Chapter 379 – Lupumirina and Aurora


Loo gave birth to a girl.


Loo named her but I don’t have any problem with that. She consulted me first before deciding.

I’m pleased with having her but the happiest one is Alfred.

Until Loo gave birth, Alfred felt slightly complicated.

Even though he is still young and wants to be pampered, he’s conscious about the child Loo is bearing in her womb.

However, everything changed when her little sister was born.

Now, she’s more important to him than me.

I don’t mind but Tiselle might get angry.

The next happiest person is ancestor-san.

I know that you’re happy about her being born but can you not talk about marriage?

Yeah, if you won’t stop, get out of the village.


Tier gave birth a few days after Lupumirina was born.

Her labor took longer compared to Loo but they are both safe.

Is it because of the fairy queen’s prayer dance?

It looks like she’s only playing….

No, I mean, thank you.

Our baby is also a girl.

Her name is Aurora.

Tier named her.

When Lupumirina was born, Tiselle shied away from Alfred. Now, she looks overjoyed.

Gran Maria’s group is checking on her in turn.

When they calmed down a little, I’ll let them hold her too.

By the way, why is Kierbit sending suspicious gazes as if comparing me and Alfred?

No, I know that gaze.

Those are the eyes of females when hunting males.

Was she stimulated by seeing the baby?

Should I shield Alfred?


Ursa shields Alfred.

Ursa is now in the middle of Alfred and Kierbit.

I’m envious.

There’s also someone between me and Kierbit….a spiderling.

Thank you.

However, your height seems to be insufficient.

I’m still happy though.

Oh, you don’t have to tie up Kierbit.


Okay okay.

Shall we leave before Kierbit escapes from your web?


Presently, there are two high elves, three mountain elves, and two beastgirls who are pregnant with my child….it seems like it will still take time before they give birth.

I want you to deliver safely.


However, it seems like this place will become full of children.

It’s good to have more children but most of them are my own.

I want to have a little more moderation.

Should it start now?

It’s already too late.

I won’t be able to convince those with strong wills.

Yeah, this is it.

Right, strong will.

I’ve prepared myself and looked around.

Though they are still distant, I feel gazes of women from everywhere.

Yeah, yeah, the same gaze as Kierbit.

When they saw the babies, they were stimulated.

I know, I know.

However, men are the opposite. When they see babies, they won’t think of ecchi things. (My opinion)

Brain and lower body are different? (Women’s opinion)


I demand children shield!

Alfred, Tiselle, anyone, HELP!

Mou, even if you press your breast to me, you won’t be able to bend my strong will.


With the birth of Lupumirina and Aurora, the village is in a festive mood.

I’m glad that those who came only came to bless them.

But we shouldn’t let our guard down since they might get sick.

Carelessness is our greatest enemy.

Fortunately, in this village, babies don’t get seriously ill or even injured but who knows when will that happen.

Until then, I can only do the only thing that I can do.

In other words, pray for god’s help.

It’s a good time to clean the shrine.

I’ll clean the statue of the god of creation and farming god.

I do it every year. It gets dirty after all.

By the way, how long will this statue shine?

It has been shining ever since Fushu prayed to it.

After cleaning the statue, it will be difficult to look at it since it will shine bright again.

Well, at least it makes it easier to find dirty places.

After cleaning, cover them with a curtain.

This curtain.

It’s a new curtain that Zabuton made. It is very thin.

It is see-through but I’m grateful to it since it can suppress the light.

However, there’s this vague feeling that a figure is vaguely visible in this thin curtain…..the statue looks noble.


Now that it has come to this….to whom should I pray with for giving birth and raising children?

Mother Earth Goddess or something?


I can’t think of someone.

Should I leave it to the AFT?


Next to the big tree, I stand before a piece of wood. I put out the AFT in chisel form.

The rest is putting my heart into it.


Why did it become the fairy queen’s statue?

Moreover, the beauty and sexiness have risen by at least 50%.

It is probably because the fairy queen was eating apple and pear with the children nearby while I’m working.

I don’t mind her visiting since it will be lively.

But this thing is not the innocent type.

This statue is a failure.

However, it doesn’t look bad.

People who don’t know the fairy queen might believe that this is a goddess if I show it to them.

But I won’t do that.

I’ll just ask the children and the fairy queen what they think of this statue.




Can you tell me more?

「Increase the breast size a little more.」

Fairy queen.

This is wood. I can’t do that.

All I can do is chisel it.


Let’s carve the mother earth goddess statue again.

Then, what about the fairy queen’s statue….I’m reluctant to put it beside the god of creation or the farming god.

However, I feel bad for the person herself if this won’t be displayed.

I carved it myself and the result is great.

I feel like I want to glorify it.

Alright, let’s display it for a while then throw it in a warehouse later.

The place to display this is… about the hall of my mansion?



The fairy queen’s statue. It is treated as a child giving goddess.

It is worship, pray at, and even given with offerings.

I’m not saying that what you are doing is useless but the person in question is here.

Isn’t she sleeping in a room in the mansion?

Maa, won’t she get annoyed if you keep doing that?

I personally don’t want to be worshipped, prayed at, or offered with things.

However, given what’s happening, I no longer can throw it into the warehouse.

If I ask someone to pick it up, there will definitely be a commotion.

When I build the clothes hut, I’ll also make it a shrine and I’ll put the fairy queen’s statue there.

Yeah, let’s do that.

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