Chapter 397 – Hero Kotoki


My name is Raigiel.

I’m a cat.

Yeah, a cat.

Cat life, I’m enjoying it.

In winter, kotatsu is the best.

In summer, the best place is the stairs of the basement.

Sometimes, I get kicked out by my daughters but I’m living my life happily.

I have no dissatisfaction or anxiety.

The food is delicious too.

I’m happy because of those.

Sometimes, I recall my old life.

My own misdeeds.


Hero system.

I made it because I want it to cause destruction along with the demon king system. I did that evil thing.


To show remorse, I’ll refrain from flirting with my wife today.


What’s wrong, wife?

N-no, I don’t hate you….I’m sorry.

I love you.


It’s not a lie.

I-it can’t be helped.

Let’s flirt with her.


My name is Kotoki.

I’m a man and also a hero.

But now, it’s different.

I’m only a man.

But, why?

What happened?

Why did I dream of a cat?

Am I frustrated?

Then, why a cat?

I don’t have that kind of fetish.

I don’t.

No….I like something else.

Yeah, women are better.

Big breast….gentle women.



I’ve recovered a lot.

I look at the back of my hand.

Previously, the hero crest was there.

It is something I got when I formed a contract with the church.

That was the proof that I’m a hero.

As long as I have the crest, I will be resurrected no matter how many times I die.

There is no risk.

There’s only one duty that comes with it.

「Defeat the demon king.」

That’s all.

Other than that, I’m free to do what I want.

That’s what a hero is.

However, my crest disappeared suddenly.

I didn’t know what had happened.

I thought of going back to the church and consult the officials but I couldn’t prove that I’m a hero since I no longer have the crest.

It took me more than ten days to meet someone who knew me.

It’s a funny story.

After that, I stayed at the church for a year to investigate the cause but there’s no progress.

All I know is that the crest disappeared not only from my hand but from all other heroes.

Because of that, I’m now living while hiding that I was a hero.


A hero will be revived even if he dies.

No matter how many times he is killed, he will return.

That characteristic is scarier than any monster in existence.

Therefore, ordinary people are not hostile to a hero.

However, not showing hostility doesn’t mean there’s no hostility.

Just because one is a hero doesn’t mean that his heart is pure and only does righteous things.

Of course, there are decent guys.

But most are cruel.

While overcoming the fear of death, a hero is trying to fulfill his mission of defeating the demon king.

With that in mind, they thought that it is normal for them to be preferentially treated.

And be hated because of that.

But even so, no one will stop a hero.

No one wants to be resented by a hero.

Even a royal family would not dare to punish a hero.

All they can do is complain to the church.

Maa, there are a number of heroes who have been taken care of by a royal family and the church because of causing too much trouble.

When a hero is causing trouble, the most damaged people are the commoners.

As for me, I am careful to not cause them damage.

I also pay attention to my words and etiquette and I don’t go around looking for trouble for no reason.

The two years when I had a contract with the church until my hero crest disappeared, I don’t remember doing anything bad except on villains.

However, even if I say that I’m not a bad hero, who would believe me?

There were too many bad heroes in the world.

Being a former hero doesn’t make me eligible for being thrown with stones.

Well, I must admit that I did nothing to stop bad heroes.

I only got what I deserve.


There are only two things that a hero that can no longer be revived do.

One is forgetting your past of being a hero like me and live like an ordinary person.

The other one is to continue what they have been doing.


I finally understood life.

The power of being revived has disappeared.

There is no point in continuing the mission of defeating the demon king.

In fact, without the power of revival, you won’t even be able to approach the demon king.

Therefore, I’ll live as a normal person.

I finally understand it.


What I don’t understand now is what to do.

I was suspected of being a fool but when I met another former hero, I finally understood how I’ve been behaving.

Up to now, we have been free to do whatever we want and it seems like it is hard to adjust back to being a normal person.

It is a good thing that no one thought of me as a hero because I don’t have a crest though.

Some former heroes have already been caught or subdued like bandits.

I’m so scared that I’ll be the same if I made the same mistake.


I was lucky.

When I was still a hero, I wore a full-face mask so my face is hardly known.

On top of that, I moved to a place I have never been to.

Here, I will live my second life.

I’m serious.

Originally, I became a hero in order to escape from poverty. I don’t really want to be a hero.

With the money I earned as a hero, I started a business….but I had no talent in that.

It is better for me to become an employee.

I’m confident with my martial arts skill and power so I did not have any trouble in finding a job.

I also got married.

My other half is someone from my party when I was still a hero.

I thought she would leave if I’m no longer a hero but for some reason, she stayed by my side.

I’m really thankful.

She has a tough character but she has big boobs.

My son is already two years old.

And she’s bearing another one in her womb.


My name is Kotoki.

I’ve already forgotten that I was a hero.

Four years ago, when I came to Shashaato City, I was a carpenter.

I take pride in being involved in constructing Big Roof Shashaato, the city’s symbol.

Now, I’m working at Big Roof Shashaato as a security guard.

Recently, I enjoy watching baseball.

I’ve even become a member of an ouendan of a baseball team.

I wish I had a little more free time at work but I have to spend time with my wife and children too.

Though work is tight, making time to join the ouendan is enjoyable.


My fierce tiger demon army is quite strong.

When is the next match?

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka TOC

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