jewel rarely leaves the mansion.

She only leaves to pick the kittens up.

As for cat….his behavior pattern has already been determined so we can identify his whereabouts with time and temperature.

The problem is the four kittens.

Although I call them kittens, a year has passed since they were born and their body is almost similar to an adult cat.

Using that body of theirs, they act like ghost gods*.

TN: Idiomatic expression which means appearing in unexpected places and at unexpected times.

Why do they even appear in those places?

There were times where they walked on the edge of the bathtub in the bath, or on the roof of the inn, and they even rode the cows in ranch area.

Are they not worried of being crushed by cows?


Well, these four kittens.

They are usually quiet.

Even if they are rampaging, they won’t dare do it in the mansion.

It is not because of me but it might have something to do with Ann.

They don’t listen to me but they listen to what Ann says.

If I call them, they will sometimes ignore me but if Ann calls them, they will reply.

Perhaps it is because she’s the one feeding them.

For the kittens, Ann might be on a stage higher than me.

I don’t have complaints though.

The four of them will never go wild in Ann’s room.

Yeah, smart.

Those four went wild in my room when I was not there because of the festival.

Fortunately, a few spiderlings remained on guard so the damage was small.

The carpet was in tatters.

When I went back to my room, the four kittens were tied up with web. It restricted their movement and they were asking for help by squealing in pitiful voices.

What happened?


For the time being, let’s praise the spiderlings that stopped them.


When I released the four of them, Miel confronted me. She’s angry that I did not help them earlier.

Rael reflected and cuddles me.

Uel went to the center of my bed as if nothing happened.

Gael attacks the tattered carpet further.

You still want to attack it?

Now, she stops.


I’m sorry for not being able to accompany you because of the festival but can you behave yourself a little more?

By the way, these kittens never approach the children’s room.

We can’t spoil them too much.

By the way, they are not scared of the children. They are scared of the mothers.

They are certainly scary when they’re angry.

Uel, can you stop attacking me? I only picked up the carpet.

Miel, I know you’re angry but don’t put your claws on my head.

Ah….should I get a little more angry?

When I thought so, Gael stopped attacking me and Miel no longer took out her claws.

The cat’s instinct is terrifying.


This might be too sweet of me but I’m also doing it to relieve my stress.

First, let’s get the filing board and file their nails.

If it is not a moderately soft wood, it won’t work. The kittens don’t sharpen their claws on the pillars of the mansion.

The kittens’ favorite is the pieces of wood purchased for Village Five.

I cut them to a suitable size and put it fixed someplace. The latest one I made is tattered to the extent that you can no longer tell what it was.

Let’s replace it with a new one.

They won’t use it immediately but it will be full of scratches in a few days.


Next, cleaning the kittens’ toilet.

The kittens’ toilet is not a slime toilet but a litter box with sand.

Cleaning the toilet involves dumping the sand along with the poop and replenishing it with new sand.

Also, the area around it is dusty and dirty so it should be cleaned up.

On normal days, this is the oni maid’s responsibility but they are tired because of the festival.

I’ll be the one who’ll do it today.

There are three cat toilets.

They are all shared by cat, Jewel, and the kittens.

Let’s do this.

That aside, the cats are nifty in using toilets.

They properly wash their hands….feet after using it.



Now, next is….bath.

All four give off the sign of rejection.

Cat takes a bath obediently.

After that, grooming.

I comb cat’s hair using an iron brush Gutt made.

Are you wary because this is the first time you’ve seen this?

It’s all right.

The tips of the brush are rounded.

All right, who’s next?


From the four little creatures in line, three steps back.

The only one left is Uel.

You are good, Uel.


Don’t worry.

The others will take a bath too.


It was a day of frolicking with the kittens.

There was also tension after the festival. Did some go a little too far?

The four kittens are sleeping with tired faces.

I’m presently grooming the jewel cat Jewel that came to pick up the kittens.

This iron brush is a success.

I’ll ask Gutt to make a few more.


I’ll also ask him to make a brush for the kuros.

While I was brushing the jewel cat Jewel, she looked really comfortable, which made the kuros look at her enviously.

I’m done with Jewel so I’ll pat you now.

When I said that, the spiderlings came down from the ceiling one after another.

No, isn’t patting you considered as overdoing it?

…..I’m shocked by their gesture.

Don’t cry.

I’m sorry.

I only spoil the mischievous kittens.

I won’t only pat you, I’ll also play with you later.

Oh, the kuros reacted to the word “play”.

And now they are looking at me with expecting eyes.


All right, let’s all play tomorrow.

As for today, I’ll only pat you.

Oh, Jewel, don’t get mad.

I’m sorry for making you a hand rest.

You’re my number one.


By chance, is that Alfred watching me at the door?

Tiselle is also there.

And their eyes seem to be saying something.


Of course, you two are my number one.


It was good that I cultivated the fields before the festival.

I have time.

Do your best, me.

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka TOC

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