Chapter 5 – Foraging Life


Chapter 5 – Foraging Life

I have already secured a house, water and salt, and the crops in the field are also growing smoothly.

Because of that, I decided to explore the area around my house.

My first reason is to search for food.

Even though crops grow fast in my field, it will still take time for them to be harvested.

The portable food I bought from the capital will soon be exhausted and I need to forage for food until I get a stable food supply from farming.

I’m like a jomon person.

TN: Jomon period is from 16000 to 3000 years ago.

Fortunately, the land I bought is near both sea and mountains.

Both are treasure troves of life and food.

Therefore, I decided to take a stroll but I limit myself to an area of one district.

First, let’s go to the sea.


—Scene Change—


Splash splash, I can hear the sound of the waves.

The sea in this world is so beautiful that it can’t be compared to the sea of my previous world.

The sea is blue and the sand of the beach is white.

It’s a virgin beach.

「Just walking on the beach makes me feel good….」

The only thing on the beach is my footprints.

For some reason, I want to go to the sea and swim.

I’m the only one here so I don’t have to hold back. I took off all my clothes at once and jumped into the sea.

「The water is colder than expected!?」

I still enjoyed swimming to my heart’s content though.

How many years has it been since I last crawl?

Of course, I did not stop by just to swim and play.

My true purpose for coming to the sea is to forage food.

One of the tools I bought from the capital showed off again.


Me buying it really hits my need when I thought that there might be a sea to where I’m going.

I bought it for a dirt-cheap price, buy two, take three. Even so, I won’t have a problem using it since I’m gifted with “master of supremacy”.

Just by holding it, I have transformed into a great fisherman!

After walking along the coastline, I arrived at a rocky area.

Small creatures that can be eaten are usually hiding between these rocks.

I just have to pierce them with my harpoon….

(There, something’s there…..!!)

In a space between rocks, a silhouette that looks like seaweed appeared.

I was thinking about whether it will be a small fish or a shellfish but I was surprised to catch an octopus.

It’s definitely a “Got ya!” moment.

It was quite struggling so I pulled it up to the beach. After that, I grilled and ate it.

The fact that I was able to get salt beforehand made my meal more enjoyable.


I’ve also caught fishes and shellfishes in the sea but they look slightly different from the fishes and shellfishes that exist in my former world.

Aside from the color of their body, they have horns and fangs.

The octopus I caught seemed to have nine legs. I ate it without checking though.

Maa, I’m in a different world after all so it is expected that there will be something different.

When I was cooking, my gift “master of supremacy” showed its prowess when I held the kitchen knife. Dismantling it was a piece of cake.

The “master of supremacy” can even separate the components of seawater to fresh water and minerals.

Even if the seafood I ate today contains poison, it will be neutralized when I process it with the power of my gift.

I was also able to pick up seaweed on the beach.

It was somewhat similar to wakame seaweed.

I would like to taste wakame miso soup eventually but that’s until I can make miso here.

There’s also nori.

I was able to get some because it was stuck to the rocks on that rocky area of the beach. I’ll just have to sundry it and I’ll have dried nori.

「This is the first time I feel great….!」

I might be able to get more next time.

Somehow, I felt like I was able to reunite with processed food from my homeworld.

「If I wrap this to a rice ball, I’ll be able to make onigiri….!」

When I’m finally able to make a rice ball, I’ll offer the first one to Hephaestus-san’s altar.

He helped me big time by gifting me with “master of supremacy”.

This might only be a prejudice but I think that god loves rice balls. No, I’m sure he loves it.

To do that, I have to plant rice.

There’s a lot of things to do.

I also found sea urchins on the seabed but I gave up collecting them this time given my current equipment.

After all, I still lack the proper equipment to fully enjoy my self-sufficient life in this world.


—Scene Change—


After enjoying the sea, I decided to climb the mountain the next day.

I’ve already been to the mountains when I procured woods to build my house. This time, I decided to look around in a half-hiking mood.

Of course, this time, my main purpose is to forage things that can be eaten. Since this is a mountain, there should be wild nuts and vegetables, right?

There are mushrooms too but I heard that it is difficult to discern the poisonous ones.

Such ecology will not change even if in a different world. It is safer not to touch them until I’ve gained some knowledge.

Even if there is a possibility of purifying the poison via the “master of supremacy”, something scary is scary.

And then, maa….


I can also hunt in the mountain the same way I fish in the sea.

However, hunting for beast in the mountain is much harder than fishing small fish in the sea.

No matter how I think about it, it will be difficult. It is also not something a picnicker like me can do in a day.

This time, I decided not to do that.

My aim for today is only foraging wild nuts or plants and go home. I won’t be here for a long time.

Even so, I met one.

A mountain beast.

Moreover, seeing its grotesqueness, it is clearly not an ordinary beast.

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