Chapter 364 – Beastboy’s School Life, Day 4?



The Gullgald Noble Academy is at the royal capital but it is outside the city because it needs a large site.

Because of that, when you go shopping outside the school, you’ll have to go to the outskirts of the city first.

Shopping is very easy because, in the outskirts, there is a place called Merchant Street where stores are all over.

I purchased tools such as hammer, saw, wood carving tools, stone, and other materials and have them taken to the school.

Since no outsider can enter the school, they can only deliver those things before the main gate.

Next, cooking utensils and tableware and finally, ingredients.

Sil went hunting but even if he managed to catch prey, it would be difficult to eat it the same day.

Considering that he needs to drain blood and sink it in the river to reduce the temperature, it can only be eaten tomorrow.

It is necessary for me to buy ingredients today.

Let’s buy meat from a different store.


In the school, the closest place to the capital is the residential area.

Therefore, it is somewhat comfortable to have the tools, woods, and building stones delivered at the main gate.

Maa, it will be a hassle if I have to go back and forth many times.

When I’m done, Bron returns after officially signing the contract.

「Then, let’s go to the forest. Sil is waiting.」

「Ah, hold on. Defensive magic comprehension class will be held this afternoon.」

「Defensive magic comprehension? Wasn’t that a long way ahead?」

「I don’t know why but I guess the schedule changed since they informed me.」

「It can’t be helped. Studying is our priority. We have to hurry and get Sil back.」

「Sil will be fine. I already told him before he left.」

「….I see. Poor him.」

「Yeah, since we’re finally going to eat lunch. A palatable one too.」

「Yeah. There are not many people who eat lunch at this school.」

「I think that’s the reason why the serving of breakfast and dinner is a lot.」

「Indeed. However, the taste….」

「Stop it. I don’t want to remember.」

「Hahaha. For today’s lunch, let’s have stir-fry vegetables that Sil likes.」


In Gullgald Noble Academy, it is possible for anyone to graduate anytime. All you have to do is to get three proofs of graduation certificates from the school.

Proof of graduation certificate is given to those who clear the assignment given by the teacher.

It is said that the challenge is not easy.

The proof of graduation certificate can only be received by taking class properly and producing results.

However, there is no way a teacher will give it to someone easily. The exam differs for each individual depending on the teacher’s assessment.

「Now that we have three, we can graduate anytime.」

Nodding to Bron’s words, I looked at the wooden plaques in my hand.

On one side of the wooden plaques says “Offensive Magic Comprehension”, “Defensive Magic Comprehension”, and “Life Style Magic Comprehension”. The other side of the plaques says proof of graduation.

Sil and Bron are holding something similar.

「Are these really this easy to get?」

「Isn’t that good? It’s not like we forced them to give these to us.」

Sil says so but I’m dissatisfied.

None of us even took classes.

We only attended the beginning of the class and greeted the teacher.

After testing our abilities individually, we were handed with these plaques and then kicked out.

The same was true for today’s defensive magic comprehension class.

Perhaps we were being backed up.

「And who will back us up? We are talking about us. That’s simply not possible.」

「Is that so?」

I envy Sil’s easygoingness.

「It is so. This is a secret but….actually, I secretly spied at how they examined the other students.」


「Don’t worry. No one found out.」


「Really. As for how they look….they are chanting spells.」


「Surprising right? Do you get it now?」

Ah, I finally got it.

So that’s how it is.

In addition to Hakuren-sensei, we were also taught by Loo-sama, Tier-sama, and Ria-oneechan with magic.

Chanting spells is the very first stage of casting magic.

In other words, beginner class magic.

I’m convinced now.

Totally convinced.

We already passed the shortening chant class and we can cast magic without any chant at all.

It means we already graduated from beginner class.

Now that I think about it, the defensive magic that the teacher told us is also low level.

I see I see.

It’s only a beginner class.

Now I feel fine.


Maa, Ursa and Alfred are already at the stage after the no chant class. That’s a bit hard for us since we’re not as good as them in terms of magical power manipulation.

