Chapter 357 – Wedding


Gulf’s son’s wedding will be held.

It seems like it is customary to have the person with the highest position to manage it.

Though this is an obvious problem, the cost of a wedding is big too.

It is said that the person presiding will pay half the cost of the wedding.


In the case of Gulf’s son’s wedding, I’m the person with the highest position.

I’m the village chief after all.

I will gladly accept it.

However, I don’t have to take care of things related to the wedding directly.

Rather than me, it looks like the legal wife is the one in charge.

Legal wife?

Then, Loo.

However, pregnant women shouldn’t take care of things like a wedding ceremony.

There are various reasons why they shouldn’t be.

I think it is best to prevent pregnant women from doing hard things like wedding management.

Also, I care more about pregnant women than the two who’ll get married.

And so on.

Maa, since it is the culture of this world, I have no choice but to follow it.

Loo is no good.

Tier is no good either.

Then, as a result of the discussion about who’ll be in charge, Frau was chosen.


Frau first says hello to the couple who’s going to get married.

She’s going to consult them about the wedding.

Frau proposed three plans.

  1. Luxurious Wedding

The ceremony will be held at the church of Village Five and a week-long reception will be in Big Tree Village.

  1. Fancy Wedding

A new church was built in Village Four and the ceremony will be held there.

After that, there will be a three-day-long reception at Big Tree Village.

  1. Simple Wedding

A half day-long ceremony and reception at village chief’s mansion.

By the way, the couple will pay the expense of the wedding ceremony and banquet using reward medals.

Regardless of their choice, the couple will be charged with thirty pieces of reward medals.

To pay for that, the savings of Gulf’s son and his parents are not enough so he has to borrow from people around.

I heard that the debt made for both the wedding ceremony and reception are proof of confidence so borrowing won’t be bad for your image.

But since they will be paying with reward medals, it can be said that their wedding expenses are the same as me paying for everything.

Because of that, Frau consulted me after having decided on the plans but I don’t consider financial aspects that much.

I am more concerned about the scale of the ceremony and the number of days of the reception.

「Which one is good?」

The couple chose a simple wedding.

Did you hold back?

No, did you think that it was hard to keep the reception going for a week?

As for me, I recommend fancy wedding.

However, the opinion of the couple is what matters most.

It’s not nice to have everyone get too excited.

Let’s have the ceremony and reception they want.


Then, after finishing the preparations and feeling the difference in culture in a lot of ways, it’s the wedding date in no time.

The courtyard of my mansion, the front of the shrine became the ceremonial hall.

The attendees are….a lot.

The groom is wearing a pure white suit.

The bride is also wearing a pure white wedding dress.

Both were made by Zabuton and her spiderlings.

Thank you.


The one presiding over the ceremony, the person in front of the couple, it’s none other than the holy maiden Celes.



I should stand next to Celes?

No, even if you say that it is the proper arrangement….

I-I understand.

I just need to stand still, right?



Words of blessing from me?

You said I only need to stand still!

N-no, don’t panic.

Looking back on my life so far, I would be able to use my experience to squeeze some good words.



Nothing’s coming out.

Squeeze it out, me!

「From now on, the two of you will face many difficulties! However, as long as you walk hand in hand, the difficulties will no longer be difficult! That is marriage. Today, a couple was born here….hnn? What’s wrong, Celes? I haven’t finished talking yet, have I? Eh? Those are lines of someone from the church? Then, what am I supposed to say? …… Congratulations on your marriage. I bless you!」


Although there was a kind of trouble, the ceremony proceeded without problems.

Tables and chairs were arranged in the ceremony hall. It is also the reception.

Not only the courtyard but also the hall of my mansion.

The oni maids and the high elves are waiting in line by the displayed dishes.

They’ve been preparing since yesterday evening so there are a lot of complicated-to-cook dishes.

However, the main dish is a simple roasted whole boar.

If you roast something like this, the outside part will be burnt but the inside will be raw. However, they seem to have cooked it well.

「Any unfinished goods represent that the marriage will not last.」

I was convinced by Frau’s explanation.

However, I thought that it would be lonely if that’s the only main dish alone so I made a wedding cake.

I thought of making three layers but stopped since the oven we have can’t bake the base part of the cake.

I made five, forty-centimeter round cakes.

I’m slightly worried if I can eat it….

The children are looking at them with their all might.


At the end of the ceremony, my and Celes’ role is over.

It would be nice to enjoy the reception with the status of easy-going participants but the groom and bride can’t do that.

They shouldn’t move from a certain place while receiving greetings from everyone.

That looks hard.

However, they are smiling.

Gulf’s son in particular looks very happy but I guess that’s normal.

All the participants are smiling too….aside from one sulking person, Gulf.

He was unhappy that his son’s marriage was decided when he was not here.

However, it was reported that a discussion was held between Gulf and his wife about it so the issue was resolved.


Was it really resolved?

For the time being, let’s follow Gulf….before I go to where he is, Gulf’s surrounded by dwarves.

「Why does this guy has a face that is not fit for a wedding?」

Donovan shouts.

And other dwarves replied to him.

「It’s because we don’t have enough alcohol!」

「Indeed, alcohol’s the reason!」

「It’s alcohol!」


Let’s leave Gulf to the dwarves.

If you can drag him later, just tell me.


By the way, this is a wedding ceremony.

Is it alright for the bride’s relatives to not participate?

It’s alright?

If the groom picks up his bride, it is normal for her family to not participate.

The bride doesn’t want them to participate either so she didn’t call them.

I see.

So the bride and her family are on bad terms?

It is indeed normal for them to not participate.

I understand.


When the sun goes down, the groom and the bride will leave but there’s still an event.

It is the path where the groom and the bride will walk on.

They will leave in a straight path and there will be men lining up to the left and right of that path that will try to touch the bride.

The groom will brush off their hands while he and his bride advance……

Well, this is a ceremony.

It’s a violation of etiquette to really touch the bride.

Men who are not drunk lined up because it’s not good to buy someone’s grudge.

Maa, it looks lively so let’s line up too.

Yeah, it’s lively.

I also understand the rules.

So why do the high elves block me?

「To avoid trouble.」


It can’t be helped.

Let’s enjoy the food.

Even if the bride and groom leave, the reception will continue until the next morning.


More cake?

Ah, when did the fairy queen arrive?


It has been prepared and the oven is also not being used……

Suddenly, there was a loud cheer.

The place where the cheer occurred was the path where the groom and the bride are walking to.

When I approached, I saw Gulf standing in the middle of the path.

He’s blocking the way of the bride and groom.

「My son, if you really want to get married, show me your resolution!」

Hearing Gulf’s words, Gulf’s son replied with a fist without hesitation.

「For my happiness!」

Gulf’s son’s fist hits Gulf’s face.

However, Gulf did not fall.

He grinned instead.

Oh, the men of Gulf’s family, are you going to have a father-son battle over there?

When the surrounding people, including me, thought so, Gulf’s son’s fiancée….no, wife rushed there too.

「For my happiness too!」

Gulf’s son’s wife closes the distance and turns her waist for a hook.

It struck Gulf’s flank.


Did I just saw Gulf’s body shifting sideways?

And Gulf crumbles to his knees.


A, aahhh, I see.

So this is how you give your blessing.

Good job, Gulf.

The fallen Gulf was lifted by those who were around in order to remove him from the path.

No man is trying to reach out anymore.

Gulf’s son and wife left with a thunderous applause.

I wish you happiness.


Oh, the additional cake.

All right, all right.

I’ll make it immediately.

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka TOC

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