Chapter 371 – Queen Bee’s Daughter


I am the daughter of the queen bee.

I’m an existence born with the fate of becoming a queen.

Because of that, I have lived comfortably till now.

I think this is natural because I will have to work as the queen of the new hive later.

The eyes of the soldier bees are cold when they are looking at me but that doesn’t shake my heart.

Ah, mother.

The time for me to leave the hive has not come yet.

It should be a month away.

I know it instinctively.

Until then, I’ll relax here.

I’m relaxing too much that I’m getting fat?


Mother, nice joke.

My body shape is perfect.


Can I fly?

Please don’t fool around.

A flightless bee would be the same as a green caterpillar.

If I can fly you’ll let me relax for a month and if I can’t I’ll have to leave?

I should be the one to decide when will I leave the hive but if you say so.

I will at least give you face.

Let’s get it on!

Once I fly, I’ll live my relaxing life for one more month!


I was kicked out of the hive.

I don’t have my supposed soldier bee escorts.

I’m treated like this just because I can’t fly.

Does this mean that I was abandoned?

That’s probably not it.

Mother, I believe in you.

I’m sure the soldier bees are guarding me in the dark.


They are a bit responsive though.

This is bad.

Real bad.

W-wh-what should I do?

Going to other hives….that would be pointless.

Once a hive was built, there would only be one queen.

No idiot will invite another queen bee into their own hive.

In addition, I don’t even know where other hives are located.

Then, what should I do?

Build my own hive?

I know how to do it by instinct but that’s a hassle!

I want to live lazily!

However, I was only able to say that because I was in my mother’s hive so I don’t have to think about having trouble with what to eat or when to sleep.

Given my present situation, my only ending is death desu.

It can’t be helped.

Let’s build a hive.


But I can’t even move to a place suitable to build a hive on.

I-is this my end?



Am I going to die?

No no no.

I don’t want to die yet.


A hand of salvation extends to me who was struggling.

Oh, god did not forsake me.

Thank you god.

It was a spider that reached me out with a helping hand.



I’m not delicious.


Ah, wh-what?

Aren’t you the spider who often comes to mother’s hive?

Will you help me?

Is that so?


Why are you tying me up?





I was pushed out in front of a very great person called village chief.

「It is certainly unusual for them to get this fat. Is it a variant? What are the other benefits aside from being unable to fly?」

Those words pierced my heart.

I’m sorry.

It’s the result of being lazy.

I finally accepted it. I have already given everything up just like that.

Please boil or grill me now.

Ah, but please refrain from biting and chewing me alive.

I really don’t want to get hurt.


They built a birdhouse for me.

It is a big box and village chief calls it a hive hut.

It is super comfortable.

I don’t even have to build a hive.

But I don’t have food.

Not limited to me, bees’ food is nectar and pollen of flowers.

I can’t gather them on my own.

Are you going to give me a drone in order to make this a full pledge hive where I lay eggs and workers bees will take care of foraging?

I feel dizzy desu.

First of all, I don’t think a drone will be attracted to me now.

Oya, spider-san presents me a small bottle….th-this is honey!



If I have this much, I can live without working for a month.

And eh, oh, drone?

My heart!

Super handsome!


Handsome-san, why did you close your eyes after seeing me?

This is a place full of hope.

Ah, spider-san, don’t release handsome-san from your web yet.

I somehow felt he’s going to do something not nice once released.


This is how I became a fine queen bee.

Though it is difficult to give birth every day, I’m still living my ideal life of only eating and sleeping.


However, it’s not like I don’t have any complaints.

Actually, the place where my hive is located is only 10 meters away from my mother’s hive.

That’s why mother’s scolding can still reach me.

I know you’re worried but I’m an independent queen.

Please treat me like that.

See, I received another scolding from her today as well.

Without it, it would have been perfect.

Yes yes, if I’m too dissolute, soldier bees and worker bees will betray me and so on.

There’s no way the children I gave birth to will betray me.



Why did all of you look away at once?

No way?

This is….bad?



I’m going to diet starting tomorrow so spare me from rebellion….I’m sorry, I’ll start my diet today.

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka TOC

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