Chapter 396 – Ruincia and the Hero’s Story


「What is that?」

Malbit asked.

「I wonder.」

Kierbit did not know how to answer.

I know what they mean.

In front of them are Tier’s mother, Ruincia, drinking with Dors, Raimeiren, Doraim, the demon king, and ancestor-san.

It’s a parents meeting.

Another term for them is Cute Children Coalition.


Before noon, Ruincia arrived at the village, greeted me, beat up Malbit, and scolded Kierbit.

「Ano, why are you angry at me too?」

「You agreed to accompany Malbit.」

「I’m sorry.」

Ruincia is Tier’s mother but she’s so young.

Since Malbit is similar, it can be concluded that angels are always young.

She looks like Tier’s cool version though, this might be impolite to say, her chest is a little smaller.

And finally, Ruincia met Tier.

They stared at each other for an hour.

Their facial expressions are….normal…

Why are you glaring at each other?

「What are they doing?」

「Those mother and daughter are always like that.」

Kierbit answered while casting healing magic to Malbit.

「Are they not getting along?」

I feel like I heard this conversation before.

「They get along. They’re only shy and don’t know what to say.」


That looks shy to you?

「Of course.」

I can’t imagine this scene from the usual Tier but….they have a strange mother and daughter relationship.

「Right. Ah, there are rumors that they can communicate via subtle movement of the wings on their back.」

Indeed, the wings on their backs are moving a little.

What a strange mother and daughter.

There was a slight change between the two because Loo brought Tiselle and Aurora.

I thought she’ll be sweet like Raimeiren but Ruincia only spread her wings twice.

Is that how she expresses joy?

Yeah, looks like it.


Ruincia is looking at me.

What does she want?

「You did well.」

I was praised.



Before that, Tier breastfeeds Aurora.

Meanwhile, Ruincia was supposed to play with Tiselle.


Tiselle speaks one-sidedly and Ruincia is just listening. However, the two of them seem to be on good terms.


After lunch.

I wasn’t able to go and make the dedicated pond for the universal ship….

Tier grabbed me and won’t let me go.

「What’s wrong?」

「I-if possible….just stay beside me.」


Today’s work is canceled.

I apologize to the mountain elves.

I’ll be with Tier this day.

She asked me to stay with her and I’ll seriously do so.


That night.

Ruincia was drinking alcohol at the parent’s meeting.


She’s so familiar with it.

It’s as if she’s been here for a few years.

Malbit and Kierbit are surprised but since they acted familiar too, there’s no problem.

Let’s add more alcohol and food.

By the way, the shy Tier returned to her room since she’s too tired.

Maa, there are indeed different kinds of parent-child relationships.

Even so, the conversation is moving without a problem.

「Village chief, have you heard stories about the hero?」

I was called out by Dors.


Ah, I heard some things about it before Kierbit came back.


There are heroes in this world.

However, they are not summoned from another world.

One rises in existence as a hero if that person made a contract with a church.

Therefore, the hero’s power is the power of a contractor.

However, there is this one thing.

The main reason why a hero is called a hero.

They don’t die.

No, they die if they are killed.

However, they will be resurrected in their contracted church.

The objects they have in hand will be left behind when they die but the memories and knowledge revive along with their body.

That’s imba.

However, since they can be resurrected with memories until the last second, they can act without the fear of death.

In dungeon capture, they seemed to boast matchless prowess.

And from an enemy’s point of view, they are extreme adversaries.

No matter how many times you kill a hero, it will return and attack you again.

Rather than a hero, isn’t that a perfect description of a terrorist?

No, there’s no good terrorist, right?

However, since they are assumed to die in action, it is not suitable for them to act in a group.

Therefore, a hero is usually accompanied by three to ten non-hero people.


Their weakness is their revival place.

Whenever they die, they will always return to the church they contracted.

It seems like it is not possible to change the place where they’ll revive.

A long time ago, there were those who attacked a church, which is a revival place of a hero. They burned it but the hero revived in that burnt place.

After that, some people poured lava into the place where the hero will revive at.

Immediately after the revival, the hero was burnt to death.

Everyone thought that it would repeat for eternity but the revival place seemed to have shifted a little.

According to the record, it seems like the place was about one kilometer from the original revival place. That place became the new revival place.

That’s convenient for the hero.

However, no matter how strong the hero is, immediately after revival, the hero is naked. Thus, the revival place is the weak point.

With that in mind, the church gathered forces to protect itself.

It is rumored that the strength of the church is stronger than the army of a small country.


Now, the heroes in question….

For some reason, a hero can no longer revive.

It seems like even if you re-contract, nothing will happen.

The cause is unknown.

The church seems to have desperately hidden this thing but the demon king managed to get the gist of it.

And he even managed to ask ancestor-san in this village.

Though ancestor-san is a church official, hero contract is regulated by a certain regulation group.

If a hero was contracted without the Korin’s doctrine, they would declare him as a heretic and crush him.

Ancestor-san, who got the demon king’s information, launched an investigation in a hurry.

That happened four years ago.

It seems like Kierbit kept it as a top secret case in her heart but majority of the villagers already knew about it since four years ago.

Why didn’t Kierbit hear of it here?

Bad timing?

Ah, Kierbit hadn’t settled in the village yet that time.

「The hero’s story, now you finally know the details. Let’s have a toast for village chief.」

Ancestor-san gave me a cup so I went along with him and drank.

Ancestor-san seemed to have been quite busy ever since he got the information about the heroes.

At one point, he finds it really hard to even go to the hot spring.

Ah, Malbit’s going to join too and sit next to Ruincia.

As for me….I’ll sit next to ancestor-san.


「It was confirmed that heroes no longer revive starting five years ago. Was there anything big that happened around that time? Earthquake, drought, etc.」

Ancestor-san asked Dors and the demon king but they too have no idea.

「There are indeed weak earthquakes and small scale drought but something large scale, nothing.」

Malbit says after thinking about it.

Raimeiren, Doraim, and Ruincia are the same.

「I see.」

「Why are you asking about earthquakes or drought?」

「I wonder if the reason why the hero’s contract broke is the temple of origin.」

Temple of origin, something like that exists?

 「Isn’t that just a rumor? No one has been able to find it, right?」

Dors denied it.

「However, that’s not proof that it doesn’t exist. The hero contract, no matter how much you think about it, it lacks magical power. It would be impossible to revive a dead person in another place unless there’s a huge magic accumulator somewhere.」

「I know that theory but, if that is the case, won’t the quantity of magical power required is god class? It is clearly unnatural for something like that to exist an no one has found it so far.」

「No no, it’s in a blind spot-like place, that’s what I believe.」

As long as there is alcohol, the tension will be high.

By the way, should I be glad that the hero can no longer be resurrected?


However, five years ago huh.

Ursa came to this village at that time.

What are the things that happened at that time?

According to my memory, we went to the north dungeon, built a hot spring resort, and carved a statue of the god of creation using a black rock.

That’s it.


Yeah, I have no idea.

Let’s drink.

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka TOC

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