However, village chief praises us when we use magic so it’s okay.



Anyway, we each have three proofs of graduation.

We cleared the minimum requirement.

This school is attended by nobles so they might have only prepared simple classes.

No wonder Frau-sensei and Yuri-sensei said that there would be no problem if we enrolled in this school.

Even if you collect three proofs of graduation, you can choose not to graduate.

If you want to learn, you can study as much as you want.

Of course, tuition is required.

However, Yuri-sensei already paid our tuition fees for three years.

That means we can take classes for free for the next three years.

Our initial plan is to take magic comprehension classes but since we no longer have to, should we try attending battle-related classes?

「Let’s collect proof of graduation from all classes.」

「Sil is saying weird things again. I don’t think that’s necessary but I want to go to advanced magic classes. However, I can’t find that in the schedule.」

Bron looks at the lesson schedule.

We all looked for an advanced magic class together but we can’t even find something similar.

I heard that some magic teachers quit last year so they might have been affected.


Though the class is over, it is already too late to go to the forest.

It’s a little early but I’m preparing dinner.

Sil and Bron were responsible for checking and processing the woods I purchased.

「Village chief can easily do this but this is quite difficult.」

「Yeah but Sil, don’t ignore the numbering.」

「My bad my bad. I’ll swap number 29 with number 17. I’ll fix it.」

「That’s okay but don’t just replace a pillar with the wood for flooring.」

「We have yet to process them so it is still fine.」

「According to the plan, number 17 is supposed to be a pillar while number 29 will be used for flooring.」

They are lively.



It is grilled marinated meat.

「Gol, don’t you think the wood we have is insufficient? With what we have, there won’t be any left for the toilet and bath.」

Bron shows me the number of wooden boards.

I know it’s not enough.

「We can’t buy them all at once because of the union.」


「I think it’s the royal capital timber management union. If you are not a member, you can’t buy a large amount of wood.」

「What are they?」

Sil says so as he throws the skewer into the fire.

He has a face that did not enjoy the meat.

Though I’m the one who cooked it, I think so too.

「They are a kind of association. We were taught about them.」

「Yeah…..Frau-sensei certainly said something about them. I only remember the part that I should shut up when we’re dealing with merchants.」

Maa, if you remember that, there’s no problem.

「When it comes to merchants….we have to find Uncle Michael’s store after all. Then, the three of us will search for it tomorrow….no, we’ll be hunting in the forest tomorrow.」

「I understand. The three of us should hunt tomorrow. As for wood, since we can’t buy it all at once, let’s buy one at a time.」

「When a house is nearing completion, the price of timber will be raised.」

Bron said something sinister.

「Are there merchants who do that?」

「We heard it from the civil servant oneechans. They told us a lot of cruel things that happen in the royal capital.」

「Ah….that, uhm, the mansion that was built without walls.」

The merchants raised the price of wall materials at the last minute. The angry noble said “I don’t need walls.” and completed the mansion like that.

There’s no problem during the summer but the noble broke when winter came.

「However, the root cause of that incident is because the noble broke his promise to marry his daughter to the merchants, right? I didn’t make any promise so we should be fine.」

「Though we might be fine, we shouldn’t let our guard down. We are from the countryside after all.」

He’s right.

Even village chief warned us.

We are underdogs who will always be targeted by someone.

We mustn’t let our guard down.

Act cautiously.

He also said that even if we don’t do anything bad, bad people could come by.

Thank you, village chief.

However, when meeting a stranger, I think it is too radical to think of them as scammers.

Hakuren-sensei said that the first thing to do to a suspicious person is hit him.


The next day.

When I went to buy wood, the price was raised significantly.

But I did not panic.

I have a companion today.

「Shopkeeper, what does this price mean? Isn’t the price of timber controlled by the union? I haven’t heard any news of the sudden rise in the price of timber.」

With Uncle Beezel here, I won’t encounter any problem.

I’m glad I stopped by at the royal castle before going to buy wood as a precaution.

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