Chapter 385 – Beastboy’s School Life, Summer, Irene


My name is Irene.

I am the eldest daughter of a viscount family in the demon king’s kingdom.

I should be marrying a suitable partner for me soon but it is difficult to find a partner for me.


「Isn’t it because you beat up all the other parties hard?」

「Father, I’m not that rude to beat someone. It’s a proper duel. I want my husband to be strong enough to protect me. Is it wrong for me to wish for that?」

「If that is really your wish, how about you stop training? You are already the strongest demon of our house. Have you even thought of that?」

「That’s strange. Strength is necessary for the nobles of the demon king’s kingdom. Wasn’t it father who taught me that?」

That’s the reason why I started training my sword skill.

「I’m sorry. I’m honestly sorry. I said that to you before since you were still small and cute back then. That time, I don’t want you to be a bride yet.」

「Then, how about now?」

「Get married already.」

「I’m not yet at the age where I’ll need to worry about that.」

We, demons, are not people who attach too much importance to age.

If you’re 100 or 200 years old, you certainly need to worry.

But I’m only 21 years old.

「For nobles, it is normal to get engaged and married in your teenage years.」

「You’re right….」

I have no fiancé.

I had but I beat him up.

「Go and be a bride and make me feel relieved. I no longer care what’s the social status of your partner. Even if he’s a commoner, I won’t get angry. If he’ll be your groom, I’ll treat him as a miracle.」

「Father, your honesty makes me want to shed tears…. Also, excuse me but I’m pretty confident in my beauty.」

It is not a lie.

If I’ll stay quiet, I will be praised as a once-in-a-hundred-year beauty.

If I feel like it, males who want to become my groom will pour in.

「Can you even stay quiet? Even when you’re sleeping, you are constantly moving that it’ll be mistaken that you’re in a rampage.」

「That only happens a few times in a year.」

「Irene, it’s not.」

Ah, I know that expression.

This will be a long talk.

Let’s escape quickly and return to school.

That is the only place where I can freely rampage.

The problem is, I’m pretty dissatisfied since no one can beat me….I’ve been away from school for a long time because of matchmaking so there might be one or two tough men there now.


This will be fun.


I was defeated.

Instant kill?

I usually win with the enemy not being able to do anything but now I lose without being able to do anything…

And the other party is only a small boy.

A beast boy.

I see. I see.



Let’s admit him as my husband.


Where is that boy….?

Oh, there he is.

We’re still in the middle of talking, what are…..he blasted off the best mage in the school, Lovia.


This is….bad.

Lovia, like me, is a woman who says she will not marry anyone unless he’s stronger than her.

Ah, those eyes, I’m too late.

Those are the eyes of a woman in love.

However, I won’t let you.

I’m the first one to meet him.

「How many soldiers can be gathered immediately?」

Our family butler responded in a proud voice.

「If you need students, about 20. If you want regular soldiers of our house, only two but if you can wait until tomorrow, we can gather 30.」

「I can’t wait. Gather those 20 students. After that, I’ll negotiate with my husband.」

「Pardon me, ojousama. It will be impossible to secure him with only 20 students. Ojousama doesn’t know this since you were not here but, that boy is related to the sword god, Gulf-sama.」

「The sword god?」

I’ve personally witnessed the power of the sword god Gulf-sama in Shashaato City.

Inhumanly powerful.

Even without fighting him, I already know that I can’t win.

If only Gulf-sama is not married, I would want him to be my husband.

「About two months ago, that boy……To be exact, he visited the three beastboys. They were trained with swordsmanship and to my regret, I was noticed….」

「You were?」

「My apologies.」

「No, that’s already expected since it’s the sword god Gulf-sama.」

「……my apologies. It was that boy who noticed me. Gulf-sama didn’t care about me.」

「I want him more and more. However, since the sword god Gulf-sama is his backer, we can’t use a rough method. Do you think that ordinary soldiers won’t be his opponent?」


「Then, what’s the plan?」

「Please, leave it to me. I will make sure ojousama will be able to secure your groom to be.」

With that, my colorful student life has begun.

「What? He’s a teacher?」

「Ojousama, please don’t just beat up a random stranger.」

「That’s how we met so don’t complain. Teacher and student. Yes, there’s nothing wrong with that.」

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka TOC

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