Chapter 375 – School Principal


My name is Anee Rocheur.

I am the principal of Gullgald Noble Academy.

And also the demon king’s wife.

I have one daughter.

We, husband and wife, don’t spend time together only due to work-related issues and not because our conjugal relationship is bad.

「Why don’t you live together with me in the castle?」

「Are you asking me to resign as the school principal? Have you forgotten the promise you made when you married me?」

「No, I haven’t forgotten. I’m not stopping you to continue your career as the school principal. However, you know, I see you less and less….」

「That’s because you suddenly became the demon king.」

「Y-you’re right but it can’t be helped.」

「Yes, it can’t be helped. It can’t be helped that the name of the school has your name.」

「I’m really sorry about that.」

When we are arguing as a couple, it’s not really bad.

I sleep in the castle where my husband is staying once every ten days. My husband also finds time to go to the school.

I think the demon king has more free time than expected.

However, these last few years.

My husband comes to school less often.


Is he cheating?

No way.

My husband doesn’t have that kind of courage.

Ah, this is trust, not contempt.

Though I trust him, I still have to investigate.

Right right.

He said he’s doing something with Count Chrome.

So that’s how it is.

The demon king’s kingdom is at war with a human country desu.

If he’s doing something with Count Chrome, who’s in charge of foreign affairs, it must be related to that.

Presently, the front line is in a deadlock but it won’t be strange if the human country is thinking of a major invasion behind the scenes.

My husband is doing his best for the country.

I’m proud of him.


Well, one day.

I received a letter from my daughter.

“The three beastboys who brought this letter, let them enroll in the school as children of high officials of another country.”


I held my head.

Was there a lack of communication with my daughter?

Or is she taking her mother’s work lightly?

Does she not understand what this noble academy means….

My daughter’s letter was also accompanied by a letter for Miss Fraurem, Count Chrome’s daughter.

“Those beastboys, please treat them like how you’d treat dragon’s children.”

What did she even write?

Miss Fraurem isn’t a student that would write something stupid….

Their hometown, Village Five, is the place where my daughter is currently working.

It might be necessary to take this action for her to govern there.

However, as a school, being used like that is annoying….

No, let’s believe both my daughter and Miss Fraurem.

There is no problem with their enrollment.

They have applied for admission in advance and their tuition fee are also paid.

In the “recommended by” column, in addition to my daughter and Miss Fraurem, there are also the names of Count Chrome and my husband.


My husband?

Why is the name of my husband, the current demon king, in the recommender column?

Did our daughter ask him?

My husband is spoiling our daughter too much.

Also, why are there too many “very important” marks that one might think of this as a prank?

One mark is good enough.

To stamp it many times….who did it?

I have to find and scold that person later.

For the time being, let’s deal with these three.


After exchanging a few words, I only found them as normal village boys.

It’s a relief that they can understand noble’s language to some extent.

I accepted their admission.

The status is equivalent to a baron family’s head.

I’m reluctant but it can’t be helped.

That status will make them avoid most troubles.

You might now know how hard it will be but please enjoy your school life.

A few days after meeting them, they left the dormitory and started building a house while living in a tent.


Have they forgotten that this is a noble’s school?

The kind-hearted teachers, who feel sorry for them first, were captivated by their food.

I wonder what’s going on.

I received a food improvement request for the dormitory.

Indeed, in the recent decades, the dorm foods have sought quantity rather than taste.

In recent years, the food situation in the demon king’s kingdom has been improving so improving the dorm food isn’t a bad idea.

I approve this request.

I declared that the dorm food will be improved starting next year but….there was a complaint that it is too slow.

As a noble’s school, don’t you think that it’s a quick response already?


You want the food cooked by those three?

However, forcing them to do that will burden them too much….

They are indeed too remarkable so it will be a perfect way to shield them from being targeted by other students….


Let’s ask them.


The three of them undertook the dormitory food improvement request.

In return, they want me to look for “Uncle Michael’s Store” but that’s not a problem.

Many graduates of our school work in the capital.

Some of them are managing business streets too.

If I ask them, I will find out immediately.


Those three had a dispute with Marquis Gilridge.

It turns into a duel.

It was already the morning of the duel when I knew.

The day before, I received an urgent call from the castle and I attended the meeting until late at night so I was late to grasp the situation.

Or rather, this is part of Marquis Gilridge’s plan, isn’t it?

He pushed me to the royal castle so that I won’t get in the way.

He’s really capable.

When I was thinking so, my husband came to the school that morning and comforted me so I’m okay.

As expected of my darling.

He’ll be here when I need him.

But, what did you say?


My husband joined the duel and won.


I have a lot of questions in my head but my husband is so cool so screw that.

And, Count Chrome.

Why do you want those three to graduate?

「Please understand. Officially, it’s a duel between Marquis Gilridge and those three boys but no one sees it like that.」

「I suppose so. Are you telling me that it is not okay for the marquis to lose to students?」

「Yes. It is not a shame to lose in a duel but it is if the other party are students.」

「If that is the case, tell Marquis Gilridge not to challenge students to a duel.」

「I already did and he has already apologized for this incident.」

「….I understand. As the principal of the school, I’m unwilling to let them graduate. If they are graduate, everything will be fine.」

「Yes. All that is left is for them to graduate.」


Though it is maddening, it is the safest method to contain the duel’s aftermath.

The position of the three changed from students to teachers.

Nothing else changes.

However, this measure is only effective if the three of them have the ability to teach.

Otherwise, I’ll turn them down.

Count Chrome also requested me to understand their circumstances first…..come to think of it, Count Chrome is also one of their recommenders.

He might have already known that those three are better suited as teachers than students.



Since they became teachers from students, they are now my subordinates.

Please be disciplined and don’t disturb the school’s morals.

And do this do that do everyt……do all of those after the food improvement in the dormitory, got it?

That reminds me, I still haven’t received any report from that “Uncle Michael’s Store”.

Can’t they find it?

It will be hard for me to tell those three that I still haven’t found the store.

What should I do?


My husband seems to know those three so let’s ask him next time we meet.


At a later date.

「Of course I won’t be able to find “Uncle Michael’s Store”, IT’S THE GOROUN COMPANY!!」

I unintentionally screamed.

Calm down, calm down me.

Those three are still children.

They must have not known the name Goroun Company.

「Ah, right, Goroun Company.」

「We learned about that in a quiz bee in the village before.」

They seem to have always known the name Goroun Company desu.


Now I have to apologize to all the graduates who looked for “Uncle Michael’s Store”.



「Darling, what is this hair? It looks like a very well-groomed short hair….」

「Eh? A, Ah, that’s cat’s hair.」

「Cat? When did a cat manage to sneak into the royal castle? Or is it a metaphor? 」

「O-of course not. I’m not having an affair. It’s true. Look at these eyes.」

「…………..then, why do you have cat hair on your body?」

「That’s because I am loved by cats. Fufufu. Do you know this? Cats are whimsical but they like to get on my lap….」

My husband is the type who can tell a lie immediately.

But he did not lie.

It seems like he is really loved by cats.


It’s infuriating.

Yeah, forget about that thieving cat!

I’m here!

I’m fluffy too!

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka TOC

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