Chapter 381 – End of Autumn and Appearance of a Dragon


When harvest ended, the martial arts tournament was held.

Since it was the martial arts tournament, Beezel brought back the three beastboys, Gol, Sil, and Bron, back from the school in the capital.

Of course, they’ll only stay back temporarily.

When the tournament is over, they will return with Beezel.

That’s a bit saddening.


The three came before me and greeted me.

I only haven’t seen them for a short while but they matured a lot.

However, the eyes Sil uses to look at me….respect? Awe? What is it?

Did something happen at school?

What’s the reason for his expression?

After greeting me, Gol explained.

It seems like Sil is approached by several women.




「Physical challenge to be specific. If I win, I’ll be their husband. If I lose, they’ll be my wife.」

Ah, I see.

So he has taken that route huh.

Then, how are his challenges?

「He accepted them all and won.」

Ah, what an incredibly bad move.

If you don’t want to be with them, you should have given an excuse to avoid the challenge.

「As a result, there are always three women beside Sil at the school….」

「Well, it’s good that you are already satisfied with the three.」

「No, that’s because those three beat all other challengers.」

「……those three are reliable.」

「They couldn’t beat Sil though.」

「Hahaha. It is better to be liked than be hated. Do your best and move forward.」

「Yes. I think that’s the reason why Sil is looking at village chief that way.」

What do you mean?

Well, whatever.

「I know what Sil’s up to now but how about you and Bron?」

「Bron is the same. He’s dating a woman.」


I know that the reason why you went to the school is to search for wife but….

I’m surprised that they are doing too well.

Their communication skills are high.

They don’t have that ability when they were in this village….is it age-related?

Well, you’re still young.

Think about your future one step at a time.


You’re going to ask for my permission if you’re going to get married?

I’m happy that you want my permission but….oh, so I’ll take the place of your fathers.


At that time, I will judge it righteously.


Guests were gathered at the martial arts tournament as usual and the damage was moderate.

Everyone’s used to it.

The three beastboys participated in the warrior division.

Though none of them won a match, they smiled happily.


「Yeah. Lots of opponents who you can’t win against no matter how hard you try.」

「Did you even think that we can win?」

「No, this is nothing but training.」


The winner of the knight division is Uno.

Although Loo and Tier refrained from participating since they have just given birth, he is stronger than before.

I put the championship crown on his hand and he proudly walked with his partner Kurosan.

I’ll display your trophy in the hall of my mansion.


The winner was Uno but the one who stood up the most was Daga.

He used his sword completely different from usual.

From what I heard, it seems like Pirika’s sword technique.

It seems like he learned it little by little every time he goes to Village Five for training.

「I feel like using it and as Pirika says, it is a technique that specializes in battle against another person. It won’t be useful against Uno-dono and Makura-dono.」

Those are Daga’s words as he defeated Ria and lost to Uno.

Gulf also learned Pirika’s sword technique but he wasn’t lucky in draw lots and had Uno as his first opponent.

「It is a solid technique since it originated from basic movements. Just by learning that sword technique will make you stronger in terms of person to person battle. However, there’s still a great room for improvement. I’m sorry to say this but, I think it is a sword technique for beginners. Is it really the sword technique used by the most powerful human swordsman called sword saint?」

Gulf shared his words of wisdom while acting tough.

At least he’s not injured when he was defeated.

Perhaps he will challenge someone when the free battle starts.

Just make sure you won’t get injured.

By the way, the demon king is now fighting Girar in his human form.

Yeah yeah, those screams.

That’s the specialty of the martial arts tournament.


It was the first martial arts tournament of the new civil servant girls and it seems like there’s no problem.

「Clear mind. Clear mind.」

「Don’t think about anything.」

「Job. Yeah, everything will be forgotten once I focus on my job.」

They are very serious and excellent.

Please, be a good influence on the civil servant girls who have been around here for a long time.

No, I’m not playing truant.

Yeah, just recently, I mean, I can’t afford to….I’m sorry, I’ll be clear.

Don’t seduce me.

You can’t do that to a gentleman who already has babies.

Don’t show off your breast unless you’re going to breastfeed.

It’s a good thing that half of them will be assigned to Shashaato City.


The day after the martial arts tournament was over.

The guests are leaving.

The three beastboys too.

Last night, they were caught by Alfred’s ground and were questioned.

They look pretty exhausted.

It looks like you didn’t only talk but play too huh.

Thanks for your hard work.

Your souvenirs are with Beezel.

Take it from him when you get back.

Ah, I put in lots of vegetables.

If that’s not enough, just inform Beezel.


The beastboys and the demon king’s group left early while Dors, Raimeiren, and Doraim stayed for a while.

The reason is none other than Hiichirou.

Raimeiren said that it’s about time.

What’s about time?

Hiichirou is about to transform into a dragon.

The real reason why Raimeiren often took care of Hiichirou is because Hiichirou was born in human form. I thought she’s doing that because Hiichirou’s cute.

Even if he is born in the form of a human, a dragon is a dragon.

As he grows up, his human form can no longer control his power.

To put it simply, Hiichirou is a child who has no control over his own power.

There is also the possibility of Hiichirou accidentally beating someone with just a swing of his arm and Hiichirou’s body might not be able to withstand that.

To avoid such unnecessary accidents, Raimeiren was always as close as possible.

When Raimeiren wasn’t able to, Hakuren will be there but they are hoping that he can control himself as soon as he can because there’s no guarantee that there would always be someone capable around him.

At any rate, such worries can be resolved as soon as he transforms into a dragon.

That’s the “about time” Raimeiren was talking about.

Dors, Raimeiren, Doraim, and Hakuren are standing by in their dragon forms so that Hiichirou can easily imagine what he looks like in order to transform.

Hiichirou is innocently trying to climb the tail of Raimeiren in her dragon form….will he really transform into a dragon?

When I was in doubt, Hiichirou transformed into a small, three-meter dragon.



Ah, that’s not what I mean.


Yeah, you’re cool.

The not panicking Hiichirou spreads his wings.

There seems to be no problem.

I’m relieved after hearing that from Raimeiren.

Now that he has transformed, he only needs to train in order to freely transform between human and dragon.

The difficulty seems to be easier compared to a dragon transforming to a human so I don’t have to be worried.

I’m not worried but….areh?

Hiichirou, are you trying to fly?

Uooiii, wai, flying he’s flying!

Hakuren and Raimeiren catch him.


Hiichirou, who transformed back to his human form, now had small dragon horns and tails.

I remembered Rasuti when I first met her.

Recalling my first meeting with Hakuren…..I can only think of her attacking the forest.

Thinking about it, she matured.

She’s taking good care of Ursa and the others as well as Hiichirou.

That’s a good thing.


By the way, Rananon has the same concern so Rasuti doesn’t leave her side.

That’s a little tragic for both me and Rananon.

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka TOC

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