Chapter 368 – Beastboy’s School Life, Day 10?


I recalled Frau-sensei’s question.

「Student Gol, the word nobles, who does it refer to?」

The correct answer in this kingdom is this.

「Those people with peerage including their lawful wife and children.」

The king and royal family are not included so they are not members of nobility.

We should also be careful who we are referring to.

Those peerages include duke, marquis, count, viscount, baron, knight, and someone with a special equivalent title.

A good example of a special title is the four heavenly kings and there are also similar titles other than that.



The Gullgald Noble Academy is, obviously, a school attended by nobles.

Most students are either noble’s children or children of civil servants and military officers of nobles.

Thus, the title and position of the parents have great influence on the interpersonal relationship of students.

This school is also not trying to rule out the effect.

On the other hand, they actively teach the students to know their relationship, how to treat each other, and have everyone be aware of their responsibilities.

It is true that all students are treated as equal after entering the school but after graduating, there will be a clear social status difference among them so they should not be spoiled.

The etiquette teacher said that we should not do things half-heartedly here even if it is safe to make a mistake while we’re at the school.

However, it is said that every year, there’s a tradition where newly enrolled students will be “cheered” by fellow students.

One of those “cheerers” is being beaten by Sil.

「You bastards. How dare you be repulsive?」

Translation: Oi, how can you enroll here and not greet others? What’s going on?

He attacked us before saying that.

He will definitely be beaten.

Or rather, if we don’t beat him here, things will be harder for us later.

「We didn’t know that greetings were necessary. How about I let my fist to greet you?」

Translation: Eh? But I have a higher social status than you, do we really have to? If you told us that earlier, I wouldn’t have punched you.

「G-go-goo-good punch….fuh, I like it.」

Translation: My apologies. Please take care of me from now on.

His legs weaken. Is it because of fear? Or is it Sil’s punch effect?

I don’t really care what’s the reason but there are more and more people coming here.

We’re in trouble.


When we entered the school, we have titles equivalent to the head of a baron family.

We are not barons but it seems like we are treated the same as barons.

That happened when we handed over Frau-sensei and Yuri-sensei’s letters to the school principal.

The principal seems to have a little headache after reading the letter so I hope Frau-sensei and Yuri-sensei did not say too much.

However, we will make good use of the status we received.

By the way, the man beaten up by Sil earlier is a son of a count.

A baron family head is higher than a count’s son.

Even if it is the son of a duke, the same is true.

The family head is the person who holds the peerage.

No matter how high your parent’s peerage is, someone with low peerage will always be higher than a child who had no peerage.

However, the count’s son might become a count later so it is normal for them to be bossy even if they are facing a baron family head.

That’s how the world goes.

However, if a person of lower social status or position clearly picks a fight like now, there’s no other way but to buy it.

Leaving it at that will only entitle you to receive revenge.

That person can’t fight back later if that will be the case.

It is best to set aside victory or defeat and end the fight on the spot.

As for the reason, “disgrace of authority”.

The noble’s society will immediately respond to such act of rebellion.

Though it would be great to win, it is also alright to lose.

The most important thing is to show that you resisted.


「This mantle is not useful.」

Sil pulls the short cloak on his back to show it.

You don’t have to show it.

I have something similar on my back.

This short mantle is proof that you’re a student of this school.

A line drawn on the other side clearly displays one’s identity.

「But why on the backside? No one can see it unless you turn it over.」

「It’s a crime prevention measure. It will be scary to walk around the city with that on display.」

The capital has good security but it doesn’t mean there’s no crime.

Frau-sensei taught us to be careful when training around the area.

「There are more troubles because it is not displayed….」

「It’s only because of the lack of attention of the other party.」

You can see the line if you look at the edge of the cloak a little.

「Lack of attention…..isn’t it because the line of the baron family head is similar to the line of a baron family official?」


Next time, let’s talk to the receptionist oneesan.


The normal schedule is to take classes in the morning and club activities in the afternoon.

We put off club activities and strive to build a house.

That’s the plan but we decided to join a club.

The name of the club is Territory Citizen’s Life Improvement Club.

Hunting, camping, farming, construction, cooking, sewing.

Other than hunting, the others are unnecessary for nobles but it will be more convenient knowing them than not.

Also, if you have a territory, you should be able to live a better life if you are knowledgeable in those areas.

That’s the club’s purpose.

The four sempais and two neighbors decided to form it with us.

But for some reason, I’ll be the representative.

Maa, I did not refuse because it will be easier to get demonpower for both hunting and building the house.


As for farming, Bron negotiated directly with the school a while ago.

We can buy food in the capital but we don’t have the necessary amount we need.

Also, the taste is awful.

We only want them to lend us land and we’ll turn it into a field ourselves.

It was immediately dismissed saying the students don’t need to plow field but it was resolved after consulting the receptionist oneesan.

「Recently, although the food situation is getting better, food research is indispensable for the future. Could you lend us land for that?」

That’s how I said it.

They lend us land next to the block where we are building our houses at. It is a square land, 100 meters on all sides.

I thought that it would only be a matter of time but I started making oil.

When I was working in parallel to house building, one sempai, who’s interested in fieldwork, came.

Sempai is a child of a noble with a rural territory.

However, he is not living like a noble I imagined but lived in a house similar to a hut. It seems like sempai also worked hard in plowing mulberry fields.

He said he felt nostalgic in this club.

He seems to be more knowledgeable compared to us so we asked for him to guide us.

According to sempai, he was shocked that he’ll end this year by plowing.

「Maa, this makes me lonely so let’s build a small vegetable garden. I’ll get the seedlings and seeds.」

No one objected.

Ah, right right.

Noble’s language is prohibited in the club.

Aside from hunting, we’ll also have to do camping, farming, construction, cooking, and sewing.

「Let’s arrange it properly.」

We should really do them properly and don’t let them be just objectives.



Aside from the four sempais, two neighbors, and one farming sempai, our club has gathered some more and exceeds 40 members.

I’m happy that our house-building is progressing.

Though not all members are here every day, they’ll surely come during mealtime.


And, how could I manage cooking for 40 people by myself?

The seasonings that Uncle Gulf gave me secretly is about to run out.

Maybe I should look for Uncle Michael’s store.

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