Chapter 360 – New Waterway


Ever since the three beastboys went to the demon king’s kingdom school, the remaining children have changed a little.

First, Ursa.

With the three older children missing, she’s begun to look after the other children.

Alfred too, he might have thought a lot of things.

He started studying harder.

And Nutt.

She talks a lot with Senna.


Let’s not ask about the content of the consultation.

I hope it’s not related to both me and Alfred.


In any case, I’m glad that the children have changed for the better.

The beastboys who went to the demon king’s kingdom school will surely work hard too.

Therefore, Hakuren

Don’t worry too much.

For some reason, I thought Hakuren was really Raimeiren’s daughter.

They care for the children too much.

How about turning your attention to Hiichirou more….

If that happens, there might be a conflict with Raimeiren.

Just do your best then.


The open-air bath in the ranch area. I intended to fill it this spring.

However, it was decided to leave it be because of the strong demand… resistance of the animals.

That means it will be necessary to have a water intake and drainage.

Although it is clean because of the slimes, water should be replaced too.

Let’s also add a roof.

Thus, it will undergo construction work.

For water intake, a new waterway from the river must be constructed while taking the location of the open-air bath into account.

It doesn’t have to be a very big waterway but water will not flow unless there’s a height difference.

Another idea is to pour water directly into the bath.

Because of that, after making a waterway from the river, I dig up a reservoir on the north side of the ranch area.

The size is a little small, 20 meters on all sides.

The children don’t come around here but as a precaution, I put logs around it.

I dig a water channel from the reservoir to the open-air bath. With that, the water intake channel is complete.

Next is the drainage channel……

I can’t connect this to the drainage of the village.

If I do so, it will hit the dog area and the agricultural waterways.

After thinking of various things, I decided to dig a drainage that will return the water to the reservoir. After that, dig a drainage channel from the reservoir to the east.

「There is a narrow river on the east of the village.」

One of the high elves informed me of that.

If I connect the drainage there, there won’t be a problem.

The amount of water will not be enough to affect the environment.

The problem is the distance to the river.

It is about 15 kilometers.

That’s quite far.

While being escorted by the kuros and Gran Maria, I began digging a drainage that will go down to the east river.

It was difficult to dig because I have to gradually deepen it for height difference.

Fortunately, I found a pond on the way.

The drainage had to be bent but the height difference will not be a problem. I’m saved because I don’t have to dig up to the river and I can just connect the drainage to this pond.

Though there was a giant frog in the pond, the kuros only needed to glare at it and it fled to the bottom of the pond.

My apologies.

I’ll make sure that only clean water will be drained here so permit me to connect the drainage here.

In order to execute my previous remark, a slime pool was dug near the drainage channel to purify the water.

This completes the intake and drainage channel.

Open the gate of the waterway and let the water flow.

No problem…..hnn?

Fish flowed into the intake channel.

This is unusual.

The reason why fishes don’t flow into the waterway is because the water was taken from the waterfall.

This time, water came from a small pond near the river.

The waterway is fenced but maybe fish of that small can just dive in the gap of the fence.

Let’s install a finer fence on the waterway to the open-air bath.

This will remain this way until winter. When winter comes, water needs to be warmed up.

All that we have left to do is to open the drainage to the pond…..

Will that fish become food for that frog?

This is hypocrisy but I will save you.

I put it in a bucket and pour it into the drainage of the large reservoir in the west for it to be able to return to the river.

Let’s make a new fence for the intake waterway, a finer one.

With this, all waterway related problems are solved.


As for the roof of the open-air bath, we cut down trees and process it before digging the waterways so the high elves made it while we’re digging.

Only half of the open-air bath is covered with a roof and the other half remains open.

It is quite a splendid open-air bath.

Thank you.

If only there’s a place to change clothes, I might also want to enter.


I’m sorry.

I’m only joking.

High elves, please stop making a place to change clothes.

If I want to enter an open-air bath, I’ll go to the hot spring area.

Eh, ah, no, I don’t hate entering here.

Cow, don’t look at me like that.

Horse, you too.

Goats, you don’t give a darn as usual.

Alright, let’s go in together.

Kuros, your fire magic, please.


That day, I enjoyed the open-air bath in the ranch area.

「Rather than taking a bath, it was more like working hard brushing the cows and horses in the bath…」


When two months have passed since the beastboys have left.

I received a letter from the beastboys who went to the capital to study.

The content of the letter is their first month in school.

It seems like it took time to arrive because it is a normal letter.

I read the letter with a little regret. I should have prepared a small wyvern messenger…

I shook my head.

「Hakuren, you taught the children how to write, right?」

「Of course.」

I see.

Then, is there a mistake in this letter?

“Village Chief Hiraku,

The spring has come and the breeze is as pleasant as the season.

How are you spending it?

As for us, we’re having fun teaching at the school in the capital(….) We’re living our lives.”

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka TOC

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