Chapter 383 – Kierbit’s Homecoming and Communication


Kierbit will return to the angel’s domain.

「I hate draw lots.」

You sound like the demon king but it has been decided so prepare.

「Are these souvenirs enough?」

Two alcohol containers.

Three small bottles of honey.

My handmade statue.

It is a 15cm statue of the farming god.

「Are you sure it doesn’t have to be the god of creation?」

「Isn’t this better?」

The model is an old man.

Maa, if you think so then I won’t force you.

Let’s give the god of creation statue I carved to ancestor-san once he gets here.

There’s also a bag of silver coins for transportation expenses.

「Only this much?」

「Isn’t lesser better?」

「You’re right but….can I use it whatever I want?」

「Yeah, do whatever you want with it.」

「Got it. Thank you.」

「Be careful in going home.」

「Yeah. Alright, then….come to think of it, is she still… 」

Kierbit is waiting for Tier’s letter.

Tier ignored the angel’s letter without a second thought but Kierbit and I persuaded her to at least write a letter.

I helped Kierbit persuade her because the person that Kierbit wants Tier to write a letter to is none other than Tier’s mother herself.

Aurora aside, it seems like Tier didn’t even inform her mother about Tiselle.

I thought she had a bad relationship with her mother but she said that’s not the case.

Well, I guess it’s a complicated relationship.

Normally, I wouldn’t want to get involved but Tier’s mother is my mother-in-law.


We waited for about 30 minutes before Tier came out with her letter.

It looks like she’s really troubled.

She looks really tired.

After receiving the letter, Kierbit opened it on the spot.


I raised my voice because that’s clearly a violation of etiquette but Kierbit showed me the letter with a stunned face.


In the letter, the only things that are written are Tier’s name and her mother’s name.

「…………code? Will what’s written appear if you put some secret concoction?」

Hearing my question, Tier averted her face.

「If you don’t write a little more, the vice chief will cry.」

Tier’s mother is the vice chief.

She has the same job as Kierbit before, a shrine maiden of the Garret Kingdom.

「That’s how it is.」


「Alright, I’ll write a little more.」

Kierbit’s departure was delayed by a day.


After seeing Kierbit off, I returned to my mansion and was tackled by a kitten.

A splendid blow.

I’m down in agony.

The kitten rides on me who’s on the ground.


In addition, the anenekos got on board too.

This….they might be angry because I haven’t paid attention to them for a while.

They’re angry alright.

Their claws are sticking out.

My bad.

Look, I’ll caress your chin.

How about your back?

How about belly….ah, you don’t want to.


I’ll just go with your wishes.

Back of ear is fine.


I only have two hands.

I can’t stroke all eight of you at once.

Can you stop scratching me?

It’s quite painful.

I played with them for two hours.


I’m pretty tired.

However, I’m satisfied.

That was good.

But, what’s with leaving immediately when the demon king arrived to play?

I wonder if I was played with.

It doesn’t seem to be the case since cat….I mean Raigiel, has come to me.

Alright alright.

You won’t get angry if I stroke your belly, won’t you?

You hate the base of the tail though.

I know.

I won’t stroke you there.

Just kidding.

Stop biting.


After finishing my battle with the cats, a few kuros were looking at me.

They have the face of expecting something.

They saw me with the kittens earlier.


Wait wait.

Don’t tell me you’re going to tackle me?

Think about how different you are with the cats.

You guys have horns.

The cats don’t have it.

Do you understand?

Right, do you really understand?


But one of them tackled me.

The pain.


After that cats and the kuros, I thought of Alfred and the others.

All right.

Let’s play with them.

What do you want to do?

Want to play something new?

That’s right.


I pulled out a moderate size bamboo and made a blowgun.

The arrow is also wood.

It looks like a big toothpick.

First of all, be careful.

The only thing you can aim for is the target.

Never point to people.

If anyone gets hurt, I’ll confiscate them all.

I’ve prepared various targets.

If you hit it, it will fall down.

I’ll also write your scores.

You can calculate them yourself.


I’m not fooling you.

It’s only a confirmation on how much you learn.

You can blow three arrows per turn and put your total score here.

Next to the children, who are playing blowguns, are the high elves who have unusually serious faces.

「Fufufu. What a nostalgic weapon.」

「If you apply harori poison on the arrow…fufufu」

「If you put a needle at the tip of the arrow, it will increase the fatality.」


I’m a little scared.

But, what are the mountain elves doing?

Using a machine is a foul.

Also, it doesn’t need a rapid-fire function.

No, I’m trying to say that 60 barrages of rounds are not OK…..

Ah, the children are enviously looking at the machine of the mountain elves.

Ursa, I won’t let you get it.

You can’t.

You absolutely can’t.


Can I fire it?

To fire, I just have to turn this crank?


I-I think once is enough.

Is everyone enjoying playing with blowguns? I enjoyed it.


By the way, the next day.

I played with the spiderlings that did not hibernate since morning.

I know.

I won’t forget you guys.

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka TOC

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