Chapter 323 – Village Five’s Alcohol Situation


Chapter 323 – Village Five’s Alcohol Situation

I’m a man who runs a bar in Village Five.

My name does not matter.

That’s not what I want to talk about.

I’m in a pinch now.

The cause of it is the Village Five Festival that was held a while ago.

That time, a delicious alcohol of unknown origin was sold.

It was very delicious.

The superb alcohol that I’ve been drinking up to now can be considered as ditchwater.

It was also sold at a cheap price.

At that time, I did not think of anything else because I was so drunk drinking that delicious alcohol.

It was only after the festival that I awakened from my drunkenness.

To those who tasted that alcohol, everything else has now become ditch water.

「No, even this alcohol is not delicious enough. This was satisfying until a while ago!」

My voice, which is full of emptiness, echoes across this deserted bar.


This is not good.

It is unpalatable.

What’s wrong is that I can’t even fool myself.

I need to be honest with myself.

I want to drink that alcohol.


I checked all the alcohol wholesalers, big and small, in Village Five.

However, they don’t have it.

And it seems like they are looking for the supplier too.

The only one who had a positive response was Goroun Company.

However, it is not available in their branch here in Village Five but in their head office in Shashaato City.

Unfortunately, it is currently out of stock.

There’s also no exact date for the next arrival.

Should I give up?


I will not give up.

I can’t give up.

I need that alcohol.

What do I do then?

Go to the Goroun Company head office in Shashaato City and ask for the information about the supplier….

There is no way they’ll tell me.

For a company, there’s no merit in telling a customer about the information of the supplier.

On the contrary, there are a lot of demerits.

Ah, what should I do now?


Or should I close my bar and join Goroun Company?


I’m in trouble.


When I was worrying, Youko-sama, the acting village chief of Village Five, issued an announcement.

The content is, a small amount of alcohol served at the festival will be sold at a low price.

Ooohhh, sasuga Youko-sama!

She fulfills the wishes of the villagers!


The top of the small mountain where Village Five is located.

The venue where the alcohol would be sold is overflowing with people.



Why are the other shop owners that sell alcohol here too? I have never seen every shop owner in one place.



Not only the shop owners but even common residents are here too.


According to the notice, the amount you could buy is limited but it did not specify who could buy.

Is this Youko-sama’s carelessness?

No, it’s not.

「Wholesalers, please gather on the west, retailers at the center, and all others to the east.」

I see.

She already anticipated the movement of the general public.

Indeed, the amount of alcohol a wholesaler, a retailer, and a normal citizen would buy is quite different.

It seems like she already anticipated that area.

I can’t complain if she wants to sell to the wholesalers but I wish she wouldn’t sell some to the general public.

I’m a retailer so I head to the center.


The staff explained to the retailers gathered at the center how to handle the alcohol first.

The way of handling is the same as other alcohol is handled.

It’s not difficult.

They also said that we can freely sell them if we want.

However, the staff recommended us to treat it as a premium and not sell it to the general public.

I wondered why but soon found out the reason.

The amount to be sold is small.

Perhaps all they’ll sell to us are the barrels of alcohol behind the staff.

However, if you divide the number of barrels to the number of retailers here, not everyone will have one.

With that amount, it will likely be consumed immediately if sold to the public.

What surprised me was the price.

It was 300 times more expensive than it was at the festival.

As expected, there are complaints.

「Shouldn’t it be cheaper if sold wholesale!」

「According to the notice, it will be sold at a low price!」

Those are the voices of other retailers.

I thought of saying something too but I did not dare because Youko-sama came.

「You guys, the fact that you came here must have been because you tasted it at the festival. Is this alcohol expensive at this price? Or do you think it is cheap?」

When she said that, we were embarrassed.

Certainly, it’s the finest alcohol.

Even if its price is 300 times more compared to its price during the festival, it is still cheap.

「At the festival, it was only sold cheaply because of the village chief. This alcohol was also prepared by the village chief. If you have any complaints, leave this place.」

Not a single person left.


I obtained alcohol.

It was a big expenditure but just having this alcohol at hand put my heart at ease.

As recommended, I’ll use it as a premium when there’s an event.

However, thinking of my bar, I remembered that I don’t have any decent alcohol to sell.

The alcohols I have are no longer popular.

Assuming that everyone now has ten serving of festival alcohol, no one would dare drink my alcohol who no longer has appeal.

At the very least, I want one to three appealing alcohols.

My big problem. Youko-sama solved it.

「Although not as good as the festival alcohol, we also prepared alcohol with a decent taste. Sampling is permitted. If you want to try, you can ask the staff.」

Decent taste alcohol.

So that’s how it is.

It really has a decent taste.

However, if you compare it with all the alcohols I’ve tasted in the past, it is incomparable.

They say this alcohol can also be used for cooking.


At the same time.

On the east side, a fierce draw lots had begun.

The staff realized that it is impossible to sell to everyone who gathered there.

Only those who win the draw lots can drink a small cup on the spot.

Free of charge.

Screams of joy echo.


On the west side, the wholesalers had begun an auction.

Every barrel has a sky-high price.

Ah, Goroun Company is terrible.

It’s like they’re beating everyone with silver coins.

However, given that price, it will be difficult for any retailer to buy.

They are probably planning to sell it outside.

Oh, several wholesalers group together and bid off at a high price.

Don’t do it.

With that price, you can even buy my store.

Will you be alright?

Ah, you’re going to drink them yourself?

They look overjoyed so I guess there’s no problem.



I’m someone who runs a restaurant in Village Five.

My name does not matter.

I’m in a pinch now.

The cause of it is the Village Five Festival that was held a while ago.

The dishes served there were too delicious.

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