Chapter 377 – Princess of the Elf Empire


My name is Kinesta.

Kinesta Kinne Kin Laguelf

I am the daughter of the emperor of the elf empire.

In short, I’m from the imperial family.

I was living my life leisurely but suddenly, the elf empire was destroyed.

What does that mean?


First of all, who’s the bad guy?

「Don’t linger on the past. We can only move forward.」

「Ehto….ano, princess, what will happen to us?」

「It has been decided from the start. We will be tortured desu. After that, they’ll make us obey what their order and then torture us again.」

「They’ll only order us after being tortured?」

「Of course, they’ll only expect us to listen to them once we are tortured.」

「Should we obey their orders?」

「That’s right. Do you have any complaints?」

「No but, who’s going to move forward now that we know that we’ll be tortured?」

「Right. Then, let’s do what they’re doing and form a line like them.」

「Why should we?」

「They’re pointing out their sticks to those who are behaving badly so we should show that we’re cooperating.」

「So that’s how it is. I understand. Let’s form a line.」


The maid who always opposes me is strangely obedient.

That’s good.

So, we lined up.

Then, I hold the stick they assigned to me….ei.

You there!

「Please wait, princess.」

「What? Are you opposing me again? Do you think this is the right time for that?」

「No, I’m not. Take a closer look at the stick.」

「? It’s a normal stick, right?」

「I mean the direction your stick is pointing at.」

「That girl, right?」

「Please take a closer look. You’re not the only one pointing at her, she’s also pointing at you.」


「The other party is pointing at you, princess. What does it mean?」


「You’re going to torture me, right? Do you want to strangle me? Or do you want me to lie down?」

「Fufufu. What are you talking about? We won’t do something so barbaric like a torture.」

「Oya, is the torture cancelled?」

「It’s barbaric so it’s cancelled.」


「Can you not look at me with a seriously disappointed face? You’re scaring me.」

Who knows if she’ll attempt to torture me?

「Look at your situation thoroughly. You’re so imaginative that the others with you are uneasy too.」

「Yes yes.」

「Are you done packing your things? It’s about time to leave.」

「For the time being, try to pack as little as possible. By the way, if you go over there, you can receive various gifts.」

「…..princess, do you want some sweets? 」

「Sweets? 」

「It’s sweets alright. 」

「That much?」

「First of all, do you know that the elf empire surrendered to the demon king’s kingdom?」

「All too well」

「Are you? What do you think you’ll do when we arrived at the demon king’s kingdom?」

「A hostage, right?」

「Great, I’m deeply impressed with your understanding.」

「Are you mocking me?」

「No no, I won’t mock you. Do you understand why a hostage like you receives presents?」

「Eh? Are you trying to say that I’m going to marry a noble from the demon king’s kingdom?」

「Is there anyone who’ll want the princess of the elf empire that’s being kept an eye on by the dragons?」

「Y-you mean someone’s coveting my beauty, ten out of then would say….」

「I hope so.」

Is she speaking ill of my beauty?

That’s unlikely.

Even if I say it myself, I’m indeed a beauty.

My figure is good too.

Ah, so that’s how it is.

To think it would cause me this much trouble. However, I must face my future fate.

I’m a hostage after all.

If someone with power asked me to, I can’t refuse.

I understand.

I feel a little better.

「Then, what should I bring?」

「Of course, change of clothes, valuable clothes. Also, money.」

「That would be hard.」

「That’s right. You’ll be caught immediately. Princess, no matter where you go, you must not let your guard down.」

「I know.」

「Please think that men always aim for women.」

「Yeah. Starting today, I don’t know what kind of hardship awaits you….even if I’m not with you, I’m sure princess will be okay.」

「Thank you. I’m still the princess. I know how to use my lips.」

「Fufu. Don’t do anything too dangerous.」


I am now plowing a field in Village Five.

It seems to be part of training.

I’ve been forced to run for quite some time a while ago so my body’s really painful.


Ehto, do you know that I’m a princess?

It doesn’t matter?

Is that so?

Ano, what do you think of my pretty face?

You mean I should wear clothes that’s a little more suitable for farming….

I’m sorry, I’ll be careful from now on.

Erm…..isn’t there a lewd person in Village Five?

Yeah, someone that can be considered as a lump of sexual desire.

I wish to talk about ransom…..

You’ll only discuss that topic after the training is over?

This training, how long will it last?

Two and a half years?


I immediately searched for an escape route.


I don’t think they knew what that meant.

If I don’t escape while I can still move, I will die.

It’s a good thing that I believed my maid and sewed money and gold to my clothes.

I will act tonight.

I invited the elves who came to Village Five with me.


It’s pointless to run away?

I heard the conversation of the instructors earlier….

「Did you take it easy today? The real thing will start tomorrow.」

「I know. Today is only half of the usual. We’ll take it seriously tomorrow.」

We all escaped.

I can’t do it.

If we run away, father’s position may worsen.

However, I’m sorry.

I won’t be able to take it.

This is not the hardship I thought of!

I thought it would be more brilliant, more story-like.

Between tears and suffering, there’ll be a faint love.

I was expecting that!

After all, I’m just a poor girl who has lived comfortably all her life.

It is impossible for me to run or work in the fields.

Please forgive me for being weak.


All of us were caught immediately.

It seems like they’ve already expected our escape.


Someone, please help me!

I can’t cook but I will do my best!

Get me out of here!

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka TOC

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