Chapter 356 – Spring of the Fourteenth Year



I didn’t sit down obediently.

I resisted a lot.

But it didn’t work.

Every time I hinted cancelation, both the kuros and the spiderlings reacted like “Cancelled?” “ Really”, and I can’t bear to look at them.

Also, the high elves thought that I was dissatisfied because the height of the stage was low so they built a four-meter, a six-meter, and even began building a ten-meter-high stage.

I thought of accepting it already in order to lessen the damage.


And, now.

The march(parade) was taking place.

The one who’s leading the parade is Kuro.

Perhaps it was prepared by Zabuton, Kuro is wearing white clothes with gold decoration.

He looks quite gallant.

He’s being followed by Yuki.

Yuki leads the kuros in four rows.

They are marching in perfect order.

I wonder if they called everyone from all over for this march.

Kuroichi, Kuroni, Kurosan, Kuroyon, Kurogo, Kuroroku, Kuronana, and Kurohachi are here.


They are followed by the spiderlings.

Half-tatami mat and magazine size spiderlings are marching according to type.

The fist-size spiderlings participated by riding on the two-tatami mat size spiderlings.

There’s no problem with movement speed even if they’re there.

The fist-size spiderlings are supporting big war flags too.

Next are the high elves led by Ria.

They are all holding hand-held string and wind instruments. They are playing bright music.

Pregnant people also wanted to participate but they did not participate.

I strongly discouraged them.

Next to the high elves are the lizardmen.

They are led by Daga who returned in a hurry to participate in this parade.

All the lizardmen are holding a spear.

They raise the spear and shout at the same time.

Following them are the dwarves led by Donovan.

They are wearing armor and are holding axes.

That’s the most dwarf-like outfit I’ve ever seen.

I’m a little impressed.


A little later than the dwarves is the stage where I’m at.

This is a manual stage.

Because of that, many ropes are attached to it.

The centaurs are pulling the rope.

In order to prevent it from tipping over, it is surrounded by the minotaurs.

Since it will be surrounded by minotaurs, the three-meter-high stage became unusable.

Isn’t it good if me and the minotaurs are close to each other?

That’s what I said but the mountain elves accidentally broke the three-meter-high stage the moment the minotaurs took that role. With that, the shortest stage became the four-meter high one.

I wonder if they really accidentally broke it.


On the stage where I’m at are Flora, Rasuti, Frau, Youko, the holy maiden Celes, and the oni maid Ann.

It is big enough to accommodate all of us.

Loo and Tier wanted to participate but they are pregnant so no.

I won’t back down on that issue.

Following my stage are the beastkins.

They are led by Senna.

They are all holding similar swords and shields.

They look heavy for me but none of them look burdened.

Gulf, who came back in a hurry, is also among the participants.

It seems like there was trouble because of the marriage of his son and he’ll say the details later.


Behind the beastkins are three stages that are slightly smaller than mine.

They are also being pulled by the centaurs and supported by the minotaurs.

Alfred and an oni maid are on the front stage.

Alfred’s outfit is flashier than mine.

I hope you won’t hate me…..

Tiselle and an oni maid are on the center stage.

Tiselle is relatively quiet.

Her being there is good for me too.

Ursa, Nutt, Guraru, Hitoe, and the beastboys are on the last stage.

Hakuren’s with them.

They are all flashily dressed.

Can the beastboys even move while wearing that outfit?


Hakuren is like a teacher watching over children.

After rising and falling tension.

Hakuren chose to ride the children’s stage instead of mine.

I know that she’s there because of her strong concern and not because she doesn’t want to be with me.


Behind the three stages are the mountain elves led by Ya.

They have war flags on their hands.

The war flags that the spiderlings are holding ahead are similar while the war flags the mountain elves are holding have different patterns.

Does it mean anything?

The mountain elves are followed by the nyunyu-daphnes and the harpies.

They are lined up similar to others ahead too but they are a little disordered.

However, I know that you are doing your best.

The nyunyu-dapnes aside, the harpies are more familiar with flying.


The devils and dream demons are led by Kuzuden.

The devils are wearing fierce-looking military outfits.

The dream demons…..are dressed in a bad for children’s education way.

This place has become a Samba Carnival.

TN: It is basically Japan’s version of Rio Carnival.

They are playing festive music loudly and dancing while marching.

Bell, Gou, and Asa, who are lined up behind them, look embarrassed.


Following are three ghost knights.

They are wearing armor that matches their soil body. They are marching while swinging their swords.

If someone who doesn’t know them will see them now, he’ll probably comment that those handsome men are doing a sword dance.

Behind them are the lamias led by their chief Junea.

Following them behind are the titans.


In the sky, the angels are flying in a formation with Kierbit as the center.

They are making a beautiful V.

Who thought of the idea of making a trail using smoke?

Oh, you’re doing that in the angel’s festival too?


The last is Zabuton and riding her are the phoenix chick Aegis, wine slime, and cat.

I wondered why Zabuton should be at the end but it seems like the end of the march should have someone important.

Zabuton herself said that there’s no problem if she marches in the end so I let her be.


The order of the march should be decided by me at first but the race’s representatives decided to go head to head.

Because of that, I suggested to have the arrangement of the march be decided by lottery but I was gently kicked out of the meeting after that.


Wouldn’t it be simpler?


This time, it was impossible for Jack and the other villagers of Village One to participate because they are taking care of babies.

You don’t have to shed tears because of frustration…..


The march starts in front of my mansion and moves south.

After that, it went around Big Tree Village clockwise.


This march.

It is a relief that there are few visitors.

With that in mind, I waved at the fairies and bees.

Ah, the fairy queen intruded into the stage where Ursa’s group is.

Even though Hakuren’s there too.

The kuros are watching all over our place.

Thank you as always.


Maa, it’s a good thing it will only be for today.

After the march, we had a banquet near the stage in the south of the village.

Let’s eat, drink, and have fun.

Come to think of it, there was meat that we were not able to consume last winter.

Let’s consume them now.


For the sake of Village One’s villagers, who were not able to participate, we’ll do it again there.


Who decided that?


I was drunk?

Ehto…..I understand.

I can’t take back what I said.

Let’s do it.

However, let’s do it on a small scale.

I’m glad you nodded obediently.

No, I’m not taking them for granted.

Sorry for scaling it down.


What happened?

Gordon, the representative of the minotaurs, Glueworld, the representative of the centaurs, and Kuzuden, the representative of the devils.


That’s not it.

Gordon, the representative of Village Two, Glueworld, the representative of Village Three, and Kuzuden, the representative of Village Four.

Yeah, I got it.

The children who were born in Village Two, Village Three, and Village Four were not able to participate too.

Let’s do it in turn.

However, because of the problem with the place, the march in Village Four will be scaled down….

I’m sorry.


One day per village.

I’m indebted to this stage for a few days.

「Village chief, what about Village Five? 」

Youko and Celes are looking at me.


It is expected that Village Five will have tons of onlookers.

We have to change this stage and my outfit if that is the case.

Yeah, sorry.

We won’t do it in Village Five.

Celes looked disappointed but Youko only laughed.


「He means Village Five’s contribution is insufficient. 」

Youko, that’s not what I meant.

With that logic, it means that we’ll have to do it there someday.

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