Chapter 391 – Cooking Class and Loo’s Research


Lou came to borrow money.

A considerable amount of money.

I asked her what she would use it for but she said it was a secret.

I’ll forgive you because you’re cute.

And so, I lend her some.

I have some and I’m troubled by it because I don’t know how to use them.

Also, I’m sure she won’t use it for bad things.


After one month.

The artworks gathering for cultural protection purposes is progressing and the construction of the museum is going well too.

The behind the scenes medical team, culinary culture team, and monster research team are having difficulties in securing manpower.

However, I don’t mind since that’s already been expected.

I can patiently wait for it.


As part of recruiting talents for the culinary culture team, it was decided that a cooking class will start at Village Five.

The teachers are several oni maids.

The target of that class is the active adventurers of Village Five.

For adventurers, cooking means grilling.

They also grill with high-temperature fire making the meat burn. The burnt part will be scraped off and what’s left behind will be what they’ll eat.

They know by experience that eating raw food is dangerous so that is their countermeasure.

However, that cooking method decreases the part they can eat.

And it’s not delicious either.

Even though they apply salt before grilling, that won’t mean anything since it will be scraped off later.

They should at least learn how to sprinkle salt on the part they’ll eat.

If they do that, they won’t eat it because it will be salty?

Ah, yeah, it’s not like you’ll coat it with salt. You just need to sprinkle some….

Since both Gulf and Daga will participate, the adventurers should be willing to attend.


「Village chief, what’s the requirement and fee in order to be able to participate in the cooking class?」

One of the civil servant girls, who’s managing the cooking class, asked me that.

「If they are citizens of Village Five, it is free but they have to pay for the ingredients they’ll use.」

「I understand. What if someone not from Village Five participates?」

「Ah….prepare a donation box and ask them to put the amount they’re willing to pay in it.」


Thus, the cooking class started. However, there were not many participants in the first class.

There are 10 who reluctantly came but that’s only because they were invited by Gulf and Daga.

However, the number of participants gradually increased during the second to the third time. Today is the fifth time and more than 300 participants came.

Not everyone is an adventurer.

About half of them are not adventurers.

This cooking class is supposed to teach only the basics but I suddenly remembered the history of Village Five.

This city has just been established.

Many people came here to live for a number of reasons.

Even some chefs and housewives don’t know how to cook.

I’m glad I realized that.


The cooking class is very popular so we decided to hold it regularly.

Eventually, I hope that the oni maids will no longer be here to teach and have the residents here to teach the class instead.

By the way, I’m participating as the supervisor of the cooking class for the first time.


Is supervisor necessary?

「Necessary desu. With you here, the motivation of the oni maids, who are currently the teachers, will greatly change.」

Are they?


When I thought that winter was about to end.

Loo triumphantly returned to Big Tree Village.

「It’s done.」

What’s done?

Every free villager of Big Tree Village goes to Village Five because of Loo’s invitation.

From there, we moved down south to the coast.

This is the place where the ship Raimeiren built for Hiichirou sank.

Raimeiren, who also came with us, looks grim as if remembering that.

Currently here now are me, Loo, Tier, Daga, Doraim, Dors, Raimeiren, Hakuren, Alfred, Tiselle, Ursa, and Hiichirou.

The free lizardmen and harpies too.

There are also several minotaurs and centaurs.

The high elves and mountain elves, who accompanied Loo before, are also here.

Gutt’s here too….it seems like he was taken here before I knew it.

Also….there are a lot of smart-looking people here.

It seems like they are officials of Ifrus School.

「It’s about time. Husband, look over there.」

Loo pointed to the surface of the sea that’s about a hundred meters away.

There is nothing.

I look at Loo but she’s smiling fearlessly.

The high elves, mountain elves, and Gutt, who should have acted with Loo, are smiling fearlessly too.


When I look at that sea surface again….the sea level suddenly rose.

Is there something in the water?



A huge ship came out of the sea.

However, there is nothing much aboard that ship.

Well, it came from the sea.

If you think of it as a submarine, that’s normal, right?

Then…what is that?

「This is the newly completed universal ship.」

Loo is so proud of it but….what’s that big arm like thing?


When Loo waved the flag on her hand to signal the ship, the big arm replied.

Then, the giant arm dexterously assembles the upper part of the hull.

A sail was set up in no time and no matter how one looks at it, it looks like a normal ship.

「With that arm, it is possible for it to quickly transform.」

Loo sticks out her chest.

The children are all excited.

They are noisily saying “amazing amazing” repeatedly.

Next to them, Tier looked at Loo with scary eyes.

「That, it’s an application of my golem technique, isn’t it?」

「Well, I indeed use that as a reference.」

Loo looks away from Tier.

Yeah, the present Tier is scary.

I know how you feel.

Let’s have her apologize later.


cough. This is called universal ship but traveling both on and under the sea is not enough to call it universal.」

Loo waved her flag and to signal the ship.

The ship changes shape again.

「This is the result of the repeated research of the Ifrus School of Shashaato City!」

The universal ship rose from the sea and floated in the air.

The people around cheer.

The officials from Ifrus School are pleased saying “We did it”.

The high elves, the mountain elves, and Gutt are celebrating.

The children don’t even know what to say anymore.

「A ship that can freely move underwater, at the sea, and in the air, the universal ship!」

Loo was proud.

「We analyzed the principle of why the Sun Castle floats and succeeded in using it on a smaller scale!」


I honestly conveyed my impressions.

「As expected of you.」

The moment I said so, I heard an unpleasant noise in a distance.

Looking for the source of that noise, I found out that it is the floating universal ship.

Transforming again?

At the moment I thought so, the universal ship broke in half and fell at the sea as it is.



I look at Loo.

She’s already on the ground.

The people from Ifrus School are holding their heads.

The high elves, the mountain elves, and Gutt are all gloomy.

Tier, who has a scary face earlier, did not say anything to Loo.

The children said something….more specifically, Alfred.

「Did it transform again? Will it come out of the sea again?」

I hallucinated Loo, who’s already on the ground, vomiting blood.

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