Chapter 366 – Village Chief’s Summer Vacation


The demon king is being chased by the anenekos.

What did you do?

Let’s just have breakfast.

Yeah, it’s delicious.

How about Beezel?

Do you want coffee or tea, or maybe….tea is it.

So, what did the demon king do?

He didn’t do anything?

This morning, Samael jumped to the demon king when they were in the process of teleporting back to the demon king’s castle. She was teleported with them.

Though they came back immediately, the anenekos who saw what happened are already panicking.

However, they did not get angry with Samael, they’re angry with the demon king.

So that’s now it is.

Ah, no. You brought her back immediately so I won’t be angry.

I hope you pay attention next time.


Yesterday, Beezel came here to do something for the beastboys. It is to send Gulf to the royal capital per Hakuren’s instruction.

“If you’re really worried, why don’t you go there yourself?” is what he said and it angers Hakuren. Beezel indirectly defended Gulf from Hakuren by saying she should appreciate him more. I didn’t say anything.

So he teleported here to pick up Gulf. The demon king came with him at that time.

After that, the demon king plays with the kittens.

They stayed here for a night and planned to return to the castle the next morning.

By the way, they stayed here for the night because Samael crawls into the demon king’s bed.

I’m jealous.

….speaking of which, does the demon king have a wife?

There is?

They’re on good terms.

Is that so?

But, wouldn’t she get angry with the demon king if he stays here?

They don’t live together for work-related reasons.


She’s the principal of the school where the beastboys are enrolled?

Then, I must greet her once when I have time.


This year’s festival is a large scale hide and seek with the whole village as the venue.

I initially wanted everyone to participate but changed it to voluntary participation.

Hiding on top of the buildings is okay but hiding inside a building is prohibited.

Using magic and flying are also prohibited.

There’s only one death god and the rest will flee.

However, that will be too advantageous for the fleeter so I added a special rule.

That is a bell.

When the bell rings, those who are hiding must move wherever they are.

On the contrary, it is forbidden to move when the bell is not ringing.

The bell is placed in front of my mansion and only the death god can ring the bell.

The death god can ring it as many times as he wants but he cannot move until he counts up to 100 after ringing the bell.

I thought of those to balance things but….

It has been two hours since the game started.

I haven’t caught anything.

No, someone was caught but not by me.

It was a spiderling who came out voluntarily as an obligation.


Isn’t everyone taking things too seriously?

I’m about to cry.

If I ring the bell, I might be able to feel a sign….kuh.

I somewhat was able to find Kuro for some reason.

A joyous cheer was heard from the non-participant area.

However, I won’t lose.

I will not be a loser!

Emergency, rule addition!

Those who were caught by the death god will take the role of death god subordinates!

Of course, I know that it’s not enough.

We need more allies.

And to do that, I’ll say these words!

「Together with me, let’s hunt the enemies!」

Whooosshhh, tails wag in several places.

It was a fun festival.


I’m reflecting since my wives told me that I’m only dealing with cats.

Therefore, I’ll play with the kuros and spiderlings.

I got scolded.

I’m only joking.

An, no, I’ll play with you too.

Don’t be so shocked.

Alright, kids.

Ursa, lead the children.

Let’s go to the south of the village.

You always do this during festivals and martial arts tournaments.

Tiselle, Ririus, Riguru, Ratte, Torain, Nutt, and Guraru will follow your lead.

The last one on the line is Alfred.

If you feel like Ursa is overdoing it, tell her out loud.

Me, a few oni maids, some kuros, and spiderlings are following them behind.


I saw the phoenix chick Aegis and the wine slime riding the back of the kuros.

Ah, you can come with us. I don’t mind.

On the arms of the oni maids are boxes containing flying disks, balls, bats, and jumping ropes.

「We brought a lot. What are you planning to play today?」

I answered the oni maid’s question.

「I haven’t thought about it. We’ll just play casually.」

My top priority is communication.

The only plan is….at noon, the oni maids from the mansion will bring us lunch.

Sometimes, it is nice to have a day where you just have to play casually.


That’s only my wishful thinking?


That might be the case.

Ah, Ursa, slow down a bit….before I was able to say it, Nutt already informed her.

My worry is unnecessary.


It was a relaxing day.

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka TOC

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