Chapter 362 – Grock and Cat’s Name


I remembered something while reading the letter of the beastboys.

Before they left, we had a small sending off party.

It has been three months since then.



I was quite busy that there are only three things that left impressions on me.

The harvest and the festival executive committee.

And lastly, the consultation of the training policy of the newly born kittens with the demon king.


Spring harvest.

This year was also a good harvest.

It was difficult to harvest so I felt a little remorseful about the field being too wide.

However, thinking about the newly born children, I know I have to work harder.

Of course, everything is for them.


The festival executive committee has begun its preparations for this year’s festival.

The civil servant girls are doing their best.

I feel like they’re trying too hard.

They might have been stimulated by the new civil servant girls in Village Five.


The demon king comes to my mansion one every four to five days to show this love to the kittens born this year.

It can even be said that he’s protecting them.

Perhaps it is because of Samael, one of the kittens born this year.


How can you sit on a chair in the room while complaining to Samael who’s on your lap?

I feel like he’s saying something confidential and I heard it but I acted like I didn’t hear it.

If you really want to complain, tell that to Yuri herself.

She often comes to this mansion too.

She comes to eat.


By the way, the kittens born this year are most fond of the phoenix chick Aegis.

As for Aegis, he must have been happy to find someone younger than him.

Even though he’s still a chick, he’s working hard to take care of the kittens.

Maa, even though I said taking care, he’s only calling the oni maids or the demon king nearby if there’s something but he’s helping enough.

It is better than having a bad relationship.

Please continue to get along.


A meeting with the grocks from the east dungeon is being arranged.

The first encounter, or the unfortunate misunderstanding with the east dungeon survey corps injured them so it became hard for me to meet them.

I thought of going there myself but I was stopped by the people around me.

They said that it would be better for me to wait for the grock to recover and have them meet me.

Most of them said that so I followed their suggestion.

I think it’s been quite a while.

Maa, a few more days and it will be time.

The grocks have formed a group to send here as a delegation. They are already on their way here.

The effort of the high elves, who are in charge of coordinating with them, finally bore fruit.


However, a problem occurs.

On the way to Big Tree Village, the grock delegation encountered a big boar.

There were no fatalities but most were injured.



Also known as stone man.

Their whole body is made of rocks. In the dungeon, they mimic rocks to hide while eating moss to live.

Their mimicry did not work in the forest.

In any case, I’m sorry for making you go out of the dungeon.

「When the grocks recovers, let me go to them.」

「But that’s….」

「How about sending them guards or guides to make it here?」

Though I don’t know why, that’s what they said.

Then, this can’t be helped.

Though I had a lot of trouble, they finally conceded.

Maa, I should have met them this way earlier.

For the time being, I wrote a letter of condolences to the grocks. I’ll have to trouble the high elves again to coordinate with the new arrangement.

They’re probably the most disappointed given what happened.


On Kuro’s stomach lies Aegis and the kittens born this year. They are all in my room.


Samael is here too so why is the demon king not here?

Speaking of which, all the kittens born this year were also females.

Father cat seems to have no impact.

Though he is the father cat, naming him like that will cause a lot of inconveniences.


After getting all suggestions, his name was decided by draw lots.

It seems to be the name of the god of magic from ancient times.

He ended up having a grand name.

「Oi, Raigiel.」


I thought I would be ignored but he’s pretty responsive.

By chance, do you like that name?

If you do, then it’s great.

However, that’s kind of embarrassing.

How about I change your name?



Is that so?

Okay okay.

By the way, what happened to the aneneko?

*TN: ANE = elder sister, NEKO = cat.

Since there are new kittens, it will be difficult to still call them kittens.

Therefore, I call them aneneko.

Their body is still growing.


Are the anenekos there?

The anenekos are on the ceiling beam.

What are you hiding there for?

Are you keeping an eye on the kittens?

You’re not doting parents so doting elder sisters?

But I guess that’s better than indifference….

Their nature is different from the cats I know.


Samael got up.

It looks like Beezel has brought the demon king.

That’s very convenient so I envy them a little.

Samael, what about me?

Look, my lap is free.

I tapped my knees but Samael went out of the room without minding me.


Yuki, who came into the room in turn, puts her head on my vacant lap.

Thank you.

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka TOC

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