Chapter 361 – Beastboy’s School Life, Day 1?


My name is Gol.

I’m a beastkin.

I was born in Howling Village but I grew up in Big Tree Village.

Together with my fellow beastkins, Sil and Bron, who are in a similar situation, we are treated as a set of three.

***TN: They are basically Gold, Silver, and Bronze without the last syllable. ***

We may look like triplets because of our similar ages but we’re not brothers.

However, I think our bond is tighter than real brothers.


We have come to the capital of the demon king’s kingdom.

We’re here to enroll in Gullgald Noble Academy.

There’s no age limit for admission to the schools in the whole demon king’s kingdom.

This is because most people who live in the demon king’s kingdom are demons and each demon race grows differently.

Because of that, some enroll when they’re only one-year-old while others only enroll when they reach the age of 200.

Since the school is like this, there’s no upper or lower limit in regards to age.

The only thing that has upper and lower in this place is your rank with the grades you’ll get

“Arts and Sciences”, “Battle”, “Magic”, and “Way of Living” are the four subjects that will decide your grade.

This the what a school is in the demon king’s kingdom.

Among all the schools in this kingdom, Gullgald Noble Academy is a little special.

Basically, it is similar to an ordinary school. The difference is that those who attend this school are either related to nobles or officials.

Therefore, noble ranks are also adapted here.


「What do we have here? Commoners? Could it be that you have mistakenly come to this school?」

When we entered the school, we were in trouble because we didn’t know where we should go. Then, a bossy female with blonde, drill-hair told us that.

Her age….similar to us?

Sil reacted to the female’s words.

「Wait wait」

「Why are you stopping me? That female is obviously making fun of us.」

「Have you forgotten already? Keep in mind what Frau-sensei and Yuri-sensei have taught us.」

「Hnn?…..ah, ahhh, right.」

Before going to this school, we were taught various things by Frau-sensei, Yuri-sensei, and the other civil servant oneechan who graduated from this school.

Especially about noble society.

This female’s present remark is comparable to what Yuri-sensei has taught us.

「What do we have here? Commoners? Could it be that you have mistakenly come to this school?」

Translation: Is there any problem? I can teach you the way if you’re lost.

「…..that was dangerous. I almost hit her.」

That’s why I stopped you.

If we were not taught on how to interpret the noble’s words, we would have been in so much trouble.

「Oi, female. Guide us to the place where the teachers are.」

To suddenly speak like that, I hit Sil’s back.

「Are you stupid? Have you forgotten our special training with our senseis?」

「Ah, that’s right. I’m sorry, female. Let me rephrase.」

Sil checks his clothes and his hairstyle.

After that, he opens his mouth with a light smile.

「This beautiful lady, meeting you is the most important thing that happened in my life, I want to speak with you forever but fate does not allow me to.」

Translation: That would help us a lot. My apologies but, can you guide me to a place where the officials are?

「Ara, you commoner seems to know how to speak. It’s not sickening but still an eyesore. Come again.」

Translation: I’m sorry but I can’t guide you because I don’t have time. I think there’s someone who can guide you near the main gate. Why don’t you try asking there?

「That’s quite unfortunate. However, any further will only gain dislike. As you have said, we’ll meet again. I hope for our next encounter.」

Translation: Main gate? Alright. Thank you.

「Now, get out of here.」

Translation: You better go fast. The teachers seemed to be busy.

After saying that, the bossy female left.


「Was that okay?」

「Your intonation was somewhat suspicious but that won’t be a problem. You were able to overcome your shyness.」

「It is hard to force it since it is already the real thing.」

「Looks like it.」

「But the noble’s way of speaking is really difficult.」

「Yeah. It also depends on your social standing, whether you know each other, time, and place.」

The difficulty is high.

I’m a little worried if I can speak like that in the future.


There was a military hut for the guards beside the main gate of the school.

It seems like we overlooked it.

When we asked for direction, one of the guards offered to guide us.

We’re saved.


The Gullgald Noble Academy has a large campus.

The nearby mountains and forests seem to be part of the school grounds.

There are 17 school buildings.

There are big and small but most of the buildings are about half of village chief’s mansion.

The largest one is about half of village chief’s mansion.

There are three dormitories.

They are big.

About half of village chief’s mansion.

The guard who’s guiding us told us that they are the teacher’s dormitory, the boy’s dormitory, and the girl’s dormitory.

Next to the dormitories are, lots of single houses….

That one’s a big house.

About as big as Ria-oneechan’s house.

「Those are?」

「They are rented houses for students who don’t want to live in the dormitory.」

「One person lives in that house alone?」

「That’s right but there are servants there too. If you need a house or a servant, there’s an exclusive receptionist for that so please go there. However, if you want to rent a house, you can only do so by reservations but it might already be too late now…..」

「We are planning to live in the dormitory.」

「Is that so? Excuse me but we have arrived at the building.」

With the help of the guard, we entered the building where the principal was and arrived at the front of the principal’s office.

「Then, I’ll take my leave.」

The guard salutes to us.

When the guard tries to leave, Bron stops him.

「Thank you. If anything happens, please let me know.」


When I saw Bron giving the guard a silver coin, I regretted not doing it myself.


I forgot.

That military guard is a guard working at this school.

If you want a guard to do something other than to work as a guard, you need to give him a tip.

Frau-sensei strongly told us that.

To think I’ll forget it.

Maybe I’m nervous.

I thought I’m okay.


And Bron, thank you.

When I said that, Bron held his head as if he noticed something.

What happened?

「I failed. As matters stand now, the tip should have been a big bronze coin.」

「Eh? AAHH」

Bron gave him silver which is a hundred pieces of big copper coins.

「Ah….You’ve done it.」

Sil hits Bron’s shoulder.

「Uwaaa. Don’t. I yield.」

We can’t ask the guard to return the money we gave as a tip.

Frau-sensei told us that so we can only endure.

「Okay, Bron, it can’t be helped. We are not used to handling money.」

Majority of the money we have are silver coins.

I think mishandling is inevitable.

But we can’t just lose them….

It’s the important money of the village.

We can’t use it in vain.

「Bron, it’s okay to make mistakes but you must learn from it. Before going here, village chief told us that. Don’t forget it.」

「Yeah, I remember.」

「Let’s accept this failure and make sure to not repeat it.」

「Got it.」

「Sil, let’s talk about the conversation we had earlier.」

「I just tried to hit someone. I know. Also, we still don’t know what should we check out in this school.」

We have an important mission.

It’s scouting.

When the village’s children enroll after us, we can’t let them make a mistake.

Especially Alfred, Tiselle, and Hiichirou.

Loo-sama, Tier-sama, and Raimeiren-sama told us that.

Village chief said that we don’t have to worry about it but that won’t be the case.

It is a mission given to us.

We will do it magnificently.


「For the time being, let’s greet the principal first before recording our failures.」

Our school life has just begun.

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka TOC

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