Chapter 3 – Building a House


Chapter 3 – Building a House

It’s not a skill but a gift. Is that the reason why “master of supremacy” did not respond to the priests’ parameter check?

I don’t know the truth but given what happened, I must have been lucky.

The horror of the gift “master of supremacy” is easy to understand. Simple tasks like mowing grass with a sickle or plowing soil with a hoe will turn into a nightmare.

If the king’s group knew that I have such power, they would have cheered for me. They would have equipped me with a legendary sword then send me to the frontline on the spot.

Even if I die, they’ll only say sorry.

Thanks to my gift not showing off and hiding as something useless, I would be able to concentrate on devoting myself to farming in such a remote place.

I really appreciate it.

Let’s proceed in developing this land while thanking god.

First of all, I have to secure food, clothing, and shelter.

They are the basic necessity in order for a human being to live.

For that reason, farming, which provides stable food supply, is the key. This is why I have to make a field while confirming the efficacy of “master of supremacy”.


This is farming.

If I can sow seeds here and harvest various vegetables, I won’t need to worry about what to eat.

「Even if I say that, it’s impossible for me to make one immediately.」

I bought a lot of seeds along with the farm tools in the capital but I’m worried whether the soil in this place has enough nutrients to grow crops properly.

Of course, if I sow seeds earlier, I will be able to harvest as fast as possible and my food supply will stabilize. However, if I failed and they withered, I have nothing to plant again.

I can’t fail.

I’ll plant them carefully while supplying them with fertilizer.

But, where would I get fertilizer….?

Should I collect manure?

I have to consider this properly.


I decided to focus my attention on something else

Food, clothing, and shelter….house.

To live here, I need a roof that will cover me from rain and dew.

Actually, the place where I’m standing at has a good climate and the sunlight is bright. Even sleeping in the open is “bring it on”! It was that kind of environment however, there’s no guarantee that it will be like this the whole year.

Even tonight, it might rain and I’ll see hell.

Also, the coastline I’m seeing before me can be a source of anxiety.

This place means I have to endure the sea breeze in winter.

Even now, I need a house to protect me from the night breeze….

「…..shouldn’t I need to consider where to build a house?」

In the first place, I shouldn’t build a house in a place where I’ll be hit with sea breeze.

The same can also be said to a farming field.

The sea breeze from the sea doesn’t have any good effect on cultivating crops and if a tsunami or something similar happens, the field will instantly be out once exposed to seawater.

「I wonder if I should have plowed in a little deeper place….」

Even though I was just testing the effect of the “master of supremacy”, the plowed land spreads as far as my eyes could reach.

「Maa, should I try more things? 」

I scooped the soft soil that I have just plowed with a hoe using my hand.

「I’m begging you, please make a lot of delicious vegetables grow. 」

After that, I returned the soil I scooped to the field.

That is a truly sentimental act and if someone sees me, I’ll be an object of ridicule. However, whether what I did will have an effect, I will know later.


—Scene Change—


In any case, I have to build a house.

I bought carpentry tools so I only need timber and I’ll be able to build a house.

I have “master of supremacy” after all.

Securing timber won’t be a problem.

The faraway land that I decided to live on. It is close to the sea and also close to the mountain.

I went to the mountain while wielding an ax and secured good quality timber.

When I was carrying timber, the “master of supremacy” demonstrated its power. I was able to carry one log, which was supposed to be carried by a group of people, alone.

In this case, I might be able to fight using a log as a weapon.

For the time being, I built the house in a place where I can oversee the field I just made.

With the help of “master of supremacy”, I became a master sawman. I did not find anything difficult while building because of that.

I originally did not want to make it my full-pledged residence so it is only a simple hut.

This should be enough to protect me from night dew.


The work was completed in a very good time. The sun is starting to set on the horizon.

That’s it for today’s work.

My belly turned big from the portable ration I brought in the capital. Starting tomorrow, I have to get my own food.

Fortunately, there are both mountains and seas in this place.

This means I can both go forage in the mountain and catch seafood on the sea.

I’ll have to do this until the crops in my field can be harvested.

As another basic need, I should also take care of clothes.

I bought as many clothes as I can in the capital but they’ll run out someday.

By then, I’ll have to figure out how to make my own clothes or go to a city and find a way to buy some.

While thinking about it, I fell asleep. With that, my first day as a pioneer was over.


—Scene Change—


The next morning.

When I woke up in the morning and left my hut, something astonishing happened.

「Buds sprout….!? 」

To think that I’ve only plowed the field yesterday.

I didn’t even sow a single seed.

But the buds are still sprouting.

「Why!? Just why!? 」

Did the roots from the grass I mowed yesterday remain? Or were they some sort of wild seeds that were blown away by the wind?

However, if that’s what happened, they shouldn’t grow in line like someone planted them and there should only be one type and not different varieties like these.

Can this happen naturally?

「Could it be….!? 」

I remembered.

Yesterday, I scooped up soil using my hand and said「I’m begging you, please make a lot of delicious vegetables grow. 」.

Then, I returned the soil to the field. That time, my bare hand touched the soil.

The “master of supremacy” gift makes you a master of anything you hold or brings out the full potential of what you touch.

Could it be that the “master of supremacy” not only planted something on the soil but it even makes it grow fast with me touching it?

Does this mean that the moment I scooped up the soil, the “master of supremacy” made me a master farmer!?

That’s too awesome.

Is there anything I can’t do!?

Although it is confusing, let’s take care of these newly spouted buds and make sure they grow.

My pioneering life in another world seems to have gotten a smooth start.

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