Chapter 392 – Blood Sucking Princess’ Ship


The universal ship has 40 crews but none of them was injured.

They were able to escape.

The parachute I made before had played a big part for that to happen.

When did you mass produce it?

Well, I don’t really mind though.


Loo finally recovered from shock. She gathered fishermen and seakins around and asked them to recover the submerged wreckage.

The officials from Ifrus School seem to have returned to the school to identify the problem.

As for us, we withdrew since we are only getting on the way.

The high elves and the mountain elves accompany Loo to help recover the wreckage.

Gutt returned to Big Tree Village with us.


One week has passed since then.

Loo has finished cleaning up so she returned to Big Tree Village. I thought I should comfort her so I’m always with her now.

I know she’s depressed and a little embarrassed.

The kuros are watching her enviously.

Once Loo is satisfied, I’ll spoil you too.

However, give way to Loo now.


Me comforting Loo only lasted for about three days.

It stopped because she was confronted by Hakuren.

Not about being spoiled too much but about the crash of the universal ship.

「Can you tell us now what happened?」

That’s what Hakuren said when we were having dinner.

Surrounding the dining table are me, Loo, Tier, Doraim, Dors, and Hakuren.

I was the only one who was surprised after hearing Hakuren. The other seemed to know about it already.

「What does she means?」


Loo’s playing cute makes me feel doubtful.

But that’s cute.

Even though you’re cute, can you answer the question?

What does Hakuren mean?

Tier answered.

「Loo-san built a ship and sank. That’s not true.」

Dors added.

「With that structure, the probability of that ship flying safely is about 50%. If you do some experiments, you will immediately notice the shortcomings. I don’t think anyone who can make a smaller scale system of the Sun Castle would not notice it. In other words, she intended the ship to sink in the first place. But, why did she does that?」

Loo raises her hands as if surrendering to Dors.


「Actually, the number of spies from human countries has increased.」

Loo explained.

Since a little while ago, the number of spies sneaking into Big Roof Shashaato, Ifrus School, and Village Five has been increasing.

They are especially paying attention to Ifrus School.

However, counterintelligence is perfect and most spies are captured.

「Since they are caught, isn’t there no problem?」

「It’s the opposite. If they don’t receive information anymore, their fear will increase.」

Loo immediately answers my questions.

「That’s why I announced what we were doing and showed that we failed.」

「You mean, that crash was intentional?」

「What Dors-sama said is only half correct. I didn’t care whether we fail or succeed. Maa, I thought we were going to succeed though….however, there’s a problem with strength. We used a ship that’s under construction so I guess it can’t be helped. 」

Loo said the cause of the problem but I did not understand it at all.

There’s one thing I’m worried about though.

「Will that crash increase the number of human spies?」

「For the time being. Ifrus School is doing research on airships but failed. The profits of Big Roof Shashaato and Village Five are what made that airship. Those are what the reports to the human countries will contain.」

「So, you intentionally leaked the information?」

Tier confirmed.

「Of course. We’re only pretending to be shocked by the failure…..some people who didn’t know the plan are seriously shocked though.」

「According to the information you leaked for the other parties, how much do they know about the research of Ifrus School?」

「About 1/10 on research and 1/20 on funds.」

「Will they believe it?」

「No. I think that much research data is already too much for them that they’ll treat it as a joke.」

「What will happen to Ifrus School now?」


I’m not sure what’s happening but there seems to be no problem now.

I guess that’s good.


However, is it necessary for Loo to sink that ship just to deal with spies?

Wait a minute.

「I don’t really care if you sink a ship or two but you spent a lot of money, right? You also borrowed money from Village Five, how do you plan on paying it back?」


Acting cute again but I won’t be fooled.

No, if you can’t pay, let’s just pay it using Big Tree Village’s fund since the money you make is….

「I’m just joking around. You don’t need to worry about it. The research result in Ifrus School will become money….the amount borrowed will be repaid after about 10 years.」

「Will become money….but didn’t you fail?」

「We’re not just researching about airship. There are….」

Loo took us out.

