Chapter 394 – Homecoming


My name is Kierbit.

I’m the daughter of the angel’s chief.

I also worked as the heavenly wings shrine maiden of Garret Kingdom.

It is great to have a great social standing.

But in front of me now, there’s a woman with a scary face.

The vice chief.

She’s the leader of those who assists the heavenly wings shrine maiden.

She is Tier’s mother, Ruinchia desu.

She’s usually a cool woman but….it seems like what I said affected her badly.

「Kierbit-sama, I didn’t hear it well. Can you say it again?」

That’s an obvious lie.

If you didn’t hear it well, you won’t look like that.

No, nothing.

I’ll say it again.

「Tier is busy taking care of her second daughter so she won’t be back.」



She’s trying to understand what I said.

What is there to think about though?

「Kierbit-sama, I just want to confirm….who gave birth to her second daughter?」

「Eh? It’s Tier desu.」

What is she even asking?



No way?

Did she not tell her about her children….

「Could it be that….you know that Tier got married, do you?」

At the end, I said it cutely but it didn’t work.

「I don’t.」


For some reason, I seemed to have offended her.

But why?

I’m still your former boss.

I was the heavenly wings shrine maiden, aren’t I?

Based on that, you should change your attitude at once…, I didn’t say anything.

Yes, I got it.

I’ll tell Tier.

No no, I’m properly contacting my mother.

The man I’m targeting is still young so I think I won’t get married even for a few more years.

Right right.

I almost forgot about it.

This is a letter from Tier addressed to vice chief.

Yeah, unusual, isn’t it?

She was forced to write that.

Oh, I’m happy for you.

There’s no point in acting cool.

The wings on my back are shivering.

If I had given her the letter earlier, she would have been only half angry.

I failed to do so.

No, in the first place, why do I have to be scolded when I’m just trying to report what’s happening to Tier?

When I returned to the village, I only decided to show my face in my former workplace because it was close.

I have to leave quickly and go home….vice chief, why are you grabbing my wings?

I can’t fly if you do that.

「What are my grandchildren’s names? How many are they? How do they look? You’re going to tell me those in detail.」

But you have a letter….vice chief is holding the letter with care.

「Are you not going to read that?」

「We are talking about Tier. There’s no way she’ll write stuffs like those.」

That’s a strange trust.

「Vice chief, I really want to keep you company but I also want to see my mother desu.」

「Your mother is in the temple(here).」


「After you quit being the shrine maiden, Malbit is the one serving temporarily because the next one has not been decided yet.」

Malbit is my mother’s name desu.


「Why haven’t you decided on the next one?」

「Because we can’t. Think about it yourself, who are the candidates to be the next shrine maiden?」

「Eh? Ability wise, it should be either Gran Maria, Kuudel, or Corone. And although a bit inferior, the Suaruriu and Suarukou sisters are fine too….ah」

「They are my choice too but I can’t get in touch with any of them. By the way, do you know where they are?」

Eh-ehto….what should I say?

「So you know. Good. Tell me everything. But before that, talk about my grandchildren first. Start now.」


I arrived at our village at dawn and I was only released at dusk.


Mother went home first.

「Why didn’t you help me!」

Even though I said that, she only laughed at me.

I understand.

Mother is not good at dealing with vice chief either.

However, both mother and I recognize vice chief’s ability….or rather, without her, the angel village will be in chaos.

She alone handles the affairs with Garret Kingdom and even the elders are leaving all the works to her.

If she boycotts her job, everything will stop in the village.

Mother probably doesn’t want to irritate vice chief.

I understand it well.

I understand but that doesn’t mean I’ll forgive you.

I’ll reduce mother’s souvenirs.


「Ki-chan, welcome back~.」

That’s mother.

She calls me Ki-chan.

No matter how many times I told her to, she won’t change it.

I have already given up.

「I’m back. Have you seen the souvenir I brought? Don’t touch it yet, I’ll distribute some around.」

「I know. I’ll cook for dinner so look forward to it~」

「Wait, then use the seasonings on the souvenir. Without that, I might not be able to eat.」

「Is it similar to the thing you brought before? That was delicious. Was it the thing made in Village Five and sold in Shashaato City?」

「Mother, please don’t challenge your daughter. I can’t tell you about it.」

「Fufufu. I’m purely asking. Ah, it is because of the souvenir you brought last time.」

「…..mou. Dinner, I look forward to it.」

「Leave it to me~」

Mother’s cooking skills are recognized by everyone.


That everyone is me.

Kuh, it tastes like poop.

I’m sorry, mother.


「By the way, Ki-chan, I’m glad that you returned but, why?」

「You ask why, that’s because….areh?」

Indeed, why?

It all started because of mother’s letter.

After reading it, Tier ignored it, and it turned to “someone must report back” task which eventually fell unto me….

Why did I join that draw lots!

「Ki-chan, I’m scared if you suddenly get enraged like that.」

「I-I’m sorry. I returned because I wanted to see mother.」

Yes, that’s right.

I wanted to see my mother.

By no means, my mind was dull at that time because of the kotatsu and orange.

「Is that so? Then, I’m happy.」

This is the best reply I can get from my mother.

「Then, when can I see my grandchild? 」


「As I said before, the man I’m targeting is still young. You have to wait for at least 10 more years.」

「Ki-chan, didn’t you say before that you also targeted that child’s father?」

「Too many rivals.」

「Is that so? That’s regrettable. By the way….in the old times, I had a friend who said the same thing as you.」


「If it doesn’t work on the father, then his son. If it doesn’t work on the son, then again….in the end, she didn’t get married.」

「I-I’ll do my best not to end up like that.」

「Good luck. Also, my apologies since you just came back but, can you go to the west?」

「Did something happen?」

「The hero is acting strange.」

「The hero is acting strange?」

「Yes. Every hero we know.」

「This might sound rude but, isn’t a hero strange from the start?」

「You’re right but that’s not important this time. Maa, we asked a group of heroes to exterminate undead but they seem to have neglected our request.」

「That happened on the west.」

「Yes. In a place about two weeks from here. You can bring five more with you, can you do it?」

「I understand. I’ll depart tomorrow. So, what’s with the heroes….why did the heroes become strange? Isn’t this a serious matter?」

「This is a secret. A top secret case.」

「I understand. I won’t leak it to anyone.」

「Then, let me tell you.」


I was surprised when I heard the story.

It’s really important.

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka TOC

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