Arc 1 Chapter 1.10 – Tower Capture


Arc 1 Chapter 1.10 – Tower Capture

From the day they decided to capture the tower, several days of preparation for the expedition has passed.

In the field on the way to the tower, food can be locally procured by hunting so they only have to prepare tents and cooking utensils.

They’ll travel to the tower by riding Kou’s group. After that, they’ll survey the area first then plan on how to capture the tower.

There was little information about the central tower.

From the information gathered, there are a total of seven towers on the continent. All of them are concentrated in the central part of the continent.

It is the one in the centermost part of the continent. The other six towers are surrounding it. As for the information on what’s inside the tower, there’s nothing.

Because it is special, they decided to target the central tower.

In the end, they arrived at the tower in question after 10 days of traveling. They didn’t worry about food along the way.


That’s the first word that comes out from Kousuke’s mouth when they arrive at the foot of the tower.


It really looks like a “tower” from a distance.

The only thing that’s worrying is that they weren’t able to see the top of the tower because it is cloudy near the top.

After this, they won’t be able to ride Kou’s group anymore so should he leave them there? Kousuke thought.

Just standing and looking at the wall before him already makes him stunned.

The height is already impressive but the diameter was also outrageous.

Although he has never seen the great wall of ***** in a certain country on earth, he thought that it might be similar to this, something that he can’t see the end.

He can’t be stunned forever so they decided to go inside.

The entrance does not have a door and it looks like a big open mouth.

From there, the party entered.


「…….is this really a tower?」

「…….it’s a tower, right?….」

They should have entered the tower but when they look up, they can see the blue sky.

It seems like Kou’s group can fly there without any problem so they decided to ride them to investigate.

Result. It was found that the first floor of the central tower is a grassland with blue sky.

How did they find out that it is the first floor of the tower?


During the investigation, they found a teleportation gate labeled “Second Floor Entrance”.

By the way, the reason why it was discovered to be a teleportation gate is because Kouhi investigated it first.

When they went through the teleportation gate, a scenery similar to the first floor spread out.

Same as they did on the previous floor, they investigated the place by riding at Kou’s group again.

On the ground(?) there seem to be monsters but since they are riding flying dragons, they won’t be able to do anything to them.

Mitsuki checked it once and found out that the monsters around the tower are stronger.

In the same way, they found the entrance to the third floor. They passed through the teleportation gate with care since they might encounter a “Hi there” from monsters on the other side.

Again, they found themselves in a grassland(same as above)…..


—Scene Change—


It became more evident while capturing the tower.

He has already known before but Kouhi and Mitsuki are really cheats.

Most of the monsters that appear in the tower were not their opponents.

As they have expected, there are no more opponents that they can exterminate in a single blow as they went up the tower but there’s no opponent that the two can’t beat as long as they cooperated with each other. They are doing that while protecting Kousuke.

Even the dragons that came out when they reached the 90th floor were knocked down easily. The two of them have done it a lot of times until the point where it became too natural.

There were also instant death magic traps along the way too but they avoided them all.

As a digression, Kousuke’s Evasion and detection skills have risen because of those high-floor traps.

They have been in the tower for a long time so their sense of date became dimmer but they have captured the tower after a reasonable number of days.

Below is the summary of their adventure just before they captured the tower.


First to 10th floor.

Grassland. There are forests in some places.

Standard fantasy low-ranked monsters like slimes and goblins appear.

No trap (riding flying dragons possible).


11th to 20th floor.

Forest. There are some occasional open areas (like the place where the teleportation gate is).

Fang (wolf type), minecat (cat type), and plant type monsters appear.

No trap (riding flying dragons possible).


21st to 30th floor.

Mountain area. There are also active volcanoes depending on the floor.

Golems appear.

No trap (riding flying dragons possible).


31st to 40th floor.

Desert area. Hot.

Insect-type monsters appear.

No trap (riding flying dragons possible).


41st to 50th floor.

Grassland + Forest ?

High-rank monsters appear.

No trap (riding flying dragons possible).


51st to 60th floor.

Dungeon. There’s a ceiling and not the previous open sky.

Undead monsters like zombies appear.

There are traps (riding flying dragons impossible).


61st to 70th floor.

Dungeon break. Floors that emphasize on traps compared to the previous floors.

Undead monsters like zombies appear.

There are traps (riding flying dragons impossible).


71st to 80th floor.

Grassland + Forest. There are also traps in the air.

Monsters that can fly appear.

There are traps (riding flying dragons possible).


81st to 90th floor.

Forest + Castle. Flying dragons can’t fly inside the castle.

High-rank undead appear.

There are traps (riding flying dragons are both possible and impossible).


91st to 100th floor.

Forest + Mountain.

Dragons + high ranking monsters appear.

There are traps (riding flying dragons possible).


—Scene Change—


After passing through the teleportation gate on the 100th floor, there was a small room. In that small room is a door for another room where three floating crystals can be found.

Kousuke immediately checked the surroundings using his left eye.


Name: Magic Power Crystal

Remarks: A crystal that can store magical power. It is connected to each floor of the tower and with the divine power crystal.


Name: Holy Power Crystal

Remarks: A crystal that can store holy power. It is connected to each floor of the tower and with the divine power crystal.


Name: Divine Power Crystal

Remarks: A crystal that can store divine power. It is connected to each floor of the tower and with the magic power crystal and the holy power crystal.


Name: Tower Management Control Panel

Remarks: the one that controls and operates the tower. Each command can be issued here.


The three of them (the flying dragons are sent back to the ground) are checking each crystal while approaching the control panel.

There was a change in the room when they came close enough to the control panel.

Light illuminates the dimly lit room. That makes Kouhi and Mitsuki vigilant.

「Tower capture confirmed. If you want to control the tower, put your hand here. If you don’t want to control the tower, the teleportation gate is in the back.」

A voice that came from the control panel was heard.

Kousuke signaled that still vigilant Kouhi and Mitsuki that it’s okay.


「It’s alright….probably.」

The voice they heard earlier was Asura’s voice. Unfortunately, it seems to be a recording so it is impossible to converse.

「By the way, are you really fine with it?」

He confirms it with the two.

No matter how one looks at it, Kousuke doesn’t think that he helped in capturing the tower.

「Of course-desu.」

「Who else would it be other than Kousuke-sama? Kouhi and I only agreed because it is Kousuke-sama.」

Kousuke was pushed by Mitsuki. He approached the control panel.

Before touching the control panel, he looked back at the two and saw them nodding.

He put his right hand on the control panel.

「Contact with the control panel confirmed. Starting registration of the ruler of the tower….starting communication with each tower….completed. Please register the ruler’s name.」

After hesitating a little, Kousuke decided to use a different name.

It was because he felt that it would be easier to move.


「…..A,ma,mi,ya registration complete. Congratulations. This completes the registration process as the ruler of the tower.」

Thus, the first-ever ruler of the central tower was born.

This news will be spread by the rulers of the captured tower rulers of each continent.

Kousuke’s group only learned later that other towers would be notified when a tower was captured or if another ruler took over.

But presently, there’s no way for Kousuke’s party to know of this.

On this day, the history of Asgard began to move forward.

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