Chapter 389 – Anti-Money Measure


While poking the pot for dinner, I’m thinking about how to deal with the money problem.

「If you want to spend a lot of money…..large-scale construction.」

Roads, buildings, dams, dike, breakwater.

「We have already started developing the area surrounding Village Five. Other than that, where can we construct those?」

Yuri asked me that while taking a slice of meat from the pot with a chopstick.

「How about the outskirts of Shashaato City?」

「Village chief, that won’t do.」


「Shashaato City is not the only place that has a governor. Other places have them too.」

「Yeah, let’s just tell the governor that we’ll be investing there.」

「Village chief, let’s me just confirm one thing, do you plan on invading the demon king’s kingdom?」

「Eh? Of course not. Why are you even asking that?」

「Well, how do I explain… to governors and lords, dumping some cash in front of them and telling them to construct things is impolite.」

「Eh? They don’t want it?」

「Yes. The job of a governor or a lord is to collect taxes and use those taxes on the land they govern.」

My idea is like directly confronting the governors and lords of the land.

In other words, it was like assassinating them in broad daylight.

It seems like if I do that, they’ll likely wage war.

「Please consider the territory as a home. Your suggestion is something like this “Hey, your house is a little crappy and has some damage, here’s some money for the repair.”. Even if you say that in good faith, don’t you think only a few people will be happy to be told like that?」


Some might say they’re lucky and will be happy about it but I think most will hate it.

「My bad. My idea is too shallow.」

「No, I’ve also made similar mistakes. Please forgive me if I was a bit rude.」

Yuri said so as she put more meat on the pot….because the meat is all gone.

Eat vegetables too.


However, since a large-scale construction is a bad idea….what should we do?

「Can I donate them?」

Frau’s the one who answered me this time.

「It is not a bad idea but you need to have a reason.」


「You can’t give me money without a reason.」

「Is that so? 」

「It’s similar to Yuri-sama’s explanation. Also, you can only give a moderate amount of money. 」

「Moderate amount? 」

「Yes. If you give too much, it will be considered as an act of contempt for the financial power of the other party. 」

「Is that really the case? Won’t they be happy with being donated with? 」

「I’ll give village chief an example… have an acquaintance that sends you a large amount of radishes and potatoes every year, how would you feel? 」

「I see. If I get more than the acceptable sharing amount, it is like saying that my own radishes and potatoes are not so good.」

「That’s right. Money is important and it will be great if you have someone reliable to run to if you encounter trouble. However, donating more than necessary will disrupt existing social relationships especially the power balance. You should refrain from doing it before you get accustomed.」

Frau concluded so as she adds mochi in the pot.

What’s with that amount of mochi?

I know that it’s delicious but it is not good to overeat.


Now, we can’t start large-scale construction or large amounts of donations.

「From what I hear from you, Yuri and Frau, it won’t be a good idea to start something on other places other than Big Tree Village and Village Five.」

「That’s right.」

One of the civil servant girls agrees.

「The root of the problem is Big Tree Village only sells good quality products while the amount purchased from the demon king’s kingdom is small. We’ll be in black if we continue to trade like this.」

She seems to like mushrooms.

She put a large amount of mushrooms in the pot. When the soup stock turned black, the others stopped her.

Except for maitake. They didn’t stop her.

All right, let’s prepare a new pot for mushrooms.

By the way, slice the truffles thinly.

The thinner the better.

Put some vegetables too.

「Since it is a surplus trade….how about reducing the price of the products from Big Tree Village? Won’t the situation slightly improve because of that?」

「It’s not a good idea to sell something of great value at a price of something of low value. It will confuse the demon king’s kingdom and crush the industry.」

One of the civil servant girls objected while checking the thickness of the sliced truffles.

It seems like that the price had already been set to the lowest possible and any further price cut will bother farmers and craftsmen of the demon king’s kingdom.

Cutting price is not a good idea.

Got it.

And I think the truffle should be thinner.


「Then, what should we do? It is also a bad idea not to sell, right?」

Many people who buy our products say that they want us to increase the production more.

However, if we do the opposite, there will be riots.

「The prices of those products will explosively increase if we do that. If you want to plunge the demon king’s kingdom into chaos, that will be a great idea.」

This time, it was Tier, who just came in, that answered my question.

She was late because she was breastfeeding Aurora.

Ah, you feed Lupumirina too.

Thank you.

「So, is this a meeting about how to control the demon king’s kingdom?」

「No. There are a lot of people from the demon king’s kingdom here, don’t say strange things. Someone, bring a new plate and chopsticks for Tier. Also, add a new plate of vegetables.」

「And a plate of meat please.」

The latecomer Tier became the master of the pot at that moment.


「When it comes to spending money, it is best to invest in culture.」

Tier said that while waiting for the newly added ingredients to be cooked.


「Yes. For example, art desu.」

「Ah, paintings.」

「Not just paintings. There is a great variety of them like music, theater, poetry, writings, and sculpture. They would disappear without the protection of those in power.」

「So that’s how it is. Cultural protection. Not a bad idea.」

The problem is, I’m not a man with power so let’s put it aside.

All I have is money.

Though the idea is great.

Yuri, Frau, and the other civil servant girls nodded too.

「However, I think many of those leading men and objects of cultures are already being protected by men in power.」

Tier was the one who said that.

And she’s convincing.

She’s certainly correct.

Even if I don’t do anything, men in power are already working to protect culture.

「Then, let’s stop talking about asylum and go to the nurturing area. How about building a cultural school?」

「….cultural school, is it?」

That sounds fun but….that will be a lot of problems.

Who will teach and where will it be built?

Is it necessary to negotiate with the demon king’s kingdom?

「It is not an idea that can be implemented immediately. It will probably take a few years from now before we can start. At this stage……we can only spend money by buying paintings, crafts, books, and jewels to decorate the school.」

Tier explained. The problem is we have too much stored cash so the problem will be solved if we are left with things other than cash.

Is that alright?

「I’m just worried that we’ll be ridiculed as people who swing their gold bag.」

Tier said so while putting her chopsticks into the boiling pot.


After eating.

「Let’s just add sports in cultural protection.」

When I consulted the demon king who just arrived, he told me that.

「The weak point of baseball is the cost of equipment. Currently, only some rich people can participate. However, if the price of equipment will be cheaper, the number of participants will increase. If you run a big baseball tournament, gold will disappear in no time.」


That’s helpful.

As expected of the top of the demon king’s kingdom.



A conversation between the demon king and Yuri.

「I was praised for saying something I want him to sponsor.」

「Father, you’re cunning.」

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