Chapter 376 – A Day in Summer


Now, let’s set this rabbit meat on the ground.

I put the phoenix chick Aegis on my arm and moved 10 meters away from there.

And shout.

Aegis fluttered his wings, flew from my arm, and brilliantly landed on the ground.

He dashes towards the rabbit meat as it is.

He then grapples the rabbit meat and eats it.

When he’s fully stuffed, he almost fell asleep right there but I finally regained my consciousness.

And what’s with that sexy face?

Yeah, let’s go back. And can you please go back with me with you on my arm?

It seems like it is impossible to play as a falconer with Aegis.

And Kuro, who I thought would be jealous of Aegis…is lying with his back on the floor in the mansion.

He’s too carefree, isn’t he?


Hakuren is playing with Hiichirou.

That’s normal because they are mother and son but I feel like I’m seeing this for the first time in a while.

「Where’s Raimeiren?」

「She’s laying low because father got angry with her when she leads the attack of the elf island.」

「She might have been so angry that she forgot to hold back.」

「She’s actually calm. If she’s really angry, even I won’t be able to approach her.」

That’s scary alright but I understand how she feels.

Even if it was me, I’ll certainly get angry if the thing I prepared for my child will be destroyed in front of me.

Though I wouldn’t take it as far as her.


Hiichirou has been interested in sail ships since then.

He even asked for a new sail ship in the reservoir.

The sail ship will be made by me and the mountain elves.

Though I said sail ship, it is actually a single-seater sailboat.

It has been modified so that the sail can be operated with two strings.

The balance was also adjusted so that it will return to its original position even if it turns over.

For the sail, it is a luxurious fabric with a picture of the dragon provided by Raimeiren.

It will be completed tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

However, since it’s a single-seater, please use it in the pool instead of the reservoir considering the depth of the water.



I’m only sweet at Hiichirou?

That’s not true.

If my other children want something, I’ll do my best to live up to their expectations.

But recently….

They haven’t said much.

Oh, so you also requested something?

Not to me but to your mothers and the oni maids.

Even the sail ship I’m making now is something Hiichirou asked to Hakuren and not to me.


You used to tell me yourself.

Why are you not doing so now?

Or is it because they grow up?

Could it be that….my children are scared of me?

I glanced at Hiichirou.

Hiichirou noticed my gaze and hid behind Hakuren.

Are you embarrassed?


I want that to be your reason.

Though this is unrelated to this issue, let’s make sweets.

I’m not planning to bribe the children.

I just wanted to eat.


When I was making sweets, Ursa and Guraru rushed in.

You guys don’t hold back.

No, I do not mind.

Do as you please.

Rest assured.

Also, fairy queen.

It’s not good to sneak in.

Just say it properly and I’ll make some for you too.

Okay, wash your hands.



I mass-produce baseball bats in the workshop of my mansion.

I carved the wood using the AFT to make them proper bats.

I know the rules of baseball well and I thought that everyone in the village would find it fun.

But it didn’t work.

First, the ball that the pitcher throws is dangerous.

Second, the ball that the batter struck is dangerous.

When playing, it will only be either of the three; home run, strikeout, or dead ball.

I realized that the rules of baseball only apply to ordinary people.

Because of that, baseball was not popular in Big Tree Village.

I think it can’t be helped.

When I was feeling disappointed thinking that I’ve wasted time and effort making the baseball tools, Demon king and Beezel took them.

They said that it might likely become popular in the demon king’s kingdom.

After that, in just a few months, several teams have been launched and it seems to be slowly becoming popular in the demon king’s kingdom.

I’m envious.

And they needed more baseball equipment too.

You can make them anywhere not just in Big Tree Village but it seems like only the bats from Big Tree Village can make the ball fly well.

I’ll make some since you requested me to but I can’t make that much. I have other things to do too.

Come to think of it, the beastboys, who are now attending school at the royal capital, also seems to have made a baseball team.

They said that they enjoyed it there more than they did in the village.

After all, you can only enjoy it with races of similar abilities.

When the kids grow up, let’s try playing baseball with them again.

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka TOC

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