Chapter 398 – Beastboy’s School Life, Autumn, Life as a Teacher


The great me….I mean, my name is Sil.

I’m a beastkin from Big Tree Village.

With my fellow beastkin from Big Tree Village, Gol and Bron, I enrolled at Gullgald Noble Academy as a student.

A lot of things happened and the three of us are now teachers.

Don’t mind the details.


Our subject is daily life/livelihood.

This isn’t something that is taught to all students so only those who wanted to will take our classes.

We teach construction, farming, hunting, fishing, and cooking.

However, the three of us are not enough.

Therefore, we asked students who are knowledgeable to help us.

「I’ll demonstrate the power of my house.」

Translation: My family is the lord of a small village so I’ve been involved in building houses.

「The scent of soil, it’s not bad.」

Translation: Is it okay for me to make a field?

「I take pleasure in running around hills and meadows.」

Translation: If it’s about hunting, leave it to me.

「Don’t talk to me, uncultured swine…. Maa, I’ll let you know the beauty of a rod.」

Translation: I’m still inexperienced but…if it’s fishing.

「Stop talking nonsense. If you open your mouth again, I’ll peel it off.」

Translation: Our family doesn’t have a housemaid. We had to cook for ourselves.

Though this is a noble school, we found more helpers than expected.

Even though they are nobles, it doesn’t mean that they are wealthy.

It seems like there are lords that live the same life as their subjects.

Therefore, it won’t be surprising if they are more knowledgeable compared to us.

They are reliable people.

Though they are reliable….don’t you have other classes?

I feel like they’ve been here all the time.

Even if you say you feel comfortable here….will a noble be scolded if they don’t study properly?


Our classroom is not in the school building.

This is not because we are bullied but because we can’t use one.

We borrow land near our house from the school and teach there.

This is the right place if we need to discuss things like building houses, making fields, and cooking.

This is a scenery I often see in the village.

I am already nostalgic even though it has only been a few months since we left.

That said, Uncle Beezel will bring us back to the village when it is time for the martial arts tournament.

I look forward to it.


I already got used to classes here but there are some problems.

The number one problem is rain.

Though we can still teach how to build houses when it is raining, the things we can do are very limited.

Because of that, when it rains, all classes aside from cooking are canceled.

Personally, I’m trying to imitate village chief by making small accessories but….I haven’t reached the level where I can let someone else see my work.


Next, club activities.

Originally, what we are doing became club activities, and our club activities became classes.

However, club activities remained as club activities.

「In this world, there are birds who prefer birdcages too.」

Translation: If this fully became a class, you won’t cook food for us, right? For the sake of food, please continue club activities.

This is the reason why club activities continue.

However, continuing the club activity has become a problem.

The main reason is the number of members.

Presently, the number of people in our class is 40 and the three of us are already included in that number.

When it is time for club activity, 60 people will surely come.

The number of club members is higher than the number of students in our class.

And that is already a blessing.

Thanks to the food improvement in the dorms.

At one point, our club gathered 200 people.

Though things have gotten better, the students of our class will remain for club activity since they are also members. Therefore, about 100 people will come every night.

「The flowers that can be seen at night are beautiful.」

Translation: Every night, we are holding something like a banquet, won’t you be troubled with money?

I’m worried about that too.


The last problem is money.

Even if I say it is a problem, we are not troubled with our funds.

We still have money we got from village chief, and we also got in touch with Uncle Michael’s Goroun Company.

Ah, we did not receive any pocket money from Uncle Michael.

We had the Goroun Company buy the materials from monsters and demon beasts we hunt from the forest in the north of the school.

That made us some good money.

Other companies can buy them for us too but we were told by Uncle Gulf that we should only sell to trustworthy companies and Goroun Company is definitely a company we can trust.

For any business need, just go to Goroun Company.

However, we never thought that the Goroun Company is so big.

We were really surprised.

We did something bad to the school principal.

Let’s give her some cake next time we bake.

Right, she might stop screaming every time she remembers that if we give her some.


Even though I said we have money problem, it is not about funds but accounting.

The money we have from the beginning, the money we earned from selling things, the salary we receive as teachers, the class fund, and donations from students, according to the tip we received from the merchants in the royal capital, accounting is a must.

Especially about our class fund. Everything should be specified.

I feel sorry for Bron because he’s the one doing it all.

Also, don’t use it to flirt with the receptionist oneesan.

You make me so envious.


I can do it too?

You’re right but….I feel like a small animal that will be preyed upon when I’m with those three…I’m a little scared.

Yeah, go flirty flirty.

In that aspect, Bron is the one.

Gol is also getting along with Lady Enderi too.


When we return to the village, I’ll tell village chief about you.


By the way.

There are problems but not enough to make us feel despair.

There are also small troubles but we took care of them.

There’s no problem in terms of income and expenditure.

If you ask me if there’s anything I’m anxious about….there’s this one thing.

Before we went to school, village chief taught us about urban life but why do I find things strange?

The city life that village chief taught us is completely different from what we experienced.

Maa, there’s no point in thinking.

This is the first time we experience it.

Let’s just work hard today.


「Now, let’s start today’s class.」

Hearing what I said, the students standing before me held their weapons.

They are not weapons for hunting or fishing.

They are combat weapons.

We also have this class.

I forgot to mention but recently, in our daily life/livelihood class, we started teaching combat.

What does combat have to do with daily life?

Don’t ask the details.

We even got permission from the principal.

There are also applicants.

I guess you’ve become more curious.

We also tried resisting the principal’s request.

「Aren’t we similar to birds flying in a storm?」

Translation: Aren’t we not strong enough to teach others?

We were laughed at.

She told us to just teach and not worry about the details.


Maa, since she asked us, we can’t refuse.

Let’s do our best.

But can’t you at least not let other people who are not students of the school from participating?

Also, aren’t military personnel participating stinks of trouble?

Uncle Glatts, don’t play truant here.

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