Chapter 373 – Beastboy’s School Life, Day 16~?


「This is bad. There’s no way I can win.」

Uncle Demon King nodded to the words of the minotaur who already declares that he’ll lose.

「Understand. You understand well. However, you should also know that you can’t escape.」

「De-Demon King-sama….」


The marquis started making a commotion.

「That’s cheating, right? RIGHT?」

He grabbed the witness of the duel, Uncle Beezel.

「No. It is not against the rules since other than the involved parties, anyone else can be a fighter.」


「Marquis, you are still in a good situation since it was demon king-sama who came out.」


「You calculated it like this, after winning the duel, the other party will apologize which saves your house’s face. However, you forgot that all of this was caused by your son.」

「Y-you’re right」

「Demon king-sama understands your intention too. From your point of view, that is the most peaceful solution. Even the rule of this duel where both parties involved have to nominate others is something you cook in order to protect your son.」


「On top of that, you must understand that there is a reason why demon king-sama himself got involved in this to crush your calculated plan.」

「Could it be….it will be bad if I win?」

「Understanding the situation up to that is enough. You don’t need to know more. Continue the duel till the end. Don’t make things worse than this.」

「…..I, I understand.」

「Leave everything to me.」


Uncle Demon King won four matches in a row.

He also has enough leeway to even give the losers advice.

I’m surprised.

He’s so strong.

I didn’t even think he could win….

To be honest, he’s so cool.

Sil and Bron, who’s next to me, are also full of admiration for him.

He was never like this when he’s in the village.

And, he’s now fighting his fifth opponent.

After receiving all the attacks of the opponent, he defeated him in one blow.

We won but no one thought of that at the moment. Everyone’s busy praising Uncle Demon King.


There are three people next to us who are not celebrating.

One of them is the captain of the police of the royal capital. He was sent by Uncle Randan.

「We didn’t have our turn.」

Another one is a general dispatched by Uncle Glatts.

「No matter which opponent will come forward, that person is destined to lose….I already know that this will happen after the result of the draw lots.」

The last one is Hou-oneesan.

「I thought I could relieve some stress.」

I apologize for troubling you.

And thank you very much.


There’s one more.

When we first came to this school, we met this blonde, drill haired girl.

Before I knew it, she’s already a member of our club and our last fighter for this duel.

Without her, we would have lost by default.

Thank you very much.


Somehow, the duel ended with our victory.

However, before the witness of this duel, Uncle Beezel, declares our victory, Uncle Demon King announces something.

「I would like to express my gratitude to both parties for giving me a place to show my strength However, isn’t your acting a bit stinky?」

In contrast, the marquis replies,

「It looks like we were found out. I’ve always wanted demon king-sama to show his prowess in this duel. I’m sorry for the trouble.」

「Fuh, don’t mess with students too much. I’ll reward both sides.」

「Ahaha. I’m extremely honored.」

The marquis bows.

Uncle Demon King looks at us next.


「Thank you very much.」

It was for our own benefits.

After we bowed, the crowd disbanded.

And we were taken to the principal’s office without being able to do anything else.


And there are diplomas dated two days ago that were handed to us.

「You guys graduated from school two days ago. That’s what happens.」


When I heard the principal’s explanation, it seems like because being a student is a bad status.

The duel itself has become disgraceful but the fact that a marquis lost in a duel can’t be overturned.

The duel is fair but it is bad for students to beat a marquis.

That itself will lead the order of the demon king’s kingdom to fall into chaos.

Normally, we shouldn’t have won the duel.

There shouldn’t have been a duel in the first place. Things should have been settled before a duel was proposed.

From the marquis’ point of view, it’s a way to wipe the butt of his son after the scandalous thing he has done.

The marquis’ side goes out strongly so we should have taken a step back.

After that, we will receive a nuisance fee in the form of alms from the marquis’ side and things will end.

We lost on the outside but we got loot from the marquis from the inside.

「The marquis has been too used to court struggles. It is unreasonable for him to expect that new students know the flow.」

We agreed to the sighing principal.

