Chapter 325 – North Side Society


Chapter 325 – North Side Society

My name is Rogabo.

I’m the one who controls the north side of Village Five from the shadow.


Village Five is a town on a small mountain….yeah, it doesn’t look like a village at all. The north side where the village is is not popular because of poor sunlight.

「Then, it would be good to gather stores that don’t care about the sun.」

With the instruction from the acting village chief-sama, the night shops were gathered at the north side of Village Five.

Those stores are mainly brothels and casinos.

If there are such establishments, taverns and inns will open near them.

It became lively in no time.

Among men, “going north” is now used as a figure of speech for playing with girls.

My store is also one of the shops that make up the north side.

I run a bar and a brothel.

I run a similar business from a town in the west but my shop was burned because of the war with humans.

After that, I traveled around the country with women who had no choice but to go with me.

Every day is difficult.

I’m really glad when I heard about Village Five and decided to go there.

I never thought that I would be able to open a store again.

I can’t raise my head against acting village head-sama.

It is both literally and figuratively.

She’s a really scary person.

I’ve already met people like village chiefs, town mayors, feudal lords, and even fierce people who work behind the scene which are scary enough to make children cry at a glance.

I know that she’s the type of person you can’t make eye contact with.

I only need to bow and wait for orders.

That’s what my instinct has been whispering to me.

Was my attitude good? Or bad? I was chosen as a member of a group who’ll manage the north side of Village Five.

Aside from me, there are nine others.

“North Side Society”

It is an organization that voluntarily governs the north side of Village Five and not an organization that will give our shop benefits.

Acting village chief-sama did not say anything difficult.

「Supervise that place and make sure it won’t do the village harm.」

That’s it.


If you are dealing with night business related to alcohol and women, of course, trouble will surely come.

Violent drunkards, fights between customers and women, money problems, etc. are normal occurrences.

Rip-off, frauds, buying and selling suspicious drugs, and in some cases, trades of illegal goods.

In order for those kinds of trouble to not become big, each store and clearly monitor them.

Those malicious stores will be warned.

When they disregard warnings, we are supposed to contact the guards.

So far, a number of stores have already been destroyed.

If you don’t do anything stupid in Village Five, you are sure to profit.


At one point, a proposal was made at the north side society meeting.

We are to decide who’s going to be the representative.

Until now, we are acting as a council.

However, we, members of the north side society, are also business rivals.

There were many times where we couldn’t advance in a meeting because it conflicts with someone’s benefits.

In addition, it is difficult for all ten to be always present.

Therefore, it was proposed to concentrate the power of the north side society on its new leader. The remaining nine will act as watchdogs of the representative.

I thought it was not a bad idea.

To be honest, the work of the north side society is hard.

Not only we had to manage our own businesses but we also must pay attention to the whole north side.

There are a lot of worries too.

I think it will be great if I can be a watchdog….

Wait, what is the acting village chief-sama’s opinion regarding this matter?

Won’t there be a problem if we decide something like this without permission?

What? She said we are free to manage things here as we want?

Alright. There’s no problem then.

I’m in favor of deciding a representative.

Other members also agree.

After all, it’s hard.


The representative will be decided by lottery.

There is no injustice in lottery.

We examined it over and over again.

Why me…..

I can’t help but hold my hand.

The other members around tapped me on my shoulders.

Can’t you take my place?

They escaped.


For the time being, the term of office is only one year because it is only a trial.

Since it has come to this, I’ll end my term without trouble.


Currently, the north side society employs about 50 people.

Their purpose is to solve trouble and gather information.

Only 50.

Though they are recommended by each member…..they are mainly children and retired married women.

They are not suitable for solving problems or collecting information related to night business.

Though they give their best, they are not strong enough.

Physically, I mean.

Why don’t men come to our recruitments?

No, it’s not like we’re publicly recruiting….

Given the current situation, even I have to look around when I’m free.

I gave out a big sigh.

I have no choice but to scout myself.

Look, there’s a good guy there.

A man in his twenties.

While many shops are closed during the day, he is wandering around.

Is this his first time coming here?

It is not unusual.

Travelers and new residents come once they hear the rumors about the north side.


In other words, his face is not known around here yet.

To discover such a man, I want to scout him as my subordinate.

Scouting is easy.

Let’s invite him to my store and have a conversation with him.

I will not threaten him.

We’ll just talk while he’s receiving this service.

Maa, I’ll arrange my shop’s number one and number two for him.


I won’t miss.


The man I scouted was the village chief.

Though he looks like the second son of your friendly neighborhood farmer, he’s Village Five’s village chief.

Even acting village chief-sama can only bow before the village chief.

…..I’m finished.

That’s what I thought but words of praise came out from the village chief’s mouth.

「I will continue to ask you to keep Village Five safe.」


How generous.

Thank you very much.

However, village chief.

Why are you alone in a place like that?

No, which kind of woman do you prefer? I’ll bring her to you immediately.

I had my girls sit to his left and right immediately.

You’ll decline?

I look at the village chief.

He is smiling but….his eyes have a firm intent of rejection.

Well, this is impossible.

It’s disappointing but let’s give up.

An extra ambition will burn the favor.

It’s enough to hear his words.


I couldn’t leave the acting village chief’s mansion…..

I’m surrounded by several women.


What’s this?

They’re not seducing me.

I can even feel bloodlust.

「You brought village chief into that store?」

「Hohou. So, what kind of girl did village chief show his interest to? 」

「Talk in detail. 」


My name is Rogabo.

I’m the one who controls the north side of Village Five from the shadow.

My term is one year but I hope it ends as soon as possible.

Or wait for a watchdog to resign….

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