Chapter 386 – Beastboy’s School Life, Summer, Lovia


My name is Lovia.

I’m a student of the Gullgald Noble Academy.

I’m not a boastful person but I take pride in being the school’s number one in terms of offensive magic.

Not the number one student.

Number one in school.

In other words, I’m better than the teachers.

No, I’m not a boastful person.

I know that in this world, there are people better than me.

The world is wide.

For example, my brother.

In terms of offensive magic, he’s better than me but it doesn’t mean that he’s better than me in other types of magic.

My brother was a teacher at this school so I enrolled here too but….for some reason, he suddenly moved to another school.

Regrettable desu.

I think it is called Ifrus School or something.

It was a recently opened school so they might have invited my brother.

With that in mind, I’m a little proud.

Though I got off topic, I’ll say it again, there are people better than me.

My friend said something to me who thinks so.

「I heard a rumor of guys that may threaten your status, Lovia.」

Translation: There are three beastboys trending now. From what I heard, they are also good at magic. Do you think they are better than you, Lovia? I’m curious.


I’m also curious.

However, I won’t challenge them to a duel.

Which one is better?

I don’t care but if you want to be my husband, that’s a different story.


In front of me, one of the three beastboy brothers was fighting.

And won in a blink of an eye.

The other party is Irene.


Did I just see that Irene lost?

Irene is one of the few people at the school I acknowledge.

If it’s only offensive magic, I’m better but I won’t hold a candle against her if it is magic and sword technique combo.

Irene lost without being able to do anything.


…..Ah, could it be that it was set up?

But from what I heard, it was Irene who suddenly challenged the other party….

There should be no time for him to do some underhanded trick since the match started on the spot.

In other words, did he prepare in advance?

Why would he even do that?

He wants to be selected.

Irene has said this for a long time.

If someone wants to be his husband, he needs to beat her first in a duel.

That could be it.


One of those beastboys…..look like a boy.

Demon’s age can’t be measured by outer appearance but given the way he acts, I’m sure.

I’m sure that he’s younger than my brother desu.

Nevertheless, did he really do it?

Did he prepare that much just to take Irene?



Irene is indeed a beautiful demoness.

Her chests are bigger than mine too.

However, if you really want to take a wife in this school, shouldn’t you be planning against me?

Maybe he knew my power so he got scared?

That’s possible but it’s regrettable since I don’t want a husband that’s too young.

As her senior, I have a responsibility of educating him.

「Boy over there, hold your wand.」


That boy is my destined person.

There’s no other explanation given how we met.

It was my blunder of being too nervous and missed my chance to immediately propose to him.

Thanks to that, Irene gets in the way.

I will not forgive you.

He is my husband.

Not my husband yet?

Don’t bother with the details.

He’ll definitely be in the future.


My husband is talking happily with Konegit.

Konegit is a commoner but she’s the daughter of a business magnate so she was allowed to enroll at this noble’s school.

Her knowledge in economics is said to be the best in the school.

One of the four heavenly kings, Hou Leg-sama, who’s in charge of this kingdom’s finance, also recognizes her ability. It is said that she’ll be her subordinate after she graduates.

In fact, even though she’s still a student, she visits the royal castle almost every day to help her with her work.

She’s unusually at school and she’s acting over familiar with my husband.

From where did she exactly sniff out rumors about my husband?

Maa, I don’t need to panic.

My husband will not waver by her temptation.


She’s giving him something.


I see, handmade bento.


But that won’t work.

Don’t you know how delicious the food my husband makes?

Giving him half-baked food is counterproductive….he’s eating it happily!


Does she have good culinary skills?

Ah, no way!

The meat in that bento… expected, killer rabbit meat!

According to the little information I have about my husband, it is his favorite!


I’ll do it.

Recently, the distribution volume of high-quality killer rabbit meat has increased for some reason but it is still hard to obtain.

I’ll do my best to get some too.


By the way, Irene has been next to me for quite some time.

You have something to tell me, right?

So it’s not about my men and your men fighting against each other….it is not about renting a bath too.

Yes, you’re right.

The first thing we need to do is to reduce the number of rivals.

That’s the result of our talk.

He’s definitely going to be my husband in the future but I don’t think the road will be flat.

However, the steeper the road, the more my love will flare up.

「Eh, those three are not brothers?」

This won’t do.

I have to know things related to him.

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka TOC

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