Chapter 367 – Summer Incident


An incident happened.

It started….I think summer last year.

I made a wooden boat and put it on the reservoir for fun.

It is a simple sailboat.

Hiichirou was overjoyed when he saw the sailboat.

Seeing the rejoicing Hiichirou, Raimeiren told him that it will take some time but she’ll take him to see a big ship.

Hiichirou was even more overjoyed.

After that, Hiichirou started talking about big ships every time he remembers.


Raimeiren seems to have several ships but she ordered a large sail ship for Hiichirou.

The one to undergo the task is Shashaato City.

There is a large shipyard there.

Although Michael-san is not involved in shipbuilding industry, he became the middleman for Raimeiren to Shashaato City.

And so, the shipbuilding has begun.

Originally, a sail ship could only be built after several years.

Especially big ones.

However, it was completed in one year.

It seems like the power of gold can save you a lot.

A ship that is already in the middle of being built was bought.

It seems like shipyards are not a place where they’ll only begin building from scratch once they receive orders.

They build ships even if there’s no order yet.

It seems like it is a normal practice for merchants to buy and sell unfinished ships.

The one that takes time to make the most is the hull so Raimeiren bought a large sail ship with an almost completed hull. It will only take a little more time to complete and decorate it.

Considering that it took a year for them to do that, it is expected to be a luxurious sail ship.

Even so, do you even call it shipbuilding if they are only decorating it?

Seems like it.

Ah, as long as it hasn’t sailed yet, a ship is still considered as still undergoing shipbuilding.

So that’s how it is.


And it was completed at the end of the spring.

The ship reveal will take place in Shashaato City but Raimeiren was reluctant to take Hiichirou there.

I thought she didn’t want to take Hiichirou to a crowded place but it seems like it’s not the only reason.

「There are a lot of ships here, wouldn’t that make Hiichirou’s ship inconspicuous? 」

I finally knew why so I decided to give up the ship reveal in Shashaato City.


The venue is now at the east of Shashaato City and south of Village Five.

This place is more rocky than sandy and it is deep enough for the sail ship to approach.

Maa, we don’t want it to get stranded so they are told to not get too close to the shore.

The spectators are me, Hiichirou, Hakuren, Raimeiren, Michael-san, people from Big Tree Village, and Village Five. We gathered on the beach near Village Five.

We’re waiting while having a barbecue.


The ship was immediately visible.

It was Michael-san who’s holding a skewer who said that.

It is still far away but even so, we can see a splendid sail ship with two big sails.

The spectators cheer.

Yeah but about half of them are cheering for barbecue.

I told Hiichirou that the ship is finally here but he’s still sleeping.

Hiichirou was so excited the day before so he’s probably still tired.

「Let him sleep until it comes a little closer. 」

No one objected Raimeiren’s words.

But it is really one fine sail ship.

While thinking so, I saw a small ship chasing behind the sail ship.

What is that?

The small ship has no sail.

There are no oars too.

However, it is moving around the same speed.

Is the sail ship pulling it?

When I was thinking so, smoke went up from the sail ship.


The sail is burning.


An explosion.

The sail ship sank.



I couldn’t understand what was happening but I had Hakuren fly for rescue.

There should be a few sailors on the sail ship.

The lizardmen and the high elves who came to spectate rode Hakuren’s back.

I stand by where I am in order to not get in the way.

As for the small ship….it’s running away.

Is it afraid of getting involved?

Or did that small ship do something?

No, above all else….

「Ba-ba, big ship, where? 」

Hiichirou, who woke up because of the explosion, said that while rubbing his eyes.

That is the incident.


According to the testimony of the rescued sailors, the criminal is that small ship.

It seems to be a ship of the elf empire.

「We have investigated that ship and found it was owned by the foolish Village Five. Our elf empire will not allow the existence of large ships that can threaten us. 」

After that, the elf empire was absorbed by the demon king’s kingdom after their complete surrender.

At first, they surrendered to Village Five but I found it annoying so I left it to the demon king’s kingdom.

The only reason why the elf empire was allowed to surrender is because all the sailors of the sunken sail ship were rescued and they offered their largest ship as compensation.

The battle before that was terrible.


The elf empire is an island.

Countless of dragons fly around that island.

Ships who are trying to get out were either sunk or driven back.

From time to time, dragon breaths are shot into the island.

「Kill to the last elf.」

When Raimeiren declared so, the elf empire’s leaders panicked.

That same moment, she gently told the citizens of the elf empire that this is an act of revenge for sinking the sail ship.

A civil war broke out.

The dragons watch over them.

After suppressing their internal turmoil, the elf empire no longer has fighting spirit to fight against dragons. They conveyed their intent to surrender.

In the end, Raimeiren accepted their surrender only after they burn their large castle on the coast of the island with their own hand.

The battle is over.

I’m glad it’s over.


After receiving the largest ship of the elf empire, we showed it to Hiichirou.

「Ba-ba, ship, no cloth」

This elf empire ship is running by using magical power.

It doesn’t need a sail.


At a later date, the largest ship of the elf empire got installed with useless sails.

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka TOC

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