Chapter 363 – Beastboy’s School Life, Day 3?


It has been three days since we entered the Gullgald Noble Academy.

Recalling the teachers’ lessons, there won’t be any problem.

I thought that it would be difficult here because of the difference in status but we did not encounter any problem. Thanks for the teachings of Frau-sensei and Yuri-sensei.

The only problem was living in the dormitory.

Sil, Bron, and I shared a three-person room.

The room is small but neat.

However, the bed is hard.

It is probably because under the sheet is only a board.

Can this even be called a bed?

When I first saw it, I didn’t recognize it as a bed until I saw something like a pillow.

The food here too.

Those who live in the dormitory must eat in the dormitory’s cafeteria in the morning and evening.

As for the reason, the attendance of the students is determined by receiving food.

When you receive food, you must eat it all.

Not because of rule but manners.

I also think that manners are important.

But the food here is unpalatable.

In addition to that, the number of dishes is small.

The only good thing is the quantity.

I heard that it’s okay to get a second serving but I never had any second serving.

I remember the horrifying sight when other students get a second serving.


What’s more, there’s no bath in this school dormitory.

How are we supposed to clean our body?

My question was answered by a basin and a towel.

It seems like you can get hot water in the cafeteria of the dormitory at a fixed time.

We were told to use them to wipe our bodies…..


Finally, toilet.

Instead of being cleaned every day, it is cleaned every few hours.

As expected of a dormitory used by nobles.

It is very beautiful too.

But that’s pointless.

The leaves used in the toilet are too hard to be used.

However, there’s nothing else to use so it can’t be helped.


I’ve reached my limit.

It might sound pathetic but I’m homesick.

I want to go back to the village.

The enthusiasm I had when we left the village is already broken.

Sil and Bron are probably the same.

I’m so frustrated that I walk around the room for no reason.

「I can’t take it anymore.」

Sil said that. It looks like he has made up his mind.

Bron nods too.

….there’s no other way.

「Let’s leave the dorm.」


Of course, we did not leave the school.

We only want to leave the dormitory.

Only then will we be free from those unpalatable foods.

However, students of the school must reside in the school.

I heard that no one’s allowed to live outside the school.

Because of that, after leaving the dormitory, we asked for a rented house for students who don’t want to live in the dormitory like what the guard who guided us has said.

We checked if there’s any place available.

「To our regret, the reservation is full.」


It’s over.


But there’s still hope.

「If you really want to, you can build it yourself in a vacant lot.」

The receptionist oneesan just said words of salvation.

「Is it okay if we build one ourselves?」

「Yes, but I will have to specify the location….shall I guide you?」



After passing through an area lined with houses, we arrived at a large open area that is uniformly divided by stakes and ropes.

「This is the place where you can build a house. There is no land rental fee but you are required to pay one silver coin annually as a joint management fee.」

「Joint management fee?」

「Usage fee for the well, cleaning fee, and allowance for night patrols.」

「I see.」

「There are also other detailed arrangements…do you know how to read?」

I took a look at the documents presented by the receptionist oneesan and handed them to Bron.

Bron is good at contracts.

After leaving the documents to Bron, I asked the receptionist oneesan.

「This place is divided by ropes but, are we limited by the rope too?」

A plot of land divided by the rope is approximately 10 meters square.

Each of those squares is called block by the receptionist oneesan.

「Yes. Please don’t intrude other blocks.」

「Do you mean we can only rent one?」

「No, that’s not what I mean. You can use as many blocks as you want. However, the joint management fee I mentioned earlier is calculated by the number of blocks…」

「If we use ten blocks, the joint management fee will be 10 silver coins per year.」


When I was asking a lot of questions, Bron called me.

「How is it?」

「It’s mostly okay but I’m a bit anxious about the rights of the building being transferred to the school after we graduate.」

「Is that so?」

I confirmed it with the receptionist oneesan.

「He’s right. Upon graduation, the rights to the building will be transferred to the school. Therefore, it is customary for the graduating student to look for someone who’ll accept the rights of the house before graduating.」

「Is that alright?」

「It’s already a tradition. However, the rights of the building cannot be transferred to anyone other than to the people involved in the school.」

「I see. We’ll do it.」

We want to leave the dormitory after all.