Are Doraim and others coming too?

「We’ve been discussing this for a long time. Let’s discuss this to the end.」


Loo is taking us to….the village’s dungeon?

She’s not going to take us to the hot spring, isn’t she?

In other words, we’re going to Village Five?

But isn’t it night already?

「It’s okay because it’s night.」


Village Five is a city built on a small mountain.

The teleportation gate is at the top of that small mountain.

「Please look over there.」

Loo points to the night sky.

The two moons are beautiful.

The shape of one of the moons distorts.


A ship appeared before the moon.

A big sail ship.

It was flying in the sky.

「Universal ship, completed version. Though we don’t have to stick to a sail ship design, it can be used as a deception on certain occasions.」

Riding it are the high elves and mountain elves who went out with Loo.

So that’s why they did not come back.

「Is this completed version can transform too?」

「Yes. It can freely travel over and under water.」

「Why doesn’t it have an arm?」

「The arm was unnecessary. It was only used before to mimic the shape of a board.」

Loo proudly explains the various capabilities of the universal ship.

But not to me.

She explained it to Dors, Doraim, and Hakuren.

No, for Dors only.

「I see.」

Dors nodded.

「It’s splendid. As expected of a vampire that lives for eternity. No, the race is not the reason. This only shows the lady’s wisdom. 」

「Thank you. 」

Hearing Dors’ praise, Loo politely bows.

「Then, will you allow it? 」

「Yeah. I’ll allow that ship to travel in the sky. 」

「Thank you. 」


Ehto, what are you talking about?

Hakuren answered my question.

「The evolution of magic tools is managed by dragons. A long time ago, when magic tools were too developed, the world was ruined. 」

It seems like they were not appointed by someone to do it but doing it voluntarily themselves.

A ship that flies in the sky is already an ancient theme.

During those times, places like the Sun Castle being built are not rare.

However, presently, there are only a few relic airships from the Sun Castle era.

And the only airship that can actually fly now is the completed version of the universal ship.

When I heard Hakuren’s explanation, I felt that Loo did something amazing again.


「However, you shouldn’t spread it rapidly. The number of airships will be counted as the power of a country. Given the current situation, even the demon king will find it difficult to deal with. 」

「I agree. We will not make a new one for the next hundred years. The other ship, no, village, I mean the Sun Castle….we’ll just use this as a method of transport to Village Four. 」

「Umu. That’s good. Then….how about this much? 」

「Could you make it this much? 」

「No no, as expected of you…. We should compromise.」

「Then, this.」

Dors and Loo are having a finger conversation.

What are they talking about?

I look at Hakuren.

「The reason why she won’t build more airships is the dragons so she’s negotiating the price for that.」

「They’re talking about money?」

「They’re talking about numbers of magic tools. It won’t hurt father because he has a mountain of them but….if he gives them to Loo, won’t she make weird things again?」

I think so too.


The negotiation is likely to take time.

However, that thing is a ship flying in the air.


From that ship, they signaled us using a flag and disappeared just like how they appeared earlier.

「Illusion technique. Since the technique has no flaw, I think they are using one of the magic tools that father sent to the village before.」

Hakuren explains to me while smiling a little.

「You only got a glimpse of it and you already know what they are using?」

「I can see the magical power flow. The things from the old days are strong and powerful but the tools made these days are a little poor but precise. The old tools are also using multilayer structure.」

I don’t get what she’s saying.

In any case, Loo’s airship research was not wasted.

It was successful.

That’s all I need to know.

I wonder if it is possible to apply various technologies to make money…..yeah, let’s just use that money to Ifrus School.


The universal ship, I heard that it is moving towards Big Tree Village.

I pray for their safety.

For the time being, when they arrived at the village, let’s bring the children on board.

We have to recover Loo’s dignity when the first ship crashes.

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