Chapter 380 – Autumn Harvest Reinforcement


While pampering Lupumirina and Aurora, I built a shrine and clothes hut for the fairy queen statue in the courtyard.

The clothes hut is a two-story building and it was built near my mansion.

The first floor is a mannequin area where you can sew your outfit.

The second floor is the storage area.

Because of that, it looks like a regular tailor shop.

The only difference is all of these clothes are my clothes.

If possible, I want it to be decorated with children’s clothes.

This clothes hut.

Zabuton was pleased with it unexpectedly.

Why do I feel like tension has risen?

She started tailoring clothes at incredible speed.

Just to confirm, is that my clothes?

Ah, yeah, thanks.

If possible, make it less glittery.

And don’t put too many decorations.

That, what’s that stick?

What’s the purpose of putting it on the back?

Ah, for a halo similar to what I did to the statue of the god of creation before.

So that’s how it is.


I’m happy that you are making clothes for me but you should make children’s clothes too.

There are still more new children.


Those have already been prepared?

For both male and female?

You are making for each season….there are 80 clothes in total now?


Let’s hold a fashion show for clothes produced by Zabuton one day.

I’ll do my best for it.

I hardened my initiative.


The shrine that houses the statue of the fairy queen was built as simple as possible but it still incorporated the opinions of the villagers.

Rather than a shrine, there are only a pedestal and roof to protect it from dirt and rain.

The surrounding area is open with only pillars supporting the roof.

I did not do anything extra since I was told that this is already good.


The next day, when I checked the shrine, the surrounding area is already full of greenery.

Part of the ivy wraps the statue.

Fast growth but….this isn’t related to the AFT, isn’t it?

If that is the case, could the fairy queen herself do this?

I asked her but she doesn’t seem to know.

I don’t know what happened but….there’s no actual harm made so there’s no problem.

Though it is mysterious.


Ah yeah, fairy queen.

You are free to do what you want on this pedestal.

There’s another pedestal that’s set up by who knows who placed there. There are nuts, flowers, etc. that seemed to have been collected in the forest lying there.

The other fairies can also do what they want with them.

From me…..a few sugar canes of about 30cm long.

The moment I put it down, the fairies swarmed at them.

The fairy queen did not join them as expected.


I know.

I’ll give you pudding later.


This year’s autumn harvest was a bit hard.

There is not enough manpower.

Yes, I expanded the field for a reason but the main reason is a fraction of our manpower was taken by both childbirth and childcare.

Yeah, they have given birth.

Two high elves and three mountain elves gave birth as if they’re competing with each other.

The two high elves both gave birth to girls.

They’re cute.

The three mountain elves gave birth to two boys and one girl.

The girl’s cry is louder than anyone else which is surprising.

The children’s population increased by five in an instant.

When I was flapping, two beastgirls give birth.

Both were boys.

Including Lupumirina and Aurora, the number of children has increased by nine.

I’m happy but that also means that they need manpower.

We’re in trouble.

Since we’re in trouble, let’s ask for a helping hand.

The newly assigned civil servant girls in Village Five were taken here by Yuri.

The 18 of them finally came to Big Tree Village after overcoming their rigorous training.

Auspicious screams.

Y-you don’t have to be so scared.

The kuros were depressed.

The spiderlings too.

Don’t be disheartened. They are just too surprised.

Then the civil servant girls first came here, they fainted too. Come to think of it, weren’t this batch not that scared compared to the first batch?

「I had them met the lamias beforehand….」

One of the civil servant girls answered with a very distant eye.

Ah, yeah, so that’s how it is.

The 18 new civil servant girls won’t be able to do anything for a while.

That’s not a helping hand.



I have no choice but to ask for help.

Raimeiren was the first to respond.

Yeah, just her taking care of Hiichirou will help a lot.

However, you’re waiting for it, right?

You’ve been waiting nearby, right?

I’m still holding the small wyvern who’s supposed to deliver you my letter.

No, it doesn’t matter.

Thank you.

You help us a lot.


A few hours after Raimeiren.

Doraim came along with 20 or so devils.

They seem to be devils Raimeiren sent to Doraim’s nest some time ago in order to help with raising children.

However, the mothers are reluctant to leave their newborn children to strangers so I asked them to help with harvesting instead.

I’m sorry for making you do unfamiliar work.

If possible, please change your clothes into an outfit that’s more suitable for getting dirty and farming rather than your beautiful butler clothes.

You don’t have to overdo it, Doraim.

You just have to stay with Rasuti and Rananon.

Ah, Rasuti told you to help.

Then, please.

I’ll break the ridges there while you harvest radish.

Doraim and I cooperated in harvesting.

In a few days, the new civil servant girls will be resurrected and they will be useful in harvesting.

Please make it in time.



The mothers who did not leave their children to the devils apologize saying that they are their first children. I understand how they feel.

I’m not even telling you to leave them to the devils.

Moreover, it hasn’t been long since you have given birth.

Don’t overdo it.

The nights are cold these days so just sleep somewhere warm.


Ten days later.

The harvest was finally completed after Dors brought 20 more devils.

Thank you.

Let’s hold a banquet for the devils who came to help.

I want to at least do this for them.

Doraim, you’re naturally participating too.

Don’t hold back.


「I’m the best dragon in the world in terms of harvesting radish」

I feel embarrassed for Doraim who brags about that at the banquet.

Should I ask him to do a more dragon-like job?

But what is a dragon-like job?

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