Arc 1 Chapter 2.9 – High Elf


After coming back from the 5th floor and eating lunch, it was time for Kouhi to summon.

Mitsuki’s summoning will start after dinner because it will be better for her to summon at night.

Kouhi, who’s preparing for the summoning, will do it on the 73rd floor.

She has things to prepare before summoning.

It is said that she needs to prepare something since she won’t summon like she did with Wahid’s group.

Wahid’s group is no match for Kouhi and Mitsuki but they are quite strong compared to the level of this world.

(What kind of existence will they summon to make them prepare like this?)           

Kousuke was thinking of that so he asked Mitsuki. He received a very simple answer.

「My apologies, you seem to have misunderstood.」

「Misunderstood? …What do you mean?」

「The reason why it didn’t take a lot of time to summon those six is because our summoning level is high in the first place but it will usually take more time and effort to summon them. However, we really have no idea if those six are the ones who’ll be summoned.」

「….be more specific.」

「When we summoned those six, we only set rough conditions but this time, we will specify the person we’re going to summon so it will take time and effort.」

「….do you really have to?」

「What we need this time are specific people that can take care of the castle and the tree, right? The castle aside, the world tree….no matter how you think about it, you’ll need a specific world tree expert that can take care of it or else, the tree itself will die. Therefore, even if it takes a lot of effort, we will do so since it is the only way to summon the person we need.」

「….I see. Does Mitsuki have any idea who’s that talent going to be?」

「I can roughly guess. Do you have any guess?」

When Kousuke was asked with that question, he thought of a classic fantasy world.

「I do….there are demi-humans in this world but I haven’t met anyone yet.」

「Have you not met one in Ryuusen? Maa, if that’s the case, you should look forward till Kouhi summons that person. If I say it now, Kouhi might sulk.」

When he imagined a sulking Kouhi, Kousuke unintentionally smiled.

「I’ll look forward to it then….How about you, Mitsuki?」

「That’s also a secret. In my case, it’s a castle so I don’t have that much specific requirement but I’ll summon someone particular too.」

Mitsuki said so as she smiled.

Somehow, Kousuke was fascinated by that teasing smile but he did not ask her more.


While he was speaking with Mitsuki, Kouhi came back.

「I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. I’m ready.」

「It’s okay. Then, let’s go….well, before that, shouldn’t the tree be installed first?」

「….you’re right. Please.」

「Okay, hold a minute…..okay. Good to go.」

「Then, let’s go.」

After Kouhi said so, the three of them headed to the 73rd floor.


—Scene Change—


In the center of the 73rd floor, a world tree sapling was planted. The three of them headed to that place….

「….this is a sapling?」

Since it was called a sapling, Kousuke, who’s expecting to see a small plant, was staring at the sapling in blank surprise.

Although it is supposed to be a sapling, the height of this tree does not agree.

Its thickness is indeed thinner compared to other trees but Kousuke is not convinced that this big tree is the said sapling.

「That’s right. The world tree, although it is indeed a tree, it is different from other trees. If this grows, it will be incomparably bigger than any other tree. What do you think?」

「Incomparably bigger….by how much?」

「It will be around a hundred meters.」


Outrageously big.

「It is a sacred tree that is said to support the world once it matures properly.」


For the time being, he only well-understood that it is different from ordinary trees.


The preparation took some time but the summoning itself is not that long. After lights flashed for a few seconds, one man was summoned.

It can be said that it is according to expectations, the man has long, pointy ears.

「…an elf?」

「That’s right. To be exact, a high elf.」

Kousuke was standing a little away from the summoning circle so he asked Mitsuki who’s next to him.

There was “high” in the name but the appearance is similar to a classic fantasy elf.

He is overflowing with beauty.

The beautiful high elf conversed with the summoner, Kouhi.

「Are you the one who awakens me from my slumber?」

「That’s right. My name is Kouhi. I have something I want you to do that’s why I summon you.」

「… is most unfortunate but I’m already……!!!!!?」

The high elf, who was about to say words of refusal, was surprised when she saw what’s behind Kouhi. He stopped talking.