「I understand that you can’t lose because you carry the name of Village Five but you should be more careful when dealing with nobles especially when it is a marquis.」


「It is easy to understand, right? If you are dealing with troublesome prey, you need to prepare carefully.」

「Ah, yes, we understand.」

「Anyway, this time, both sides have mistakes. The marquis challenged you to a duel. You guys accepted the duel. Now, with the order of the demon king’s kingdom, you graduated. This is already decided.」


「With that in mind, I’ll consult you about something. You have been hired as school teachers since yesterday. Are you willing to continue with this story?」


Translation: What do you mean?

「The school is understaffed. I think it’s a shame to let go of talented people.」

Translation: I’m still unwilling to let you graduate. The school must protect the students.


Translation: Areh? Isn’t that against the principal’s decision?

「It is not interesting」

Translation: That’s an instruction from the demon king’s kingdom. I can’t refuse so I thought of something else to make you stay at school which is hiring you as teachers.

「My apologies. It is not that we don’t want to continue but….what are we going to teach?」

Translation: Do we only have to continue what we have been doing?

「I’ll leave it to you. I hope you can create a new wind in this school.」

Translation: Just turn your club into a class. That’s enough. Also, teachers can take classes from other teachers.

「We will try to meet your expectations, principal.」

Translation: We can’t report that we were kicked out of school in less than a month….We have no choice but to undertake. Please take care of us from now on.


Thus, we became school teachers.


It sounded ticklish.

Sil and Bron are equally shy.

It’s hard until you get used to it.


However, there is one problem.

One of our purposes in coming to school is to find a wife.

Since we have become teachers, students of this school are no longer eligible….

What the heck.

「You don’t have to worry about that, do you?」

Though Sil says that casually, I can’t agree.

「Village chief said, there are various problems in a relationship between a teacher and a student so don’t even think about it.」

「I-is that so? Then, you can only propose after the other party graduate.」

「Eh? What do you mean “me”? Could it be that you already found someone?」

「A,ahaha….no, still, in the process of understanding each other. Oh, I’m not the only one. That fellow Bron is with the receptionist oneesan….」


I was left out.

I-I have to hurry up.

「No no, we still don’t know if things will work out for both Bron and I so you can take it easy.」

「T-that’s right. Come to think of it, have you heard anything from the principal? Did she finally find Uncle Michael’s store? 」

「It will take more time. I was even asked if the store really exists. 」

「She hasn’t found it yet? That’s regrettable. I’d like to send a letter to the village soon. 」

「We have no choice but to ask a caravan. 」

「If that’s the case, it will take a lot of time and it won’t be sure if it will reach the village. We should send at least three. To be sure, we might even need to send five letters…」

「Why are you hesitant? Are you worried about the cost?」

「I’m not worried about that. We still have money from village chief. In addition, we’ll receive lesson fees as teachers.」

「From the paying side to the being paid side. By the way, what about out tuition that Yuri-sensei paid?」

「It will be fully refunded but we can’t spend it. We have to give it back to Yuri-sensei.」

「I know. When will we receive our class’ fees?」

「I heard it will be after 10 more days.」

「Then, when we receive the class’ fee, let’s write a letter and have a caravan send them. If you find Uncle Michael’s store by then, let’s ask them to send the letters for us.」

「Alright. Let’s write letters then. Let’s do our best in building a house first.」


Our activity changed from club to class but the club continues as a club.

Presently, in addition to our house, the construction of a large bathroom and an outdoor kitchen sped up.

「What happened to the negotiation with the school in making a big bathroom a school facility?」

「Given that any student can use it, we have to make it a big bathroom. But Bron said that it won’t be possible considering the amount of water it needs and the fuel cost.」

「Isn’t he just using this chance to get in touch with the receptionist oneesan?」

「….by the way, who are you interested in?」

「Come on, let’s do our best to build a house.」

「Don’t cheat. I only want to know to serve as reference. 」

「Ahahaha. Some other time. 」

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