Chapter 365 – Beastboy’s School Life, Day 7?


We are at a school so there are naturally other students aside from us.

However, each student takes different classes so it is difficult to get involved with anyone.

It seems like it is more unusual to take the same classes like us.

However, if I say that there’s no interaction between students, it would be a lie.

There are groups which consist of several dozens of people doing some kind of activity.

They are called clubs.

You are free if you don’t belong to any club.

Some students join dozens of clubs while other students have no interest in such activities.

However, even if those students have no interest in such activities, they are still nobles.

They are still acquainted with others.

It seems like there are some people who can’t join because of their family’s position.

In short, though they are supposed to be free in papers, in reality, they belong to the club.

We don’t belong to any though.


It is not because we are not interested.

We are interested in joining clubs but we are busy building our house so we can only hold back.

Honestly speaking, we’re kind of embarrassed when we are invited to tea parties because we live in a tent.

We have to build our house first and foremost.

This thing is of utmost importance.

Maa, it was us who decided to leave the dormitory.

Yeah, we regret being short-sighted.

The senpais who invited us also voluntarily withdraw after seeing our house.

It seems like club recruitment here is quite fierce because aside from the power of their house, the rank of the school club can affect the school itself.

I personally don’t want to be involved in that.


「The bathroom is now complete.」

Sil came to report that with a happy face.

The bathroom is divided into a place to change clothes, a place to wash body, and a bathtub.

The walls are also not curtains but wooden boards.

There is also a window.

It’s smaller compared to the village bath but it is a good bath where two adults can get in together.

The floor of the bathroom is also made to make the water flow out and not accumulate inside.

There’s also drainage that’s connected to the sewage.

「It would have been easier if we could build a waterway.」

I thought of a plan to use a waterway to get water from the common well but we were stopped by the student affairs office.

It’s because the waterway will cross a street.

In addition, we were told that it will be easier for foreign substances to mix in so we have to give up our plan.


Maa, fetching water is a hassle but it’s not hard because we can use magic.

All we have to do is to lift the water with magic and move it.

There are three of us. Anyone of us can fetch water once and it will be enough for the whole day.

We only have to decide the order.


Presently, the toilet and the bathroom are completed.

The toilet was completed two days ago.

It is not a simple tent toilet but a proper toilet hut.

I think we can boast about it to village chief.

We did our best.

However, we have not progressed with our house.

Did we make a mistake on what to prioritize?

No, we’re not in a hurry because living in a tent is not that bad.

The weather is good too.

However, there’s a possibility of rain so we have to do something quickly.

For the time being, let’s put a cloth over as rain protection. I hope it can really help us when it rains.

Sil and the other four students agreed to my proposal.

They are obviously older than us.

They are two male and two female senpais.

We got acquainted with them when we helped them after being attacked by a monster in the forest in the north.

It is true that the forest in the north is part of the school grounds but it is also true that monsters there will not hesitate to attack you.

Before the school lets the students enter the north forest, they must report to the school to declare that whatever happens to them there is their own responsibility.

We didn’t know that so we were so frustrated when we were driven back by the guards guarding the north forest.

You should have informed us about that in the first place.


Returning to the story, the four of them thanked us for helping them and they came to our house when they didn’t have class.

Thanks to them, the bathroom was completed quickly.

Maa, they are students of this school so they are nobles.

They can’t do something like carpentry so their job is mainly lifting things.

Still, I’m still grateful for additional demonpower.


The corners of the cloth are bound to four poles.

Our tent is now under the protection of the said cloth.

Now, even if it rains, we will be okay.

One of the senpais made sure that one side is lower than the others so that even if it rains, it will not accumulate in the center.

「Then, it’s a little early but let’s have dinner.」

Hearing what I said, the four senpais cheer earlier than Sil.

Were they that hungry?

But they still look energetic.

「By the way, Sil, can you call Bron?」

「Hnn? I haven’t seen him. Did he skip working?」

「He’s at the school office. He met with the receptionist oneesan about hiring people from outside.」

It is common for the houses in this school to hire people to help them with their daily lives.

Considering crime prevention, they want the students to hire as many as possible so their house can be safe while they are taking classes.

We can hire as we like but whether we can bring them to school is a different story so someone has to check the guidelines from the school side.

As a matter of fact, the receptionist oneesan was worried about that and told us to come and check.


Bron came back but….he’s not alone.

Behind Bron are two ladies….I’m sure they’re students because they are wearing a uniform.


When I asked Bron, he said that when he’s returning from the office, he helped these two after being troubled by an enthusiastic club’s recruitment.

That’s great.

However, do you really need to bring them here?

I don’t know if they are living in the dorm or in a house but you should have sent them there.

To answer my question, Bron glances at the two ladies.

「I heard it from this student that you are doing something filthy here. Even though he helped us, we came here to check it out considering this place’s safety.」

Translation: I heard you’re doing something fun. We hoped to join.

「As a student of our school, it is our responsibility to check filth. 」

Translation: You guys have just enrolled this year too, right? Us too. Let’s get along.

So that’s how it is.


「Fuh, how troublesome. I hope you won’t expose us. 」

Translation: I don’t mind but it’s kind of hard. Are you okay with it?

As a reply to my question, the two female students smile fearlessly.

「Impertinent. 」

Translation: We’re okay with that.


Additional dinner for two.

Looking at the way you eat, you must be having a hard time adjusting to the dormitory.

The four senpais who are helping us with building our house are eating with gusto.

Ah, you live in a house and not in the dorm?

You live nearby?

….That house over there.

You were anxious about us for a while.

Is that so?

It would have been nice if you had called us out.

Also, you don’t have to rush eating.

There’s still a lot here.


By the way, the freshly made bathroom was used by the four senpais, who helped us with the construction, in turn.

Of course, in both female and both male pairs.

After that, I thought it was our turn …

But the two schoolgirls that Bron brought are glaring.

They’re glaring alright.

We can’t refuse them.

After consulting Sil and Bron, they gave their consent.

I wonder if they didn’t see how the senpais earlier look like.

Also, everyone here can hear what you’re talking about inside so don’t say too much.

Cup size…..that, it’s embarrassing.

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