「….could this be…..!?」

「You’re right. This is a world tree sapling. I called you to take care of it.」

「…..if that is the case, please take care of me from now on…..but….where did you get it?」

「Let’s talk about that later. Now, I will introduce you to my lord.」


Kouhi started walking Kousuke while the high elf was confused.

But he chased after Kouhi in a hurry afterward.

Kouhi, who is now before Kousuke, introduced Kousuke.

「This is my lord, Kousuke-sama desu.」

「…..nice to meet you. I’m the high elf Liston-desu. My best regards.」

「Hello, nice to meet you. This is Mitsuki. I am the manager of this place but I’m not really the one who’s doing it all. I’ve basically left this place to Kouhi so please follow Kouhi’s instruction from now on.」


Liston greeted Kousuke, who was introduced by Kouhi as her lord, though he looked confused.

Kousuke noticed what’s happening so he talked lightly to Kouhi.

「Then, should I take my leave?」

「Yes. It’s okay. I’ll take care of the rest.」

「Okay, see you.」

After Kousuke said that, he went back to the management floor with Mitsuki.


When it is only the two of them, Liston asks Kouhi.

「That human, is your lord….is it true?」

「…..yes, what about it?」

「….to be honest, he doesn’t look like the kind of person you would serve.」

Hearing Liston’s words, Kouhi giggles.

「Doesn’t that only mean that your eyes are nothing but knotweed?」

「….what are you saying?」

「I literally mean it.」

「….I don’t understand. No matter how you look at him, he’s just a human….!?」


With just a word from Kouhi, Liston shut up.

The pressure Kouhi gives off makes him tremble and kneel down instinctively.

It can be said that elves are proud in general. Especially in the case of high elves since they considered themselves to be the top existence. It is impossible for them to bend their knees.

The high elf Liston, was forced to bend his knees and bow his head with the pressure from Kouhi alone.

He instinctively thought that she should never be his enemy. His instinct told him that she is a superior existence and that his words touched her reversed scale.

「….I will only forgive you this once, there is no next time.」

「…..I am terribly sorry」

While looking down, he finally managed to squeeze out some words.

「If you don’t understand the greatness of my lord right now, take your time to do it. If you still can’t, that means your lack the capability to do so.」


After hearing that reply, the pressure from Kouhi finally dissipated.

Liston, who was relieved of the pressure, finally managed to relax his body.

「I’ll tell you something….No, this is more of an advice….I’ll give it to you.」

「……what is it?」

「If you said the same thing in front of Mitsuki, even your soul would have ceased to exist.」


「I’m advising you because you don’t seem to understand. Mitsuki is someone I admit as my equal.」

「Thank you for your advice.」

Liston bowed and kneeled again.


—Scene Change—


Mitsuki, who has returned to the management floor, is hugging Kousuke’s arm.

「Are you okay?」

「What do you mean?」

giggle….don’t you already know what I mean?」

Kousuke just shrugged his shoulders at the giggling Mitsuki.

However, he also noticed that Mitsuki’s eyes are not laughing.

「Maa….it is plain to see.」

From Kousuke’s point of view, Liston is looking down on him.

「That’s right.」

「Thus, I think what I did was good, don’t you think so too?」

「Fumu….did it hurt your feelings?」

「No, I just thought that Mitsuki can’t take it anymore if we stay there.」

He told that to Mitsuki while sticking out his tongue.

「That, right, I wonder.」

「That’s why I decided to leave it to Kouhi and run away.」

「Fuh….maa, if Kousuke-sama doesn’t care about what happened, I won’t mind it too.」


His lips were suddenly blocked.

「This is my reward to you. Thank you.」

「……you’re welcome..」


After that, Mitsuki’s mood became very good as she prepared for her summoning. Later, Kousuke talked next to Kouhi.

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