Chapter 393 – Shadow


I have no name.

However, I am called shadow.

I also existed as such.

Of course, when I’m in the city, they don’t call me Shadow-san or Shadowchi.

Shadow is a code name.

Yes, I’m a spy.

A person who infiltrates a certain location and steals information.


I was ordered by my boss to infiltrate Shashaato City.

The target is the newly founded Ifrus School.

Whether it is great scholars or teachers, they are gathering those who are considered as authorities in magic.

My purpose is to know what they are doing there.

I disguised myself as a good merchant.

Thus, I headed for Shashaato City leaving traces of being a merchant in several cities along the way.


Curry is delicious.

This is the result of my espionage job since I arrived at Shashaato City six months ago.

No, not only curry but deep-fried food too.

I think hamburger is a culinary revolution.

What’s more, if you add cheese to it…..the deliciousness rises.

It also reaches another level if you put fried egg on top.

In any case, Big Roof Shashaato is just next to Ifrus School.

The foods at the restaurant called Marla, who is the source of those foods, are all delicious.

My head will definitely roll if I send a report like that.

My boss can’t take a joke.

Though I know that I have to do something, I can’t do anything.

After all, there’s no hole in the counterintelligence system of Ifrus School.

Even the school staffs rarely leave the school.

The number of people that can enter is limited.

Even if you have business with someone inside, you’ll only manage to go until a special reception area.


The reason why I’ve been reporting on food for half a year was because the staffs of Ifrus School eat at Marla.

It’s not perfect because some staffs chose Marla’s delivery service but I was able to identify quite a few people.

At the same time, I was able to confirm the number of spies in this city.

The country I came from, the demon king’s kingdom, and the other twelve countries, the spies from them combined are more than 200.

Since I was able to notice that much, there might be more.

Everyone is trying to investigate Ifrus School like me.

If I can cooperate with them, we might be able to do something but we are all spies from our respective country so it is impossible to get along.

That’s what a spy is.

However, there’s no need to be hostile.

Even if they are from different affiliations, we have the same mission.

I won’t do pointless things.

We can even build a mutual trust relationship.

「6th shadow people bowling tournament」

Last time, I lost badly.

This time, I’ll aim to be the champion.

Oh, I’m not playing around.

This is also a mission.

This is like collecting information from other spies.

I have to check the weight of the ball.

Also, I have to find out who was the person in charge of waxing the day before.

It unexpectedly has an effect.


I obtained an important information.

It seems like a baseball team composed of staffs from Ifrus School was established.

Baseball is presently a hot sport in Shashaato City.

Just watching the game is already fun.

I personally like teams that rely on running power.

I don’t hate teams that are good at swinging but those kinds of teams can’t easily win.

For a team to win, the batter plays a solid role.

The staffs of Ifrus School are now involved in sport….

I gazed at the spies around me.

It seems like they are thinking the same.

A baseball team called Shadow People Whale Army was formed.


Fierce Tiger Demon King Army is strong.

Damn it.

What is that pitcher?

I never thought that a beastkin boy can throw that great.

It might be because of the catcher’s instruction.

The catcher of this team is amazing.

He also looks similar to the former king of a neighboring country. Is he a relative or something?


Even if you hit the ball, their defense is solid.

In the end, we lost without getting a single point.


But we were invited by the team manager over Marla for a get together meal.

We talked about our present weaknesses and future strategies.

Yeah, none of us is good at catching a ground ball.

We have to practice more.


The pitcher boy is a school teacher?



A big news came out.

I was able to confirm Lulushi’s existence at Ifrus School.

Lulushi Loo

Race: Vampire

Alias: Blood-Sucking Princess

A great authority on magic, magic tools, and medicine.

She’s been hiding for a while but when did she come to the demon king’s kingdom?

Well, it is true that in the country of humans, demi human’s treatment is not good. For that reason, could it be that her movement was restricted before so she looked for a place she can move freely?


I’m sort of her fan.

But as a mere spy, it’s frustrating that I can’t do anything at all.


Lulushi’s moves are conspicuous.

She suddenly bought a ship under construction and employed a large number of personnel to do something about that ship.

Are they trying to complete the ship?

Many people from Ifrus School are involved.

I intended to infiltrate as a carpenter in disguise but changed my mind.

A spy disguised as a carpenter was caught before me.

This means that the security is strict.

In other words, they are making something very important.

I must not take my eyes off this.


I did not intend to take my eyes off it but before I knew it, a large number of elves had mixed in.

Where did those elves with dark skin come from?

And what’s with their construction speed?

Their construction speed is on a whole new level.

They can take the number one position in the construction industry in no time.

They are superb carpenters.

Oh, security has become even tighter.

It seems impossible to see the construction.

I have to think about something.


It’s the 70th day after Lulushi appears.

I finally found out what Lulushi and the Ifrus School is doing.

Airship research.

To be honest, that’s already an old topic.

It is nothing unusual.

I look into the experiment site that is a top secret site.

Though I was surprised when it came out of the sea, that’s it.

What do I mean?

The ship floated up and I thought it was successful but….it was a failure.

It fell apart and sank into the sea.

The usual result.

So far, airship research has been conducted countless of times.

However, no one succeeded.

Though it was amazing since it even flew for a short time.

What I should investigate next is whether this can be completed and the construction cost of one ship.

Due to the failure of the experiment, confusion can be seen here and there.

Though it is indeed impossible to infiltrate Ifrus School, the important members who don’t go out have come out.

The staffs of the school, the information about this ship.

I did not miss a single piece of information.


The others missed it?

It can’t be helped.

In this world, we should help each other.

I’ll give the information to those who missed it.

For the time being, I should also consider the possibility of false information.

However, the one who’ll decide that is not me but my boss.

Personally, I think that number is a little too big but I’m thinking as an outsider.

Also, it seems like the important parts of the airship were lost during the failed experiment.

The research continues but there won’t be an immediate result.

This is in line with the testimony collected from the seakins that were involved in salvaging the airship wreckage.

「There are two big balls. The great teacher is mourning before those.」

Those big balls are probably an important part of the airship.

Are those magic stones?

Or magic tools?

If possible, I would like to recover even fragments but it seems like they have all been recovered.

Well, that’s natural.

For the time being, I can finally send a decent report to my boss.

I’ll send the breaking news first then send the detailed information.

Is this the end of my mission?

If possible, I would like to continue my espionage work in Shashaato City.

Before going home, I want to at least have a rematch against the Scholarly Spider Army created by the staff of Ifrus School.

We’re on a losing streak.

Also, I want to memorize how they do their diabolical pitch.

What’s a slider?

Can you really throw a ball like that just by changing the way you grip it?


I have no name.

I am an existence that can be called a shadow.

「Oi, shadowchi. The guys from Garret Kingdom are going home so we’re going to their farewell party.」

「Eh? Seriously? I’m going to miss them. I mean, we’ll lose our catcher if they go home!」

I’m a spy.

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka TOC

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