Chapter 374 – Blonde-Drill Haired Enderi


My name is Enderi.

Enderi Ericateze Pugyaru.

The seventh daughter of Count Pugyaru House.

It will be my third year as a student in Gullgald Noble Academy.


By the way, it is currently the school’s admission season.

New students will come from all over the vast demon king’s kingdom so it will be impossible for everyone to participate in the entrance ceremony.

Because of that, a simple entrance ceremony is held every day during this season.

I voluntarily help around in times like this so that the teachers can remember me more.

I only have a small body so I’m not very useful but what’s important is to take part.



Those are three beastkin boys?

They are looking around so they are probably new students.

Since they have no attendants, they are probably commoners.

It doesn’t matter even if they are.

If they are lost, I don’t mind helping them.


They are lost as expected.

I feel good after doing good things.

However, this is strange desu ne.

At the main gate of the school, there’s a demon dog that acts as a gatekeeper.

It is a notorious demon dog that makes people cry with just a glance desu.

You can only avoid the demon dog if you went to the guardhouse first but….

Maybe they’re in too high spirits that they can’t find the guardhouse.


I remember when I first got here….it’s okay.

In my case, it was my attendant who found the guardhouse.


I was surprised.

Those beastkin boys.

They are not commoners but title holders that are equal to a baron house’s head.

That status is only given to the children of royalty and diplomats of another country since they don’t have peerage in this kingdom when they enrolled at this school.

I only learned about that special title which is equivalent to a baron house’s head but this is the first time I met someone with that title.

I think most students and teachers are the same as me.

Right, it was 70 years ago when the last student with a title equivalent to a baron house’s head appeared.

I heard that person only stayed here for three months.

On the backside of their student’s short cloaks, you can see their mark properly….

If you are a student that doesn’t study, you might mistook it for a person related to a baron’s house.

That’s worrying desu.


The beastboys have set up a club and are having fun.

Are they taking classes properly?

I’m worried.

They should take note of this.


Mary, my attendant, is looking at me while smiling.

Mary, I’m just worried.

It’s not like I want to play together with them.

Yeah, it’s true.

If I’m only worried, why did I prepare a gift?

Giving gifts is a basic part of greetings.

Enough, I’m going.

If you complain, I’ll leave you behind.


We had a meal.

To be honest, I never thought that food prepared outdoors will be this surprising.

It is overwhelmingly more delicious than the Pugyaru family’s food.

This is probably “that” desu.

In recent years, Count Chrome has used foods, seasonings, and cooking techniques as diplomatic weapons.

Are these beastboys related to Count Chrome?

Then, the Frau-sensei that I heard from their conversation is probably the eldest daughter of Count Chrome, Fraurem-sama?

If that is the case, Yuri-sensei is….royal princess-sama?

N-no way.


Their names are Gol-sama, Sil-sama, and Bron-sama.

They became my friend starting today.

I’m certainly not their enemy.


Though the bath was a bit too hot for me, it seems like the temperature is perfect for Mary.

The place to change clothes should also be a little wider.

Also, it would be great if you can add a mirror….

I may sound like someone complaining but I’m only being honest.

It’s not a bad facility.

I also want one in my house.

Call a carpenter….should I?

Let’s just ask Gol-sama’s group once they are free.

Until then, let’s use theirs.


Gol-sama’s group got into trouble with Marquis Gilridge.

Gol-sama’s group did not do anything against the marquis. It all started because of that idiot son of Marquis Gilridge.

I think it is terrible. I’m worried that they don’t know who Marquis Gilridge is.

Marquis Gilridge is one of the three famous marquises on the southern continent.

In the previous era, one of their ancestors even became the demon king so it can be said that the blood of the demon king is running through their bodies.

Honestly speaking, I think the marquis has done something childish but I know he’s doing it because of the blunder of his idiot son.

Oh, it ended up being a duel.

Are they going to be okay?


The duel is tomorrow?

That’s so sudden.

What’s more, you can’t even join yourselves….

I see.

Marquis Gilridge’s goal is to win by default once you can’t gather fighters on your side.

That conclusion would certainly be ideal.

It will end without extra spears getting involved.

And as I expected, the other club members have been instructed not to get involved by their houses.

Even if they are not instructed to, it won’t be a good idea to go against the marquis.

It can’t be helped.

I also can’t afford to cause trouble to my house.

In addition, Gol-sama’s group being defeated by default is only a disgrace and not in any way disadvantageous.

That’s something I can’t say…..

There’s no such thing as beauty in being defeated like that in a duel.

You have to at least be defeated in an actual match.

Gol-sama, it looks like you don’t have enough fighters.

If that is the case, let me join.

Don’t worry.

Although I have a small body, I’m confident in my offensive magic.

Deep in my heart, I’m apologizing to my father.


Why is demon king-sama next to me?



You’re not here to sightsee?

You-re a fighter of Gol-sama’s group….as, i-is that so?

Ehto….this is real, isn’t it?


Excuse me.

In addition to demon king-sama, Police Chief Hita, General Giscar, and one of the four heavenly kings, Hou-sama are the other fighters?

I’m,..out of place, am I?


Decide our turn by draw lots?

Demon king-sama, why are you so confident….and demon king-sama got first as he expected.

Could it be that if you became the demon king, you can control the result of draw lots too?

If that is the case, then me being the last is demon king-sama’s arrangement too?


I only sat there silently and the duel was over.

No, you don’t have to thank me.

I did not do anything.

Yeah, you don’t have to thank me, I did not do anything…..


I thought that by winning the duel, my house would be troubled but I’m with the demon king-sama and Hou-sama’s team which are more powerful than Marquis Gilridge.

The worst might not happen.

Count Chrome also helped a lot when he told me to not worry about anything.

I’ll write the details later and send a letter to my father to apologize.


Before I knew it, Gol-sama’s group had graduated and became teachers.

My brain wasn’t able to catch up.


Ah, so the marquis did not lose to students.

So that’s the case.

Being defeated in a duel is not shameful.

However, if you fight against students, you’ll be treated as immature.

What’s more, if you’re defeated by students, you no longer have reputation.

I finally got it.

However, given Gol-sama’s group’s qualification….I think their proof of graduations are real.

There are a lot of them so I was wondering what they are first….

Let’s stop thinking.


For the time being, today is the graduation celebration of Gol-sama’s group.

I’ll give them a celebratory gift.


My gift is amazing.

It’s a killer rabbit meat that we procured from Goroun Company which is famous right now.

I’m sure that even if it is Gol-sama’s group, they’ll rarely be able to eat such high-quality meat.

How surprised will they be?

I’m looking forward to it.

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka TOC

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