Chapter 370 – Elf Empire: Aftermath


The demon king stops moving after getting in a strange pose.

Then, the kitten Samael comes over and climbs over the demon king’s body.

When Samael gets down, the demon king starts moving and stops again after making another strange pose.

This time, four kittens, including Samael, climb up at the demon king’s body.


Seeing that, I tried posing in a strange way too.

Samael did not come.

The other kittens did not come either.

A lot of spiderlings come.

The kuros came too.


What are you even doing in the first place?

Escaping reality?


The reality he wants to escape from is the submission of the elf empire.

I’m not saying that I’m unrelated but the root of all of it is Raimeiren.

Therefore, if you want to say something, tell that to Raimeiren.

However, Beezel came to me with documents in hand.

「The former elf empire sent 20 of their ruler’s daughters. I sent them to Village Five. Please sign this document as proof of acceptance.」

「No no. Isn’t the elf empire absorbed by the demon king’s kingdom? Why are you sending them to Village Five?」

「Because it is the wish of the elf empire.」

「Sending them to Village Five won’t mean that they’ll be treated well.」

Isn’t it better to send them to some city somewhere in the demon king’s kingdom?

That’s what I thought but the elf empire side doesn’t seem to agree.

Maa, I have no choice but to accept them.

The demon king kingdom itself doesn’t want to accept the submission of the elf empire.

As for the reason, it will only increase their problem.

However, the elf empire surrendered to Raimeiren. Raimeiren did not accept their submission and appointed the demon king’s kingdom as their surrendering destination.

The demon king’s kingdom was surprised by the nomination and was reluctant to accept the submission. However, they don’t have any choice but to accept because even Dors got involved.

As for Dors, he doesn’t care whether the elf empire rise or fall but he’s anxious if Hiichirou’s heart will be affected because of the incident.

Also, it seems like he wanted to prevent the rising of Raimeiren’s infamy.

In any case, the demon king’s kingdom is now busy after undertaking the surrender of the elf empire via the influence of Dors.

It seems like they can’t do it easily.

That’s right.

Several human nations have complained about the surrender of the elf empire.

In response to them, Beezel said:

「Then, can you accept them in your country? Though the elf empire is close to the demon king’s kingdom, this is a chance to get their technology and good port.」

Though Beezel was serious when he recommended them to do that, the human nations haven’t said anything since then.

The human nations also seem to not want to get involved with the elf empire that was attacked by countless of dragons.

「If that is the case, they should have shut up from the beginning! Why do they have to trouble us half of the way!」

Beezel’s anger echoed from the alcohol table.

Yeah, let’s just drink and let it out.


There were 5000 elves living on the island where the elf empire was located. Most of them left the island leaving only hundreds behind.

It seems like they will be distributed to each city and town of the demon king’s kingdom.

The elves of the elf empire have their own skills and assets so they won’t be troubled with their livelihood.

That’s a relief.

The few hundreds that remained on the island are elves who live by managing the port and fishing.

Though I think elf and fishing are sort of incompatible, I’m convinced that they can really fish since they are living on an island.

Normally, that should be the end of it but….

The elves of the elf empire are not relieved and thought that they should hand over 20 daughters of the rulers to the dragons.

Raimeiren brilliantly ignored this idea.

Dors is reluctant to take them because Raimeiren dislikes them.

Even if he takes them in, those elves are not good enough and will only be treated like livestock or even less comparing them to other races he has. It seems to be for the best not to take them.

There shouldn’t be any problem with that but the elves won’t just give up because of their fear of the dragons.

They will do anything to be forgiven by the dragons.

After several negotiations, Village Five, who the elf empire believes to be involved with dragons, became their target.

I talked to Dors and Raimeiren though.

Maa, there won’t be many changes if the population of Village Five increases by 20.

Let’s talk to Youko later.


「Village chief, my apologies but there’s one more thing we should talk about. About the ship of the elf empire….」

「Ship? Ah, the ship they offered when they surrendered.」

「That ship is the symbol of the elf empire’s innovation and technology.」

「I heard about that too.」

「My question is, what kind of punishment were you thinking when you ordered for a useless sail to be installed on that ship?」

「I’m not the one who ordered that.」

「But you know the reason, right?」

I know so I told him.

Beezel knitted his eyebrows deeply.

「That’s too pathetic to be told in public. I’ll just tell others that it is to confront their arrogance.」

I think that reason’s good too.


A few days later, 22 elf ladies came to Village Five.

I also tried to participate in the pick-up meeting but Youko told me that it was unnecessary.

「There is no such thing as welcoming the surrendered.」

Ah, so there’s a possibility of being a target of grudge?

That’s troublesome.

「Fear not. They will lose those kinds of feelings soon enough.」


The 22 elf ladies are all young, between 100 to 200 years old. They are also excellent in both literary and martial arts.

The 22 of them were immediately sent to Pirika the day they arrived.

Pirika will train them.

The next day, all of them tried to escape but were caught and forced to undergo an even more rigorous training.

「Keep moving your body. It’s okay. The limit is called the limit for a reason. The limit of your body is still too far ahead.」

「It’s okay. Dying from this is all in your head.」

「Don’t worry you can do it. You’re still young so it’s okay. One more lap. Do your best.」

Since they were also trained with Pirika, the elves around give their heartwarming encouragements.

「They’re going to be trained for about half a year. After that, they’ll be scheduled to do civil service works.」

I watch the situation while being explained of by Pirika’s fellow disciple.

Won’t their grudge elevate because of this?

「It’s okay. After a month, they won’t think of any negative things like grudge.」

I-is that so?

Don’t overdo it.

Yeah, I’m seriously asking you to not overdo it.

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