Chapter 388 – Hiichirou’s Mistake, My Mistake


The kittens are angry and the dragon form Hiichirou.

It’s an unusual sight.

However, it can’t be helped.

Hiichirou transformed into a dragon inside the mansion and destroyed a part of the building.

Though the mansion is huge, the place where he transformed is not.

It was the vacant room that the kittens often used to take naps.

They don’t use it much during winter but that’s still their favourite place.

The kittens are saying meow meow to Hiichirou to complain.

Forgive him already.

I’ll make a new box for you as a replacement for that broken room.

Ah, I’ll put a blanket in the middle of it.

Of course, you’ll have one box each.

Will this fix their mood?


Hiichirou, will you transform back to human form now?

Or else we can’t repair it.

Good good.

Hnn….when Hiichirou transformed back to human, it felt cold.

It’s because of that hole in the wall.

The kittens are no longer here.

Let’s repair it fast.

As for Hiichirou…..Hakuren came to pick him up so I’ll leave him to her.

By the way, why did Hiichirou suddenly transform into a dragon?

Instead of answering, Hiichirou made a big sneeze.

And transforms into a dragon again.

Ah, I got it.

This time, it was good that he transformed in the middle of the mansion.

He caused no damage.

「Hakuren, are you okay?」

「Ara? Are you worried about me?」

Hakuren was holding Hiichirou in his dragon form.

「Of course, I’m worried. I’m glad you’re okay. So, what’s happening to Hiichirou?」

He’s still unstable but there won’t be a problem once he grows up.

I see.

The problem is he’s sneezing.

Does he have a cold?

Or some allergy….what’s the cause?

This dirty sheet.

What is this?

The sheet the Hiichirou treasures.

I see.

It is good that you treasure something but that needs to be washed… don’t want it to be washed.

This part of the sheet is your favourite and if it is washed, it will feel different…..I see.

Raimeiren and Ann take that sheet to wash it from time to time so Hiichirou came to that vacant room to hide that sheet.

I see.

Maa, I understand that you cherish something but the problem is, it is now so dirty that it caused you to sneeze.

Wash it.

My heart aches upon seeing Hiichirou’s despair.

I’ll leave the rest to you, Hakuren.

By the way, it seems like the oni maids are aware of Hiichirou’s behavior and planned to get the hidden sheet and wash it later.

I will be glad if he didn’t bear any grudge against me.


Ursa’s comforting Hiichirou.

Oh, they look like a pair of good brother and sister.

And Alfred is enviously looking at Hiichirou who’s being comforted by Ursa.


My son has grown up before I knew it.


The room was repaired by the high elves so it only took half a day.

Yeah, thanks for your hard work.

I did my best too.

Making lunch and dinner for the high elves.


After dinner.

I went to the workshop and made boxes for the kittens.

Making a box is not so difficult.

The difficult thing is considering the size.

This is a little too small, isn’t it? Well, the kittens are divided into the right size box and spacious box factions.

It will be best to listen to their opinions but the kittens won’t be unified.

Let’s just make a lot of boxes and let them choose what they want.

Maa, cats are capricious so I guess they will only choose after a few days.

Until then, I’ll leave the boxes to them.

Raigiel and Jewel, you can come in.

What kind of box does Raigiel want?

For Jewel….you want a box with Raigiel in it.

They are on good terms.

I feel a little lonely since Loo’s not here.


When I was thinking of that, Loo came home.

After a short sense of happiness, I started making things again with the free high elves and mountain elves.

Are we going to make a big building?

But I’m a little lonely.

I hugged Kuro who’s nearby.


Noon of the next day.

I’m having a meeting with the civil servant girls and Youko about the issue of too much accumulated gold in Village Five.

The civil servant girls and Youko brought out some goods on the table.

Firewood, charcoals, glass bottles.

Currently, Big Tree Village is buying them in large quantities via Village Five.

Necessities, as well as reserves, are taken to Big Tree Village to meet its demand. As for the rest, they are left for Village Five to deal with. However, they said that these goods will soon overflow the village like what happened to gold.


The civil servant girls brought out another batch of goods on the table.

Pepper, Miso, soy sauce, oil, cloth, alcohol, honey, medicine, meat, wheat, garlic, apple, orange, tea, cabbage, radish, strawberry, wood crafts, iron crafts, iron weapons, wood, dried persimmon.

They are goods sold by Big Tree Village, Village One, Village Two, Village Three, and Village Four to the outside world.

The cloth was made by Zabuton’s group.

The medicine were research results of Loo, Tier, and Flora so those are allowed to be exported.

The meat is rabbit and boar meats hunted in the forest.

Wood crafts are my handmade small things.

Cups, plates, forks, etc.

Iron crafts are iron weapons are made by Gutt and his disciples.

The wood is….wood from the tree from the forest of death that I cut using the AFT.

「Those were arranged by transaction value. The highest source of profits are pepper, miso, and soy sauce.」

I see.

I was wondering why there’s no mayonnaise. They probably excluded it since it is being produced in Village Five.

However, did we really trade that much dried persimmon?

Most of them are eaten by Rasuti so I don’t feel like selling them outside.

「Those goods were lined up in order of profit value with the dried persimmon as the lowest profiteer.」

I see.

Got it.

「The purpose of arranging them like that is to make village chief aware of the current situation.」

Now that you mention it, it seems to be easier to understand now but what is it that I’m unaware….

「Currently, we can pay for the firewood, charcoal, and glass bottles purchased from outside with the profit from dried persimmon alone.」


「In other words, all others are not transactions but profits only.」


「Yes, we are investing money in Village Five but the profit from radish can sponsor the whole thing alone.」

Is that so?

「The problem is not the profit but too much accumulated cash. Cash that’s not flowing in the circulation.」

Michael-san told me that before too.

Youko is also nodding.

This is no longer a storage issue but an economic problem.

「Please spend money.」

「I-I know.」

For the time being, increase the amount of firewood, charcoal, and glass bottle purchase….

「Unfortunately, we already hit the maximum purchase of firewood, charcoal, and glass bottle.」


「The amount of firewood, charcoal, and glass bottles that can be purchased in a year is determined by the union. This is not only to protect the craftsmen but also to prevent economic damage due to material depletion.」

Especially firewood and charcoal. I heard that it is impossible to purchase beyond the limit because they are used as military supplies too.

Is that so?

Then, for the time being, let’s stop selling the village’s crops to the outside world….

「Do you plan on plunging the whole demon king’s kingdom into chaos?」


They got angry with all their might.

Youko also said that I’m terrible.

I’m sorry.

Well, I’ll think about it.


I finally recognized my lack of awareness of the current situation.

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