Chapter 390 – Implementation of Anti-Money Measures


「You decided to spend money on cultural protection and nurturing?」

Youko asked and I nodded to that conclusion.


Only officially since I want to avoid being thought of as someone planning underhanded things.

「Officially or not, it will be similar.」

Youko laughed and reached for a taiyaki on the table.

It’s a product of the taiyaki cooker made by Gutt and the mountain elves.

The filling is red bean paste.

I was trouble whether to use tsubuan* or koshian* but I decided to use my own way of cooking because factions were formed. I want to avoid conflict.

TN: Both red bean paste, the difference is the preparation method.

Therefore, the taiyaki’s filling is koshian.

On the other hand, obanyaki will be filled by tsubuan.

The obanyaki pan is already in the process of completion.


「Now, let’s start discussing our cultural protection and nurturing plan.」

I’ll be discussing the plan with Youko.

First, we’ll ask merchants to buy artworks in various places.

However, there is a limit on how much they’ll purchase an item.

Though I want to spend money, I don’t have any hobby of buying expensive things in vain.

I have to make everyone understand that.

However, I don’t know the value of things.

In order to not be deceived, the purchase price limit is necessary.

「Also, a museum will be built in order to display those collected works of art.」

It will be built in Village Five during winter.

The high elves were taken by Loo and I don’t know when they’ll return but it seems like the carpenters in Village Five can build it too.

No, it’s not like I don’t trust the ability of the carpenters of Village Five.

I just have an image that anything connected to construction is the high elves’ area of expertise.


The museum will be open to the general public.

By making the viewing fee free, we aim to spread both culture and financial power of Village Five.

Personally, I would be happy if there were more painters.

「Umu. Also, some people rather enjoy music.」

Village Five Museum will also include a theater.

It will be a place where people can enjoy not only art exhibits but also plays and music.

It will also be the home to an Arts School, which is Tier’s idea.

However, it is not the school I know. It feels more like making an entire apartment into a classroom.

It is closer to a homeschool than a school.

Currently, there are neither teachers nor students.

Let’s talk to Michael-san and the demon king.

Ah right, sports protection is the demon king’s idea.

That said, both mass-producing the equipment and building a place to play are difficult.

For the time being, let’s make a baseball field in Village Five.

「How about that?」

When I asked if she’s okay with the plan, Youko nodded.

「Maa, the merchants will move flashily so we won’t need to worry about artworks.」

Circulating cash is an important move but it is also important to appeal to others when using cash.

Therefore, we can only move “officially”.


「Then, let’s talk about the things we’ll do behind the scenes. 」

Youko looks happy.

As I said a while ago, we’re not going to do bad things behind the scene.

It’s just that when a large amount of money is used, the effect is not immediately visible and there are a lot of things that will happen behind official things.


「First of all, the formation of medical team.」

The inhabitants of this world are good against physical injuries because of the existence of healing magic but they are quite poor with regard to diseases and epidemics.

Though diseases can also be healed by magic, the number of such mages are limited and their service fee is expensive too. It can also be healed using medicine but that’s equally expensive.

Not to mention commoners, even nobles can’t easily pay for them.

To solve that problem, I want to form an organization.

That’s the medical team.

Gather and educate those who wish to participate.

A few of them will be spread around.

They will go around and treat sick people.

They will treat everyone regardless of their social position.

Treatment fee is free.

They will not accept anything.

If they have to, they’ll escape in order to not receive payment.

It will be a bona fide group with only good intentions.

「Interesting. However, if you really want that to happen, it will probably take at least three decades before village chief’s desired result can be achieved.」

Therefore, we’ll do it from behind the scenes.


「Next, the formation of culinary culture team.」

In this world, cooking is underdeveloped.

But that’s only from my point of view.

From the point of view of the local inhabitants of this world, they are cooking properly.

There are local specialties that can be boasted in various places.

Investigate this and have them record it.

That is their first mission.


Their second mission is to search for unique seasonings and cooking methods in various places.

I would like them to find out what kind of things are there regardless of their deliciousness or taste.

There are limits to my knowledge alone.

Who knows if it will become a conception of a new dish.


The last task is to spread my cooking knowledge.

Youko pointed out that it might be better to monopolize and profit from it but I want people to at least know the basic cooking methods.

If everyone can eat delicious food, there would be no conflict in the world.

My idea might be too idealistic but it is still better than a world with only bad food.

「It’s good to have more delicious dishes.」

Youko took out the red bean paste from a taiyaki.

What kind of evil thing are you doing?


「Next, the formation of the monster investigation team.」

In this world, there are adventurers.

They beat monsters and demon beasts to receive payment and get materials.

Maa, they are also handymen that you can be hired to do anything but adventurers are mostly recognized as people who fight against monsters for a living.

Those adventurers are basically affiliated with the adventurer’s guild.

Therefore, I was wondering if the guild was sharing a lot of information.

However, it seems like they are not.

The guild is only responsible for managing requests and payments for the adventurers.

They neither train nor develop adventurers.

There are some guilds that train but that’s only because it’s the staff’s hobby.

Therefore, information regarding monsters and demon beasts can only be gained from senior adventurers. Adventurers who were not blessed to have a good senpai will encounter a terrible experience.

I don’t like that.

Though adventurers live in an adventurer’s way, information about monsters and demon beasts is a necessity for an adventurer’s life.

I’m not trying to teach them though.

It should be common knowledge.

That’s the purpose of the monster investigation team.

The main thing they’ll do is hire adventurers in various places to gather information.

「It is better to know than not to know. If you know the distribution map of monsters and demon beasts, it may also be possible to develop a safe route.」

Youko, who has finished eating taiyaki, asked me for another one.

Unfortunately, I’m making takoyaki right now.

The Takoyaki pan was also made by Gutt and the mountain elves.

Some people hate octopus so only a fraction of it contains octopus.

Most of them contain chicken, fish, and scallops.

「After eating sweet, you bring out something disgusting.」

Then, why are you saying that while eating it?


「That’s it. We’ll do these things behind the scenes for a long time. The total amount of gold it will consume every year is not small. It seems fun too.」

「That’s right.」

None of them can move openly.

As for the reason, after consulting Yuri and Frau, it seems like doing something like those are acts of disregarding the governors and lords of those places.

「Maa, I’ve already explained it to both demon king and Beezel and got their tacit consent.」

It’s not that important though.

「But there’s a really big problem.」

「What is it?」

「Given the current situation and the official and behind the scene plan…..even if village chief’s plan is 100% successful, it will only use half of our annual profits. Ah, wait, don’t run away.」

Let’s think about it again next time.


When I was thinking about it, someone who needed money appeared.

It’s Loo.

「I’m sorry. I don’t have enough money, lend me some.」

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