Chapter 378 – Vacant Room


The oni maids clean everyday but during spring, they clean the whole house thoroughly.

There is no dirt in the mansion now.

However, there are a lot of other things.

I think we have to do something about our situation that we turn a vacant room into a warehouse every time this happens.

Yeah, this is for the children that will be born this year!


Now, let’s check a room!

Clothes room.

Yeah, the whole room is full of clothes.

Mainly mine.

Zabuton’s work.

Thinking that I wasn’t able to wear most of them makes me want to apologize.

However, it is also a matter of whether it suits me.

Even if they look great, they aren’t suitable for farming, aren’t they?

Like this one, this is something a king would wear.

It will be such a waste if it gets dirty by soil or mud.

Ah, yeah.

It can’t be helped, clean it.

I’ll harden a heart like an oni and dispose of the clothes I won’t wear.

Clean up the room.

The spiderlings around me started picking up the clothes.

Hey, what are you doing? Dispose of those already.


The round eyes of the spiderlings….


I’ll leave it to you.

I’m not an oni after all.

Those are the clothes Zabuton made for me.

This is where they are.

However, I’m going to prepare a proper clothes room later.

Once you made one, move it there.

The spiderlings are delighted with my decision.

Good good.


Let’s move to the next room.


It’s a room full of clothes like the previous one.

The spiderlings defend this place too.

It looks like the new clothes room will be big.

Should I build a house dedicated for it?


Next room.

…… There are a lot of boxes.

What are these?

An oni maid appeared and immediately answered my question.

「All of these are magic tools collected by Loo-sama desu.」

「Collected? How long has she been doing that to get this much?」

「Little by little for a long time. After the teleportation gate was installed in Village Five….it accelerated. Rest assured, all of the money used to buy those came from Loo-sama’s own pocket.」

「No, that’s not the issue here….are these all?」

「Yes. Shall I explain to you what are these one by one?」

「No no. Ehto, is it okay to move them?」

「Probably desu ne. They are placed in a disorderly manner and they were sent here to make it easier for Loo-sama to find them.」

「Will she get angry if I touch these without her permission?」



No one should anger their wife especially if her delivery date is near.

Let’s leave this room as it is.


Next room.

The moment I opened the door, something was activated.

Things fall down, balls roll, strings wind up….

At the end, a curtain fell in front of me.



The oni maid tried to explain but I stopped her.

Let’s clean up this room thoroughly.

Those mountain elves that are hiding, help us.

Yeah, your mechanism was amazing.


Next room.

This place is also full of luggage.

These are….my old things.

My luggage often moves because my residence evolved from a small hut to a mansion but they are still here.

There’s my old cup, plate, and even pot lid.

They are my things before I met Loo.

How nostalgic.

The tattered flying discs, the balls.

I used to play with Kuro using these.

I thought I had lost them.


What’s this box?

Uuoooohhhh, dried meat.

It’s too hard.

Can this still be eaten?

Dispose of it then.

And this bag…wheat?

It doesn’t look rotten.

Since it still looks good, can it still be processed into flour?


No, I shouldn’t think something dangerous.

Dispose of it too.

Next, three barrels.

I remember these.

When the dwarves came here to brew, they were reserved for maturing.

This is a nice discovery.


I wonder how is it now?


This barrel is lighter than expected.


Right, I see.

The criminal is wine slime!

Alright, come out obediently.

You’re good.

Though these three barrels were forgotten, don’t you think drinking all of them is too much?


You only drank one barrel?

You left the other two as they are?


It’s true.

Only one is empty and the other two still contain alcohol.


Of course I’m happy and it’s only normal that you didn’t drink them.

I’m not being bossy.

All right, all right.

You don’t have to act like that. I’ll give you some later.

Yeah, at night.

Let’s enjoy it after dinner.

I let the happy wine slime leave and continue cleaning the room.


What’s in this box?

Cloth but there’s something in it….dried meat?

