Chapter 372 – Beastboy’s School Life, Day 15~?


It has been a few days since my cooking class started.

My class is focused on teaching cooking methods to make the ingredients used in the dormitories delicious.

This is because the foods served in the dormitory have a fixed budget. They only have a fixed supply and they can’t purchase both new ingredients and seasonings.

That makes things difficult.

「Though teaching is your business, is it really okay to teach them?」

Sil asked me anxiously.

「What are you talking about?」

「I mean the cooking techniques. Frau-sensei told us that knowledge and skills are assets. We should keep it a secret and share it stingily.」

「I know but village chief told me something after that. He said don’t hesitate to teach others about cooking.」

「Village chief himself?」

「Yeah. He thinks that it is better for everyone to eat something delicious than eat something bad.」

「I see. If that’s village chief’s order then it’s okay. 」

「Since you know now, how about helping me?」

「Uncle Gulf said that only those who can cook should cook.」

「He did say that but we don’t have enough demonpower. Please.」

「Okay, I got it. Where’s Bron?」

「Fixing trouble.」

「Oh, about that huh.」


Here’s the origin of that.

This place is a school attended by nobles.

Even before we came here, the newcomers who don’t belong to any faction will be targeted by people of some faction.

It has been ongoing for a long time and we experienced that kind of welcome too but we were protected by our special title equivalent to a head of a baron house.

To be honest, we don’t really care about those troublesome factions because we intend to return to the village after graduation from school.

However, we were marked as dangerous. We only managed to avoid more troubles given the protection of the school principal.

That’s a perk for following the principal’s request of improving the dormitory food that I’m currently doing.

Perhaps she also has the intention of us winning more allies if the food in the dormitories is improved.

If she has told me that before, I should have accepted her request more honestly and shouldn’t have said any complaint….

It is likely that she’s treating me like a child.

Well, I am indeed a child so I guess that’s normal.

Anyway, everything should have been okay with that arrangement but there was a fool that exceeded the expectations of the school principal.

It’s a son of a marquis.

He gathered 20 or so people and attacked our house.

However, their timing was bad. We were having dinner that time so there were about 80 people around our house.

I have never seen such a one-sided battle.

I never thought that it was so scary to disturb these people when they’re eating.

I wish it had ended after that but the next day, an impeachment letter was sent from the marquis’ house.

My son was unfairly harmed.

It took me a while to understand what the other party was saying but it seems like the parent got involved in the children’s quarrel.

However, as expected, the school did not allow intervention.

The incident was already reported to the school by the teachers who had come to eat dinner.

No matter who it is, they won’t find us fault but the noble’s rank doesn’t work that way.

The following words came from the present head of the marquis’ house.

「If it is like this, let it be a duel. How about it?」

Translation: We are a marquis family. We will win with demon resources and financial power. If you apologize now, we will end it here.

Our response to that.

「It can’t be helped. Let’s forget etiquette and settle it that way.」

Translation: We’ll kill you.

Thus, Bron is discussing the details of the duel with the marquis’ side.

What kind of duel will it be? How do you win? How do you lose? Who’s going to be the witness?

For the time being, we have several school teachers as advisers so there won’t be major problems.

The rest is how to win the duel.

To be honest, I regret letting my blood boil back then.

When the marquis’ son attacked, the first casualty was a pot. He flipped it over.

When we were challenged to a duel, I thought about it.

Can we win in a duel against adults?

I’m uneasy.

However, everyone from our club supports us so we’ll be okay.

Since the other party are students, the marquis won’t be able to brag about it since they pull out adults against them.

A fair duel method would be chosen.

Besides, no matter what happened, the son of the marquis must participate too.

If it’s him, we can do something.

While keeping that in my heart, I went to the cooking class that day.



Bron is back.

「It’s bad.」

The school teacher, who’s also our adviser on that matter, also had a dark face.

The duel type is to have both parties prepare five fighters.

This is neither a rare nor underhanded type of duel.

The bad thing is after that.

Both parties involved can’t participate.

To put it simply, us and the marquis’ son can’t participate in the duel.

We need to prepare five fighters other than us.

「It is our duel but we can’t participate?」

「It is a battle of the fighters prepared by each party.」

Bron answers Sil’s question.

The school teacher also told us that it is a type of duel that is officially recognized as a proxy duel to protect the face of nobles.

And that’s not the worst part.

「By making the people involved as non-participants, the marquis can arrange his own strongest soldiers. I’m sorry. I tried my best but….」

The teacher apologizes.

Before I was able to say anything to him, Bron continued.

「The worst thing is next.」

「There’s still more?」

「Yeah. Count Chrome was appointed as the witness. That’s Uncle Beezel.」

That’s certainly the worst.

When they said about preparing fighters, he’s the only person that came to my head regarding where to get them.

As the witness of the duel, he can’t help us before the duel.

Even if we ask, he will refuse.

This….we and Uncle Beezel are acquaintances.

That might have been a countermeasure.

「One more thing.」


「The duel is tomorrow.」


I looked up to heaven.

The two moons were beautiful.


The day of the duel.

A large number of spectators gathered at the designated venue.

For some reason, many classes have been canceled and I heard that they are coming here to watch the duel.

The excitement of the crowd reminded me of the village festivals.

「What’s wrong? You’re absentminded. Are you alright?」

Sil is worried about me but he’s also flabbergasted.

Last night, we ran around till late in order to gather fighters.

To be honest, I thought it was impossible for us to gather five fighters but we managed to do it.

At the last minute, our club members volunteered which really saves us.

But it doesn’t matter how many volunteers we have.

Once the battle starts, please surrender immediately.


「Stop your nuisance and don’t let the spectators get impatient. Let’s begin.」

Translation: Isn’t it time for you to surrender?

The marquis confidently tells us.

However, we won’t just surrender.

「That’s what we want. Let’s fight fair and square.」

Translation: We’ll kill you.

「Fuh, good. It’s quite unfortunate but this will be your end.」

Translation:……I apologize for my son. However, as a Marquis, I have to protect my face. Please forgive me.

「Yeah, let’s get it on.」

Translation: Don’t say that now.


Uncle Beezel declares himself as the witness.

And the duel has begun.

「Both sides, send your first fighter.」

Cheers rose from the crowd.

The first fighter of the marquis is a heavily armed minotaur.

He seems to be a famous warrior.

The large ax he’s holding looks very powerful.

「How childish」

「To send that guy is cheating」

「Oi oi, aren’t you taking things too seriously?」

From the comments of the crowd, it looks like they are already convinced that the marquis will win.

Eei, will we lose?

Our first fighter came forward a little late.

Good luck, Uncle Demon King!

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka TOC

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