Chapter 358 – Spring of Change



A lot of things happened like the parade and the wedding but we still did what we have to do.

Cultivating the field of Big Tree Village, handing out reward medals, and maintaining the huts of the bees in the fruit area.

In Village Two and Village Three, new fields are needed so I plowed there too.

Though I wouldn’t mind each village to expand even without asking for my permission, the land here is not suitable for farming so I still have to plow it using the AFT.

I worked hard.

Village one also requested for the expansion of the bamboo grove so I used the AFT to do that.

Thank you, AFT.


While I was busy, the unicorn gave birth to a foal.

I was relieved that it was a safe delivery.

The newly born foal is….a normal foal.

Maybe because it’s still a foal that it doesn’t look like a unicorn.

I heard it’s female.


Jewel, the jewel cat, gave birth too.

Four little kittens.


However, when I get closer, Jewel gets angry so I can’t approach them yet.

I can only look from a distance.

Miel and the others have been lonely because of their mother’s pregnancy so I was wondering what would be their reaction now. Perhaps they realized they have become elder sisters, they made sure that the kittens are beside Jewel.

They seem to be on good terms.

I don’t need to worry after all.

I’m worried …

In front of the rooms where the newborn kittens are, the demon king is sitting in a place with enough distance to not anger Jewel.

Though he’s here to see the kittens, he looks like a guard that protects the kittens.

「When you walk down this corridor, be quieter. Samael is sleeping.」

Samael is the name of the last-born kitten.

By the way, the others are Ariel, Haniel, and Zeruel.

People gathered to think of names for them.

The demon king participated for some reason but he did not pay attention in particular.

Though it was not the aim of the group, in the end, they standardized the names to “L”.

Their nicknames are Ael, Hael, Zel, and Sael.


Those are hard to pronounce.

I feel like those won’t be their permanent nicknames unlike their elder sisters.


「I think he’s lonely because Yuri-sama left. My apologies but it will be helpful if you let demon king -sama to do what he likes for a while.」

Beezel, who’s holding his granddaughter Fraciabell in his arms, says so. He’s the one who brought the demon king here.

Fraciabell turns two so she has grown bigger.

Holy told him that the way he holds her is bad.

I’ll take note of that too.


In Big Tree Village, a new house was built for Gulf’s Son and his wife.

They can’t stay at the inn forever.

The high elves, lizardmen, mountain elves, and dwarves cooperated to build it so it was completed in no time.

Of course, I helped too.

I cut down trees that the high elves pointed at and process them.

Gulf’s son and his wife came to talk about the cost but this is a wedding gift from me.

I told them not to mind it.

Also, of all the house we built so far, no one was asked to pay.

The only times I received payment……when we built houses for Rasuti and Guraru?

However, they were paid in goods and not in currency so I don’t really know how much is the exact price.

I don’t even want to know the price.

Because of that, Gulf’s son and wife, you don’t have to worry about it.

What I’m worried about is you couple.

Did you, father and son, make up?

Is that all right?

Right, it could have been settled without causing that kind of disturbance or saying anything about the bride….but you know, they drunk a lot that time so Gulf might not be thinking straight.

The dwarves made him drink a lot.


All right, all right.

By the way, I think it is also time to stop saying that you’re going to train from now on.

Aren’t you afraid of your wife?

I’m scared.


The housewarming is only a small party.

The housewarming is basically a thank you celebration for the people who helped build it and greetings to the people who live nearby. It is customary for the couple to serve their homecooked food as the owner of the house.

However, they don’t have enough manpower.

Because almost all of the villagers of Big Tree Village participated.

The oni maids were elected as reinforcements.

Oh, please take some ingredients from the warehouse if necessary.

Since the children requested for cake, I also participated in cooking.

I started by building an outdoor kitchen.



Ah, I know.


It’s drink all you can here.

Drink as much as you can.

Eh, that’s not it?

You want to talk about new crops?

For alcohol?

Alcohol that uses medicinal herbs?

Another change huh.

The medicinal herbs field….ah, Loo will get angry if you lay your hands on it.


I’ll expand the medicinal herb field.

However, there shouldn’t be dangerous herbs.

「Hahaha. Don’t worry. We won’t ask you to plant a man-eating plant.」

No, that’s not what I mean.

And you really don’t hold back in drinking.


Speaking of Gulf’s son and wife.

The wife called me village chief at first.

However, after the parade earlier, she began calling me village chief-sama.

I remember the high elves when they first got here.

It took some effort before they were finally able to remove “sama”.

If I leave them unattended, they might return to that which is troubling.

No, some high elves are already calling me village chief-sama.

This is bad.

What should I do?

「Even if village chief-sama requested so, village chief-sama is village chief-sama.」


Déjà vu.

I feel like Ria’s group has said that to me before.

How did I convince them that time….

Maybe because there’s a sense of distance.

「Given your relationship with me, you should stop using “sama”.」

But I can’t use that to married women.

What should I do?

Seeing I’m in trouble, Ria said to leave it to her so I did leave it to her.

After that, she somehow persuaded her not to use “sama”.

「”Village chief” is already the uppermost word. It was too humbling to attach “sama” to it and I was disrespectful. I’m sorry.」


….is it really good?


The three beastboys, it was decided that they will be enrolled in Demon King’s Kingdom’s School.

It is not sudden.

In fact, it was proposed after Yuri came to Village Five.

It will be good for them to know how big the world is.

It seems like they have reached the age where they can go to school.

Moreover, they have no problem when it comes to ability.

For the time being, I consulted them again since I don’t want to decide without their knowledge.

I was worried for nothing because it seems like they have decided to do so when Gulf’s son brought his wife to Big Tree Village.

If they stay in this village, they’ll find it hard to get married.


There’s Ursa, right?

They shook their necks as hard as they could.

Then, how about Nutt?

She’s scary too?

Is that so?

Guraru….is already aiming for Hiichirou.


Tiselle is no too.


Go find your wife.


Will that be the only reason for going to school?


Speaking of which, Yuri.

Where would the beastboys attend school?

The school Yuri and Frau attended?

Wasn’t that a school that nobles attend?

You can rest more freely and it is more flexible compared to normal school……

Are you sure that’s okay?

Etiquette is taken seriously there, isn’t it?

When you started going to school, you’ll follow the footsteps of Frau and the civil servant girls?



Do as you wish.


However, will they be okay?

Those little beastboys will really start going to school?

I’m a little emotional.

I hope you learn well.


The three beastboys went to Village Five using the teleportation gate.

They will attend the Demon King’s Kingdom’s School as residents of Village Five.

「Hakuren-sensei, we’re happy that you care for us but going to school by riding a dragon is a no.」

The Hakuren transport was shot down by the beastkins in question.

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