Chapter 395 – Exclusive Pond Making and Malbit


The sulky Kierbit, who returned from the angel’s village, slipped into the kotatsu.

What’s wrong?

That, she doesn’t like that we already knew about the top secret case in the angel’s village before her.

Gran Maria told me that while eating an orange.

I see.

Then, who’s that person next to her?

There’s an unfamiliar angel next to Kierbit.

She’s Kierbit’s mother, Malbit. She’s the chief of the angels.


So young.

Ki-chan, Ki-chan, there’s an old man who introduced himself as the dragon king.

Genuine desu.

Then, how about that man who looks like the founder of Korin religion?

Genuine desu.

How about that cat chasing guy that introduced himself as the demon king?

Genuine desu.

How about that round thing on the table that gives off a divine feeling….

That’s Aegis, a phoenix chick. It’s popular with the harpies desu.

How about that dog that looks like an inferno wolf that has been looking at me from behind?

Unfortunately, that is indeed an inferno wolf desu. He is……he’s Kuroyon desu. He’s really good at chess desu yo.

Chess….is it that game? An inferno wolf can play that?

Yes desu. Ah, it looks like Kuroyon is already expecting something that’s why he’s looking at you…desu. He’s in battle mode. You can’t run away anymore.

Eh? Eh? Eh?

Please do your best. The rules are written on this board. By the way, I have never won against him.

I’ll do my best…. Ki-chan, what’s going on in this village?

What’s going on? Also, you can find the blood-sucking princess and the gatekeeper dragon if you walk around more but don’t think too much or you’ll only get a headache. Ah, try this orange.

It looks like Kierbit’s mother will play against Kuroyon.

It looks like she’s a beginner, will she be okay?

I’m worried but I have to do something.

Let’s just say a light greeting now and a formal one later.


And what is that top secret case?

Is it okay to ask?


The thing that I need to do is to make a place where we can park the universal ship.

Since the universal ship looks like a ship, it needs a place where it can float.

Currently, it is floating in the village’s reservoir.

There was a suggestion of just letting it float there is good enough but I decided to make a dedicated pond for it.

The mountain elves insisted that it should be a pond where the water can be drained. It will be more convenient to clean the bottom of the ship that way.

I thought so too that’s why I agreed.

I plow the soil using the AFT in hoe form to soften it and let the transforming arm of the universal ship to dig it up.

It is a surreal sight where the ship itself is making its own parking space but I’m already used to things like this.

The place is on the south side of the village.

It is built on the west side of the entrance of Big Tree Dungeon.

The universal ship is a typical sail ship that is 20 meters long and 8 meters wide.

The pond is 5 meters bigger than the ship.

The depth is about 10 meters.

At the bottom of the pond, there’s a stand where the ship can be laid to.

I and the mountain elves made a mechanism where it can be moved up and down.

To prevent anyone from falling, we need a fence around the pond.

That’s right.

10 meters is a deep hole.

Even if it will be filled with water, it is still dangerous.

Let’s make a proper fence here and not the traditional log fence so that the children won’t enter by mistake.

Since that is the case, we also need a mechanism to get into the ship.

I would prefer not to have an unnecessary device but if it will make loading and unloading easier, that would be great.

It is decided that this universal ship will be used to go to and from Village Four, the Sun Castle.

Now, it is possible to transport a large amount of goods without relying on dragons.

After various consultations, it has been decided that the crew will be the devils and dream demons of Village Four.

One of the mercuries will be the captain.

Presently, they are already practicing without using the ship.

The universal ship has a certain degree of auto-pilot function but they are practicing in case of emergency.

When Zabuton wakes up, I’ll ask her to make clothes for the captain and the crews.




It’s still winter.

I’m fine since I’m using the AFT.

But others will feel cold.

Take a regular break and warm yourself near the fire….I haven’t taken a break though.

I’m working hard.

But I’m still smiling.

I’m smiling but I’m worried about my body.

Let’s make a warm soup.


At dinner.

I properly greet Kierbit’s mother.

Hiraku desu.

Please forgive me for being rude earlier, I didn’t know you’re the village chief.


Did something happen?

Kierbit adds.

She was absorbed in chess that she just greet village chief by waving her hand.

Ah, that. That’s not something to mind though.

I told her that too.

No, that’s rudeness. I’ll definitely make my daughter, Kierbit, make up for it.

Eh? Mother?

Ki-chan, Ki-chan, I’m sad that you are targeting the son and not this man.

No, mother did not even greet him properly earlier.

I did not see him properly earlier.

That’s a lame excuse….

Anyway, now that I see him, he’s really a fine man. If I’m not the chief, I would have attack….Ki-chan, I’ll just hand over that task to you….

Mother, mother, have you forgotten about father?

It has been 300 years since he died, right? Don’t you think it’s time for my new love?

I have no intention of minding that delicate topic but please don’t say that to your own daughter.

Okay. Then, do your best, Ki-chan.


And so, Village chief-san, please take care of Ki-chan. Ki-chan, it’s okay. You just have to push forward and he’ll fall. Be confident in your looks and style.

No, it’s not that I’m not confident….village chief already has a lot of wives.

Tier is one of them, right? As expected. She doesn’t waste opportunities. You should learn from her. Ah, Gran Maria, Kuudel, and Corone too. I see I see. Ki-chan really can’t win.

W-what do you mean I can’t win! I’m a traditional angel that will only make a family with one man….

But the father is already like this so the son is most likely similar.


I wonder if 1000 years from now Ki-chan’s wish will finally materialize?



Can you stop trying to present your daughter to me?

Also, I have to refute with what you said “You just have to push forward and he’ll fall.”, my willpower is as hard as steel.

Though I don’t have a track record about that.


By the way, Malbit-san.

You can call me Malbit.

Alright. Then, Malbit, why did you come here with Kierbit? Sightseeing?

No. Actually, Tier’s mother was enthusiastic about her work in the village. She’s the type that prioritizes work over personal things desu.

? So you escaped from Tier’s mother?

There’s that too….If I’m here, she’ll surely come too.

….ah, you want her to see Tier, Tiselle, and Aurora?

Yes, so can you permit me to stay here for a few more days?

If that is your reason, you are very much welcome here. Not only for a few days but….

I won’t say as long as she likes.

That’s because Kierbit is making an X using her arms.

Not only for a few days but….you can stay until spring.

Thank you. By the way, this alcohol is good. It feels different from the souvenir Ki-chan gave me.

It was made five years ago. I feel that it’s still young….

It would be hard to endure not drinking this for five years. How much do you sell this?

If you want some, I’ll give you as souvenir….if you need a large amount, please contact the person in charge for details. I’ll give you a discount.

Thank you.

I enjoyed dinner with Malbit.


The next day.

Tier’s mother, Ruincia, arrived in Big Tree Village.

She’s faster than expected.

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