「Eh? Ano, there’s no house built yet.」

「Will there be a problem if we build it ourselves?」

「No, but, no way you’re….」

「We’ll build it ourselves.」

For the time being, we rented a 2X2 block which is four in total.

They are going to build a house in the middle of that house that is about as big as a block.

The joint management fee is high but we are taught that keeping appearance is important.

It shouldn’t be a problem if it is only this much.

Oh, that’s right.

I gave the receptionist oneesan a silver coin as a tip.

This is not a mistake.

I think that’s the right amount.


Village chief always gives priority to toilets before anything else.

In accordance to that, the first thing to build will be a toilet.

After digging up a hole, we took a slime from the school office.

I prepared a chair with a hole on the top and surrounded it with a tent. It’s now complete.

「The soil here is soft. It is easy to dig.」

「Building a house won’t be a problem.」

「There won’t be a problem if we hit it to harden it, right?」


Next is a well but there is a common use well nearby.

It seems like digging a well without permission is prohibited.

Because of that, we can only rely on a tank to store water.

I want two. One for drinking and one for everyday use.

For those, we bought large barrels.

「How about a small barrel for the toilet?」

「Of course, I bought one for that too.」



A large barrel is also needed for that.

We bought a size that even an adult can soak in.

There won’t be a problem with this.

Oh, we have to cover this area with a curtain.

As for the place to change clothes, let’s put a board over there in order to not get dirty.


Let’s think about it later.


Finally, bed.

For the time being, a tent will be enough.

Uncle Gulf gave it to us before we went to school.

We’ll just have to assemble it. It uses wooden frame and clothes as cover.

I thought it was a piece of useless baggage at first. I’m sorry.

It’s really useful.

Just bring in blankets and now we have a bed.

These blankets have defended us from hard beds up to now.

We have to take good care of it.


When our work was over, the sun was about to set.

This is bad.

I asked Sil and Bron for water.

I’ll cook our food today.

The ingredients were purchased along with the barrels.

Leave it to me.


There are no cooking utensils.


I rented cooking utensils from the dormitory’s cafeteria.

I shouldn’t forget to buy it tomorrow.


I’m confident with the taste of my dish.

It was because Uncle Gulf has hidden seasonings in the tent.

Thank you so much, Uncle Gulf.

Though only a little time has passed since we left the village, the flavor from the village is enough for me to tear up.

Sil and Bron are crying too.

I feel like my homesickness has reduced a little.


When I was washing the utensils, Sil helped me.

「Gol, I was happy to be able to taste soy sauce again but the meat was not good enough.」

「You’re right. However, that’s already moderately expensive….」

「Could it be that they don’t know how to properly dismantle it after killing it?」

「They should have done so given the price. If not, that’s a rip-off.」

「Can we enter the forest on the north side of the school? I’ll hunt tomorrow.」

「Don’t have fun alone. I want to go too.」

「Then, shall we go together?」

「Bron will get angry.」

Bron is checking the formal version of the contract of the land we built our house in.

Though we already started building, we are still under a temporary contract.

Tomorrow, he’ll sign a formal contract with the school.

If we left out Bron and went hunting with just the two of us, he’ll be mad.

Bron rarely gets angry but it’s troublesome when he gets angry.

Even Ursa doesn’t want to anger Bron.

「I also have to deliver a letter from Uncle Michael to his store after buying cooking utensils.」


「Uncle Michael said it himself. If we use the branch in the capital, he’d like us to deliver this letter.」

I never thought of using it before but I’m likely to shop a lot from now on so I’d like to deliver this letter.

Actually, when I went out to buy barrels and ingredients, I already looked for his store but I couldn’t find it.

I asked the local residents but they don’t know.

Uncle Michael’s store might be smaller than I imagined.

「Anyway, tomorrow, Bron and I will be busy.」

「Then, I’ll go alone in the forest after all.」

「How about staying here and try to improve our living environment or go to class?」

「But I want to eat good meat.」

「Kuh, then do as you please.」

When I’m done with my task, I’ll go to the forest.

I’ll absolutely go there.

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