Chapter 382 – Relaxing Winter



During fall, I was taking care of the newborn children so I didn’t have enough skinship with the kuros.

I’m spoiling Kuro to make up for it.

Yes yes.

I miss you.

I’ll give you a hug.



A little stinky.

All right, let’s take a bath.

You’re mostly in my mansion during winter, right?

If you’re not clean, Ann will look at you as if you’re an eyesore.

You don’t mind Ann looking at you like that?

Don’t say that.

Family should get along.


After washing Kuro, Yuki, Kuroichi, Kuroni, etc. take turns entering the bathroom.

For the kuros, it is not about getting clean but getting me wash them so I did not ask for anyone’s help.

However, this is indeed a challenge for me alone.

You don’t mind someone else other than me brushing you, right?

That said, Alfred, Tiselle, Ursa, Guraru, and Nutt came with a brush on their hands.

Since they’re already here, the kuros have no choice but get brushed by the children.

This makes my job easier.

However, I can only wash four of them per hour so that line is….yeah, I don’t want to check it.

Can you help me wash them too?


You want to play outside?

The weather is nice this day huh.

All right.

I’ll ask the free high elves and mountain elves to wash the kuros with me.

It looks like an assembly line now.

Thank you very much for your help.


The high elf at the beginning of the assembly line screamed a little.

I ran over to see if something bad had happened. A kuro has a big wound on its stomach.

It might have got it a while ago. The blood has already clotted and the wound is closed but…..are you okay?

When did you get hurt?

Did you make a mistake while hunting in the forest last fall?

If you’re hurt, don’t just keep it yourself. Report it.

It may heal on its own but leaving it alone is not good.

When I was getting angry, the wine slime brought the pure white holy slime.

The holy slime approached the injured kuro and casted healing magic.

The clotted blood fell off.

The part where it came from only has smooth skin.

There’s not even a scratch left.

The only proof that there was a wound there earlier is not having hair.

The hair will naturally grow later.

I see.

I don’t know that rule well but I feel I understand.

Thank you, holy slime.

And wine slime too for bringing it here.

A kuro was injured.

Please be careful in the future.

Yes yes.

I’m glad you’re safe.


We went back on washing them. The holy slime wanders around the waiting line for a while.


Could it be that a lot of kuros were injured and they are just hiding their injuries?

Who has the worst injury?

The others only have scratches, are they okay?

I believe you but don’t overdo it.

By the way, it seems like the wine slime and the holy slime are close….

How did it happen?

I asked the holy maiden Celes, who was watching at the wine slime from behind.

「I’m closer.」

That’s not what I want to hear….



It’s been a while since winter started.

Loo took several of the new civil servant girls to Shashaato City.

The new civil servant girls will help the Big Roof Shashaato accountant.

Loo, on the other hand, was called by the Ifrus School in Shashaato City.

They made a new magic tool so they want to ask Loo’s opinion on it.

Loo also has always wanted to exchange views on new theories.

However, she was pregnant before so she wasn’t able to go.

Last fall, she gave birth and her physical condition has now recovered.

She doesn’t want to leave Lupumirina but she has no choice but to leave her to Ann.

Alfred will help her take care of his baby sister too.

Of course, I’ll help too.


Loo will be out for two weeks and I heard that it could even be longer.

However, I heard that she will return no matter what happens before spring.

She’ll stay at the inn near Big Roof Shashaato.

Say hello to Marcos, Paula, and Miyo in Shashaato City for me.


It’s winter so I went to the hot spring area and communicated with the ghost knights and the lion’s pride.

It seems like the cows and horses of Big Tree Village regularly go to the hot spring since fall.

They came here more often compared to me.

The lion cubs are now adults but they are still smaller compared to their parents.

We need to look for your partners too.

One of them has a mane.

That’s a male.

This means, the other two are females?

I can’t compare them to normal lions because they have wings, right?

Is it alright to assume that?

Let’s talk to Loo when she comes back.

As for the ghost knights….partners seem to be unnecessary.

Even if they need partners, there’s no need to look for their sake since the three of them are good looking men now that they look like they have flesh.

With their handsome figures, they won’t need help.

Though that sounds interesting, it will be a waste.

No, stop your handsome men attitude. You’re irritating me.

What are you doing?

That civil servant girl there, stop screaming.


A letter from Village Five has arrived. It is addressed to Tier.

The sender is none other than the leader of the angels, Kierbit’s mother.

The content is to have her comeback soon.

After reading, Tier decided to ignore it and threw it away.

However, the six other angels, Gran Maria, Corone, Kuudel, Kierbit, Suaruriu, and Suarukou argued whether one of them should return.

I know you’re discussing something but, is it necessary for you to use the kotatsu?

Your hanten seems to be warm enough.

You need oranges?

Okay, I’ll get it.

There are also persimmons and pears so I’ll peel them for you too.

Please let me know who’s the one going to return when I get back.

I’ll prepare souvenirs.

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