Is this old dried meat too?

No, it’s new.

There’s also dried fish.

Where did these come from?

When I was thinking, I heard an angry voice of a cat.



Don’t tell me this box is your secret hideout?

Then, these foods are something you hid?

I see, I see.

You might hate this but you have to move it.

You have to leave this room.

Dispose of the food too.

Don’t get angry, don’t get angry.

I’ll give you new ones.

Oh, it’s not a lie.

It’s not like that.

The fact that you built your hideout here means the other anenekos also have their own hideouts, right?

Where are they?


Next room.

Large barrels were lined up closely.


What is this?

No, I can tell by the smell.

You’re making pickles, right?

Since there’s no smell leaking out of the room, you are using some sort of magic, right?

The oni maid explained.

「As a result of trying various things, the pickles made in this place are the most delicious.」

「Who’s making them?」

「Flora-sama and head maid desu.」


Food is important.

Thereafter, that room has been called pickle room.

No, I’m not afraid of Flora or Ann.


Next room.


It’s a vacant room, right?

What I’m asking is, is this room not being used by anyone?

The oni maid explained.

The clay doll Earth’s room?

He can’t put his personal belongings in Ursa’s room?

Oh, I see.

Earth now has an adult size body using magic clay and he now needs clothes too.

This room is where he keeps them.

If that’s the case, shouldn’t it be closer to Ursa’s room?

「He said he needs a room where he can relax if he needs to.」


This room is in use.


Next room.


It’s not a vacant room, right?

It is obviously being used.

It’s a room full of greenery where small flower pots are placed everywhere.

I immediately knew who was using it.

Or rather, the person in question is sleeping sloppily in the bed she brought in, it’s the fairy queen.

I can’t enter a room where a woman sleeps.

Fall back.

I asked the oni maid for an explanation.

「She’s been living here since winter.」


This room is in use.


Next room.

No matter what I’ll see, I won’t be surprised anymore.


When I tried to open the door of the room, I was stopped by the oni maid.

「We can’t do anything in this room.」


「Because we can’t.」


「What I’m trying to say is, this room is full of magic tools that Raimeiren-sama prepared for Hiichirou-sama….」

「Ah, yeah, I see. Let’s leave this room be.」

Let’s head to the next room.

That night, there’s a grand dinner banquet.

The purpose is to consume all the food found when I was clearing vacant rooms that had become warehouses.

I was opposed to eating them but there seems to be a magic that can tell if food is safe to be consumed.

Magic is almighty.

It saves us a lot.

「And here I thought that we were managing the harvest properly….」

I am surprised but the oni maids were not surprised.

「We thought that it was a good idea to stockpile food.」

If you want to stockpile, store it in a proper place.

I planned to bring it out after dinner but the wine slime has been seriously waiting for the alcohol barrels.

Don’t drink it all.

Let’s give one barrel to the dwarves…ah, the dwarves are also here.

Could it be that they noticed the unnatural state of the wine slime?

Maa, just enjoy the taste of this aged alcohol.

Just leave some for me.


I did not participate in the dinner banquet.

I’m cooking food in the kitchen.

I’m a complete propman.

This is my punishment.

I punished myself.

While cleaning up vacant rooms, Loo was giving birth.

Though from what I heard before, it will take a little more time.

I regret cleaning some vacant rooms instead of being by her side.

Loo laughs at me saying that it won’t make any difference even if I’m there but I’d like to be informed when something like this happens in the future.


The ingredients of the food I’m cooking now are not from the warehouse but fresh ingredients.

It’s food for Loo, who’s tired after giving birth.

「Take this to Loo.」

I asked an oni maid.

However, she refused.

「Village chief, you should bring it yourself.」

「No but.」

「Leave this place to us. Loo-sama is waiting for you.」


She’s right.

Let’s go to Loo’s room.

And talk about the name of our newly born daughter.

Yeah, let’s do that.

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka TOC

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